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Goalsetter Fixed 60" Backboards

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Goalsetter Zero Clearance Wall-Mount Basketball Hoop GS60 60" Glass
Goalsetter GS60 Zero Clearance Glass Backboard basketball system. Wall-mount goal has wall-mount that provides about 6-8 in of clearance between wall, backboard
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# GS60GF
Goalsetter Basketball Backboard Hoop GS60GF Wall-Mounted Goal 60 Glass
Goalsetter basketball backboard model GS60GF 60-inch glass backboard for sale. Free shipping available for this wall-mounted basketball goal with fixed-height.
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# GS60AF
Wall-Mount Basketball GS60AF 60" Acrylic Goalsetter Backboard Fixed
Wall-mount basketball system from Goalsetter model GS60AF comes with free shipping. 60-inch acrylic Goalsetter basketball backboard at low price ordered here.