Super Chexx Bubble Hockey ICE Arcade Game 2014 Review

Posted by Administrator on 11/29/2013 to Competitive Edge Product Reviews
My Review of Ice Super Chexx Bubble Hockey Arcade Game Machine

Great Arcade Basketball Games for Home Use

Posted by Administrator on 12/2/2011 to Competitive Edge Product Reviews
Looking for a great gift for your children this Christmas? Do your kids love basketball? Take a look at an arcade basketball game this year. Arcade electronic basketball games provide a fun, active product for your family. Several different models are available; however, we will just focus on one: the 90056 Double Shot Basketball Game from Lifetime Products.

Using the Lifetime Double Shot Arcade Basketball Game Review

Posted by Administrator on 6/11/2010 to Competitive Edge Product Reviews
After about 6 months of ownership, I figured I should give an update of this system and how it has worked out for my family. First off, my new high score on this system 170. From speaking with a couple of people who work at Lifetime Products, they know of one of their employees that claims to have scored higher than 200. I am skeptical of that; though, I must say that the time I scored 170 I still had room for improvement. Back to the topic at hand, I wanted to share some observations of this system. I figured I would talk about the basketballs, the frame of the Double Shot, and the playability.