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Basketball Backboard and Rim Combos: Lifetime Products, Spalding, and Goalsetter

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Need help matching your basketball backboard to the proper mounting bracket or to an existing pole system?

Please contact us with any of questions that are not answered here. First, always match manufacturer with manufacturer. If you have a Lifetime basketball mounting bracket, you will need a Lifetime basketball backboard. If you have a Spalding basketball mounting bracket, you will need a Spalding backboard. Second, same thing goes with your existing pole system. If you intend to replace the backboard on your basketball system, you need to know the manufacturer of your current system, and get a backboard made by the same manufacturer. Lastly, Spalding has different brackets for different-sized backboards. The 316 Spalding basketball bracket fits most Spalding backboards 52 inches and larger; for instance, the 79564 Spalding backboard would be a compatible system. All smaller backboards will need to either use the 8406s Basketball Mounting Bracket - which is fixed height, or the 8839s Spalding Basketball Bracket, which can adjust in height.