Lifetime Garden Shed 6446 15 x 8 ft. Side-Entry Storage Unit

Lifetime Garden Shed 6446 15 x 8 ft. Side-Entry Storage Unit

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Lifetime Outdoor Sheds are perfect for a variety of uses. They are built to the highest standards and have a very attractive look for just about any yard. The frame is steel reinforced and the walls, floor, and roof are made from polyethylene plastic, which will not fade, crack, or peel when exposed to sunlight making these sheds a better option than other vinyl sheds. Sky lights allow for natural light to permeate down into the shed.

Please note that the 60011 extreme weather kit is not compatible with this shed.

Major shed components made in the U.S.A.

Lifetime Shed Features Attractive Appearance and Design - With wood grain-molding, a simulated shingled roof and a natural color scheme this shed was designed to be an attractive complement to your yard!

  • Molded Wood-Grain Wall Panels.
  • Simulated Shingled Roof.
  • Natural Colors Complement Surroundings.

2. Lifetime Sheds Are Low Maintenance - No need to worry about a metal shed rusting or painting a wood shed!

  • Made of Stain Resistant Polyethylene - Easy to Clean!
  • Resistant to Oil, Solvents and Stains.
  • UV-Protected to Prevent Fading and Cracking.
  • High-Impact Polyethylene Floor.
  • 10 Foot x 8 Foot Lifetime Shed Storage Unit Never Needs Painting.

3. Lifetime 6446 Outdoor Storage Shed Features Superior Sturdy, Solid Steel-Reinforced Quality Construction - Lifetime has specialized for many years in high density plastics and metals--now they are bringing this expertise in quality to the outdoor market!

  • 6446 Storage Shed Lifetime Steel-Reinforced Dent-Resistant Walls.
  • Sturdy Double-Wall Polyethylene Panels.
  • Steel Trusses Provide Roof Strength.
  • Secure-Fastened Assembly Ensures Stability and Durability.

4. 6446 15x8 is Upgradeable, and Customizable - One size fits all? Not with this shed--You have the opportunity to make your shed larger, and customize your shed with many different accessories to make it just the way you want it.

  • Add 2 1/2 Shed Extensions with or without window.
  • Allow increased access by adding doors to the back of your shed.
  • Additional shelving is optional on 15x8 Outdoor Sheds.
  • Shutters make the outside look even nicer.
  • Additional peg strips make organizing easy.
  • Extra lighting for more visibility at night.

5. Lifetime Outdoor Sheds are Spacious - Without having to crouch down to enter or move around, the space can be used to stack boxes, park a riding lawn-mower, or even as a garden planting room. Same spacious dimensions as the Lifetime Brighton Shed.

  • High-Pitched Roof.
  • 80" of Head-Room and Spacious Walk-Around Interior promote versatility.
  • Spacious Outdoor Storage Building, tall ceilings, walk room, plenty of storage room, efficiently designed use of all space.
  • High-Arched, Steel-Reinforced Doors.
  • 56" Wide x 76" High Door Opening.
  • The upper right and left corners of the door opening are 70" high.
  • Inside the shed: 94" at the tallest height, each truss is 80" high from the ground.

6. Innovative Design with Many Special Features and Extras: This shed was designed with someone in mind...the customer!

  • Shatter-proof window that open and lock and skylights create a fresh and pleasant atmosphere.
  • Lockable Doors with Internal Latching Mechanism.
  • Window and vents provide Increased Ventilation.
  • 1 long skylight along the ridge of the roof.
  • Screened Vents Provide Airflow and Help Keep Pests Out.
  • Full-Length Steel Hinge System.
  • Slip Resistant Floor Surface.

7. Weather Resistant, Environment Ready - Double-wall, steel-reinforced construction and steel roof trusses make the sheds structurally sound, so they will not buckle during storms, or dent during everyday use.

  • Steep Roof Allows for Quick Drainage of Rain and Snow.
  • Stain and mildew-resistance.
  • Since they are made without wood, termites are not attracted to Lifetime sheds.
  • Screened vents allow for airflow while keeping out rodents that could otherwise destroy belongings.
  • Weather-Sealed Seams Keep Interior Dry.

