72 Inch Inground
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72 Inch Inground
# 886724FS
Spalding Arena View Basketball System 886724fs 72 inch Acrylic Goal
Spalding / Huffy 886724FS 1/2 inch thick 72 inch steel framed acrylic backboard reinforced with an integrated lower board frame for added stability, competition style rim with 180 degree flex action, and one piece, 6 inch square pole.
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# 88724AAP
Spalding Arena View Basketball System 88724AAP 72 inch Acrylic Goal
Spalding Arena View Basketball Hoops System. The 88724AAP is the highest end consumer system on the market. It features a massive 8x8 inch square pole. The unit comes with a pole pad, backboard pad, and gusset pad.
Sale Price$2,599.99 $2,399.99
# 88724AGP
Spalding Arena View Basketball System 88724AGP 72 in. Glass Backboard
Spalding 88724AGP Inground Basketball System Arena View Series. This is a 72 inch glass backboard, and a limited lifetime warranty. The backboard is 1/2 inch thick. The pole is 8 inches square for great stability.
Sale Price$2,599.99 $2,399.99
# 88880G
Spalding Inground Basketball Hoops - 88880G 72 in. Glass Backboard
Spalding Inground Basketball Hoops 88880G 72 inch glass backboard system. The unit features a 9x9 inch anchor plate to anchor the system into place. Also features a 6x6 inch square pole providing even more stability and less shake while in use.
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Sale Price$1,915.24 $1,549.00
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