Outdoor Recreational kayaking is a safe and fun way for the whole family to enjoy the outdoors, water and sunshine.

Why Should You Consider Lifetime Paddle Sports Products?

Posted by Administrator on 11/6/2013 to Kayaks
Instead of merely what you may have been led to believe, outside fans do not have to invest a lot of cash to obtain in to Lifetime paddle sports.

Tips and Ideas for Winter Kayak Storage Needs

Posted by Administrator on 11/5/2013 to Kayaks
It's that Kayak storage time of year once more for many of us.

Kayak Vacation Spots

Posted by Administrator on 11/4/2013 to Kayaks
These days, taking a family members on a holiday trip or vacation is no easy task money wise or logistic wise.

Lifetime Kayaks Accessories Help Your Kayak Do What You Want To Do

Posted by Administrator on 1/28/2012 to Kayaks
Lifetime now has a motor mount and motor to use with their sit on top kayaks.

Lifetime Sit-On-Top Kayaks

Posted by Administrator on 7/7/2011 to Kayaks
View some details about Lifetime's newest product line, sit-on-top kayaks. Also, check out the excellent video link to see the Lifetime Kayak in action.