8. Outstanding Value - Save money by buying a shed that is low maintenance and built to last!

  • These high-quality sheds will last a long time.
  • Our sheds are made of polyethylene, a plastic that will not degrade, leading to costly maintenance.

9. Proudly Made In the USA - You can be assured that the quality of the Lifetime Outdoor Storage Shed is the best in the world! All of our sheds are made in the USA!

  • Made in the USA.

10. Ten Year Warranty - The manufacturer backs that American-made quality up by offering the best warranty in the business - A 10-year warranty that covers everything on the shed — top to bottom!

Important Note:Please check your local city, county, and neighborhood restrictions before purchasing this shed. Competitive Edge Sheds manufactured by Lifetime are delivered via curbside. A wooden foundation or concrete slab is recommended for the shed to set on. The instructions show how to build both the wooden foundation or concrete slab.

Plastic Storage Sheds Additional Info:

  • Assembly required on plastic outdoor storage shed

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Make sure you check your local zoning laws and ordinances before ordering.

Assembly Required.

Measurements and Included Features:

  • Nominal Dimensions - 15 x 8.
  • Footprint - 178 inches w x 94 inches d.
  • Exterior Width - 176 inches.
  • Exterior Roof Width - 180 inches.
  • Exterior Depth - 92 inches.
  • Exterior Roof Depth - 96 inches.
  • Exterior Height - 96 inches.
  • Eave Depth - 2 inches.
  • Fascia Height - 1.5 inches.
  • Roof Pitch - 6:12.
  • Trusses: 5.
  • Door Opening Dimensions - 56 inches x 76 inches.
  • Window Opening Dimensions - 16.5 inches w x 16.5 inches h.
  • Interior Width - 174 inches.
  • Interior Depth - 90 inches.
  • Interior Height - Minimum 71 inches.
  • Interior Height - Maximum 95 inches.
  • Square Feet - 108.75 square feet.
  • Cubic Feet - 749.5 cubic feet.
  • Wind Rating: 65 mph.
  • Snow load capacity: 23 lbs. per square foot.
  • Material of Construction - Powder-Coated Steel and Double-Wall Polyethylene Plastic.
  • Roof Structure - Double-Wall Polyethylene Plastic Panels.
  • Roof Support Trusses - Three (3) Steel A-Frame Trusses.
  • Wall Structure - Steel-Reinforced Double-Wall Polyethylene Plastic Panels.
  • Floor Structure - Slip-Resistant Double-Wall Polyethylene Plastic.
  • Floor thickness: 3/4 inch.
  • Doors Structure - Textured Steel-Reinforced Double-Wall Polyethylene Plastic.
  • Door Hinges - Full-Length Galvanized Steel Hinge Pins.
  • Door Handle - High-Impact Plastic Handles with Metal Latch.
  • Door Latching - Internal Spring Latch Mechanism.
  • Door Locking - Exterior Padlock Loop with Two (2) High-Impact Plastic Deadbolts on Interior of Left Door.
  • Screened Vents - Two (2)Includes Screened Vents (front and rear).
  • Window - Two (2) 17 inches w x 17 inches h Polycarbonate Window - Opens Half-Way.
  • Included Skylights - Six (6) Polypropylene Skylights.
  • Two (2) tool peg strips with tools cooks for additional storage.
  • Includes Shelves - Two (2) 90 inch W x 9 inch D; Four (4) 9.5-inch radius corner shelf.
  • Assembly - Secure-Fastened Assembly with High-Grade Metal Screws.
  • Warranty — 10-Year Limited Warranty.

Please note that this shed is non-extendable using Lifetime shed extension kits. The skylight on the ridge of the roof make the extension kits not compatible with the 60056 storage shed.

Assembly Required.

