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Goalrilla Basketball Systems provide an excellent solution for your home basketball court.

Bring home the high-end of basketball goal systems with the Goalrilla basketball line. These basketball hoops come in a 54 in., 60 in., and 72 in. glass backboards. Also, choose from a selection of excellent basketball accessories for your Goalrilla basketball goal including, lighting kits, pads, etc. Goalrilla systems come with a Manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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# B1002
Goalrilla Basketball System B1002 Replacement Anchor Kit
Goalrilla Basketball System Replacement Anchor Kit. B1002 is suitable for any Goalrilla goal. Order Replacement Goalrilla Basketball System Anchor Kit today.
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# B2607W
Goalrilla Basketball Pole Pad - B2607W Deluxe Padding
Goalrilla basketball deluxe pole pad B2607W is ideal for protecting players from collisions main pole. deluxe includes padding all they way down to ground.
# B2611W
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Goalrilla Basketball Accessories - B2611W Goalrilla Ultimate Pole Pad
Protect Goalrilla basketball hoop B2611W ultimate pole pad fits all Goalrilla systems, 5-6-in poles. Attaches to pole using Velcro. Protect players pole impact.
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# B2608W
Goalrilla Basketball Accessories - Goaliath Ball Return System B2608W
Goalrilla basketball Goaliath ball return system is an addition to basketball goal for personal training. Helps redirect shots to you so you get more practice.
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# B2600
Goalrilla Heavy-Weight Flex Rim - Basketball Accessories B2600
Goalrilla Heavy-Weight Flex Rim. B2600 fits models E1, GS-I,GS-II, GS-III, GS60, GS54. rim uses 5x5 in bolt pattern. Order Goalrilla Heavy-Weight Flex Rim here.
# B2601
Goalrilla Medium-Weight Flex Rim - Basketball Accessories B2601
Goalrilla Medium-Weight Basketball Accessories Flex Rim. B2601 helps reduce stress to rim, backboard during slam dunks. Order Goalrilla Basketball Rim today.
# B2800W
Goalrilla Basketball Accessories B2800W Yard Guard
Free shipping to the lower 48 States for the B2800W Yard Guard from Goalrilla basketball.
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# B3300W
Goalrilla GLR GS III Basketball System 54 Inch Glass Backboard Goal
Goalrilla GLR GS III Basketball system. B3300W is largest Goalrilla system. Basketball goal system has 54-in glass backboard. Order Goalrilla Basketball Hoop.
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Sale Price$1,499.99 $1,299.99
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# B3200W
Goalrilla GLR GS II Basketball System B3200W 60" Glass Backboard Goal
Goalrilla GLR GS II Basketball system. B3200W is largest Goalrilla system. Gasketball goal system has 60-in glass backboard. Order Goalrilla Hoop System today.
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# B5000W
Goalrilla Basketball Hoop B5000W GS72C 72 x 40 Glass Backboard System
Free shipping to lower 48 US for the B5000W Goalrilla GS72C glass backboard system. Features a 72x42-inch backboard, 6x6-inch square pole, and a breakaway rim.
Sale Price$1,699.99 $1,499.99
# B5003W
Goalrilla Basketball Hoop B5003 GS54C 54-inch Glass Backboard System
Free shipping to the lower 48 States for the GS54C Goalrilla basketball goal. Features a 54-inch glass backboard, a 5x5 square pole, and an anchor kit.
Sale Price$1,199.99 $1,099.99
# TR2000W
Goalrilla G Trainer TR2000W Multi-Sport Athletic Soccer, Baseball etc.
Goalrilla G Trainer multi-sport trainer TR2000W is an athletic trainer to help solo training for soccer, baseball, lacrosse, volleyball or training drills.
# B5002W
Goalrilla Basketball System B5002W GS60C 60-inch Glass Backboard Goal
Free shipping to the lower 48 States for the B5002W GS60C Goalrilla basketball hoop. Order your Goalrilla 60-inch glass backboard system and pole here.
Sale Price$1,499.99 $1,299.99

Other Helpful Goalrilla Basketball Hoop Information:

Orders for Goalrilla basketball goals typically leave the warehouse within 3 business days and take about 3-6 business days in transit. Goalrilla systems are considered a step above the Mammoth Basketball Systems and step below Goalsetter basketball systems. Goarilla systems have a thicker backboard for all basketball system backboard sizes and a larger pole for the 60-inch backboard size. Goalsetter systems have the same thickness of backboard, but have a more stable pole design to help off-set the weight distribution of the goal. Goalsetter also warranties their rims for dunking.

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