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RiZe OFM Cubicle Workstation

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# R1X2-4772-P
OFM Rize Workstations R1X2-4772-P Cubicle Work System Panel Tops
RiZe OFM Cubicle Workstations translucent panel tops allow natural light to enter a completely flexible build, that let you set up your office any way you like.
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# R2X2-4772-P
Ofm Rize Workstations R2x2-4772-P Cubicle Work System W Free Ship
OFM RiZe Cubicle Workstationsare completely flexible so they allow you to set up your office any way. Clear panel tops allow natural light to enter work place.
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# R2X4-4772-P
Ofm Rize Workstations R2x4-4772-P Cubicle Work Translucent Panel Tops
RiZe Cubicle OFM Workstations have a flexible build that lets you set up the office how you like. Natural light enters the work place through clear panel tops.
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# R1X1-4772-P
OFM Rize Work Stations - R1X1-4772-P 1x1 Cubicle Work System
OFM Rize Work Stations R1x1-4772-P has 1x1 set up 1 cubicle. Cubicle features privacy paneling, translucent polycarbonate top. Starting office space out right.
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