5 Stars
Easy Shed,Headroom!!!
After searching the local Home Depot and Lowes as well as some other local shed places found this to be the best value. Free Shipping No Sales Tax. Saved $300 from buying at Lowes or HD. Relatively easy assembly very sturdy and roomy inside. Good headroom, no more ducking while in the shed. I am over 6 ft tall and it is much more comfortable to bring things in and out of the double doors without whacking my head on the door frame. Truss system easy to assemble and while you do need two people only one needs to do the assembly. The other person basically is there to hold panels while you screw them together. Good father son project LOL
Did you find this helpful?  12 of 12 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Long Island, NY. on 9/5/2013
5 Stars
Perfect Storage Option
Purchased this unit about two winters ago. I really needed more storage, but could not get myself to purchase one of the pre-built wood sold in the area. I made the decision when I found out two of my neighbors had already purchase and installed similar Lifetime models several years ago and they loved them.I wanted to do it right, so I had a nice foundation built out of treated lumber which I assembled the 8'x15' unit on. It had a few minor leaks in the roof which more than likely were because I did not tighten things down as instructed. It is a project to get it put together, took 3 of us about 3 days to complete. One bag of screws were not included so I had to spend a few bucks to complete it, no big deal. I keep all my lawn equipment, storage containers, and everything from bicycles to tables. If you think you need an 8'x10', get one size bigger, I wish I would have, you will fill it. Don't put it on the ground, build a solid foundation that you can secure it to and you'll be happy you did.
Did you find this helpful?  7 of 7 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Lifetime Customer. on 1/29/2016
4 Stars
Nice shed , must be on flat ground. Ours is on the patio with a shim under the door and we have to put a tapered board under it to level the floor. The floor goes together first and make sure the holes for the doors are in the right place or you'll be rigging some holes which is what we had to do even though we followed the instructions , some how floor did not end up quite right. Sturdy shed once put together, hopefully the material its made out of will handle tree branches that fall, not quite sure but time will tell and we have a few 100 foot Oak Trees. It took two full days to put together
Did you find this helpful?  4 of 4 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from . on 8/6/2014
5 Stars
VERY well designed!
Wow, Im impressed - very well designed and the instructions were great (a major improvement based on previous reviews). Assembled the complete shed by myself in a weekend. Id built a pier & beam foundation in advance two 8x8 sections, bolted together because I couldnt haul 16 lumber. Reasonably level, but not perfect. The pallet arrived Friday afternoon the big 8x15 unit with 2 sets of doors. I hauled the 2 smaller boxes into the backyard as-is. I split up the 2 larger boxes, unpacking half the contents into the box top and hauling the half-full tops and bottoms separately. Spent a couple of hours Friday evening assembling the roof trusses and watching the how-to videos (They're very clear, helpful, and worth your time !). Sat AM I assembled the doors, one of the few areas where more detailed info wouldve helped. I made a few mistakes that took some time to undo and correct. (Tip a little lithium grease helps slide those long metal edges over the door panels. ) Once the floor was down the wind kicked up, knocking down walls fast as I got em up until I used a pair of ladders (one inside, one outside) to hold em in place. Then install those ¼ circle shelves to brace the corners and the long shelf to brace the sides (a bit premature per the instruction sequence, but it worked for me). The dueling ladders came in handy for the roof too - one inside and one outside. By end of day Saturday I had all the walls up, with the end doors installed, and roof panels on both ends. Sunday I installed the 2nd set of doors and the center roof sections with the dormer. Everything fit pretty well, although I did make liberal use of the rubber mallet. The doors hang straight and close easily. One set has a ½ inch vertical offset, but not enough to cause any problems and I didnt want to risk other issues by shimming the floor. Let it sit for a week, then this past weekend I built a redwood step for the end doorway, and a wide ramp for the long side. Got some new shelving units inside waiting for assembly, and Ill add some battery or solar lights as well as a semi-permanent AC extension cord hookup. Now Ive got plenty of room for the toys, tools, and gardening supplies too. Definitely a worthwhile investment!
Did you find this helpful?  4 of 4 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Lifetime Reviews. on 5/26/2014
5 Stars
I purchased this and installed it two years ago now. I do not remember the manual to be all that great but I am pretty handy and got this built without too much problem. On thing you need to do is install this on a level base otherwise the roof and trusses will not fit well and the doors will bind or not close well. Remember this, I was 58 when I did this and I did it all ALONE with no help. I used many spring loaded hand clamps to be my second hand to hold parts in place while I worked on other parts. Follow the instructions and do not try to do things out of order. I dug out the sod, laid down substrate, packed that firm, installed over fifty, 24 by 24, concrete pavers, leveled everything, then installed the shed on top. I also installed heavy duty wind screws into the grounds on the four corners so I can install heavy duty cross straps over the roof to secure the shed if we get high winds or a hurricane. I even ran electric under the shed and up through a small hole I made in the floor to have outlets and lights inside the shed. I am in Central Florida so I have a large fan inside with a small cube refrigerator for cool beverages when mowing the lawn or other chores. The walls will only support so much weight so I built a free standing heavy wooden work bench for projects and I built into that supports for my trimmer and accessories as well as backpack blower and sprayers. I am very happy with the shed and it still looks new. I would buy this shed again.
Did you find this helpful?  3 of 3 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Lifetime Customer. on 5/7/2015
3 Stars
Lifetime 6446 Shed
PROBLEMS WITH MODEL 6446 SHED, PRODUCT ID 1409808 Received shipment on 4/15/2014, unpacked and did inventory the next day. Laid the floor the following day. Not impressed with quality of floor. When panels are tight in the center and screwed together there is a slight gap between each one on both ends, they just do not fit together tight. Being 81 years old I decides to wait until the next day to start the wall assembly, following instructions with the first six sections. Screwed all pieces together and then tried to install 107 corner section. Slid it up tight to wall section, bent it to form a right angle and tried to insert the tabs into the slots. NO GO! Looked on the inside to see what the problem was and the floor slots were visible inside of the corner section, not under the corner section. Interior floor width is supposed to be 90 inches. Measured the floor section from edge of the raised interior floor portion to the other end of the raised interior floor portion. This should be slightly less than the inside area between the folded ends of the corner sections. Measured 89 inches not 90 inches. Had a second set of floor panels sent and laid them on the platform overnight. Measured all panels interior raised floor area the next morning; 89 1/16 in, 89 3/16 in, 89 3/16 in, 89 in, 89 1/4 in and 89 1/8 in. None measured the required 90 inches to be able to assemble the building. After laying on the platform in the sun all day all six panels were 90 or above, up to 90 ¼ in which is too wide to assemble. The floor panels dimensions are air temperature and sunlight sensitive and expand and contract accordingly. The floor needs to be replaced with a quality product that is temperature stable in dimensions for assembly. After calls to Lifetime new floor panels were shipped. The problem was only four panels were shipped instead of six. Called for another shipment for two more floor panels. Project started 4/15/2014 when first shipment arrived. With all the delays with the floor panels, finally completed the project on 5/17/2014. I am impressed with the quality of the walls and roof but the floor sections are unacceptable. Would I purchase it again, not with the existing floor panels.
Did you find this helpful?  3 of 3 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Deming, NM. on 5/19/2014
5 Stars
Good shed for the price
Good shed for the price a little difficult to put together but all in all i would purchase again
Did you find this helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from la mirada ca. on 3/15/2016
3 Stars
Good Shed
I really like a lot about the shed. It is sturdy and attractive. I had the company install it so I don't know about assembly. I had a concrete pad poured because I heard that some people had trouble with the doors closing if things weren't perfectly square. Even though I had them assemble it and put it on concrete, after a few months the doors don't latch closed very well. I have to keep the lock on to keep the doors together and closed. Otherwise I don't have any complaints. I have had the shed for about a year.
Did you find this helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Lifetime Customer. on 5/7/2015
UPC: 081483001098

Packaging Specs
Weight: 751 lbs
Dimensions: 96" x 48" x 32"

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