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Welcome to Spalding Huffy In Ground Basketball Hoops, Goals and Systems

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Huffy In Ground Basketball
# 886724FS
Spalding Arena View Basketball System 886724fs 72 inch Acrylic Goal
Spalding / Huffy 886724FS 1/2 inch thick 72 inch steel framed acrylic backboard reinforced with an integrated lower board frame for added stability, competition style rim with 180 degree flex action, and one piece, 6 inch square pole.
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# 88724AAP
Spalding Arena View Basketball System 88724AAP 72 inch Acrylic Goal
Spalding Arena View Basketball Hoops System. The 88724AAP is the highest end consumer system on the market. It features massive 8x8 inch square pole. The unit comes with pole pad, backboard pad, and gusset pad.
Sale Price$2,599.99 $2,399.99
# 88724AGP
Spalding Arena View Basketball System 88724AGP 72 in. Glass Backboard
Spalding 88724AGP Inground Basketball System Arena View Series. is 72 inch glass backboard, and limited lifetime warranty. The backboard is 1/2 inch thick. The pole is 8 inches square for great stability.
Sale Price$2,599.99 $2,399.99
# 86604HGP
Spalding Arena View Basketball Systems 86604HGP 60 in. Glass Backboard
Spalding Arena-View Basketball System 86604HGP 60 inch glass backboard goal. system features 6 x 6 inch square pole, 3/8 tempered glass backboard, and bolt down anchor system. The Arena-View line brings professional look to sports court.
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# 88291
5.0 out of 5 stars with 1 review(1)
Spalding Basketball Hoop - 88291 54-Inch Acrylic Backboard In-Ground System
Spalding basketball hoop 88291 for sale with free shipping to lower 48 US. 54-inch acrylic backboard inground system ships fast, usually within 7 business days.
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# 88351
4.7 out of 5 stars with 6 reviews(6)
Spalding Inground Basketball Goal - 88351 Exacta Height 44" Backboard
Spalding 88351 44 Inch Polycarbonate Backboard with Exacta Height and Three Piece, 3.5 Inch Pole. Inground basketball hoops from Spalding are warrantied for up to 5 years.
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# 88355
5.0 out of 5 stars with 2 reviews(2)
Spalding Inground Basketball Goals - 88355 50 inch Acrylic Backboard
Spalding inground basketball goal model 88355 ships for free to the 48 United States. This 50-inch backboard system is great for intermediate-level players.
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# 88307pr
4.7 out of 5 stars with 7 reviews(7)
Spalding In-Ground Basketball Hoop - 88307PR Pro Glide 52 In. Backboard
Spalding 88307pr 52 Inch Basketball Hoop backboard Steel Framed Acrylic Backboard with Superior Rebound and Three Piece, 3.5 Inch Round Pole. is great intermediate level system.
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# 88454G
Spalding Inground Basketball Hoop - 88454G 54 in. Glass Backboard
Spalding 88454G Glass Basketball Goal - get the professional quality at half the price. Includes ground sleeve, fully adjustable, and includes freight. Comes with factory honored warranty.
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# 88461G
4.5 out of 5 stars with 2 reviews(2)
Spalding In-Ground Basketball Hoops - 88461G 60 Inch Glass Backboard
Spalding In Ground Basketball system 88461G has 60 inch glass backboard. unit also features sturdy 4-inch square, 2-piece pole. The unit comes with Pro-Image basketball rim and aluminum trimming around the backboard.
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# 88880G
Spalding Inground Basketball Hoops - 88880G 72 in. Glass Backboard
Spalding Inground Basketball Hoops 88880G 72 inch glass backboard system. The unit features 9x9 inch anchor plate to anchor the system into place. Also features 6x6 inch square pole providing even more stability and less shake while in use.
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Sale Price$1,915.24 $1,549.00
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# 88354PR
Spalding Inground Basketball Hoops 88354PR 48" Polycarbonate Backboard
Spalding In-Ground Basketball hoops 88354PR has 48 inch polycarbonate backboard. system is great beginner level system for players starting to learn the game of basketball. system is height adjustable so younger players can score easier.
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# 88349
Spalding In-Ground Basketball System 88349 50-inch Polycarbonate Backboard Goal
Spalding in ground basketball hoop 88349 ships for free to the lower 48 States. Features a 50-inch polycarbonate backboard and a 3.5-inch round pole.
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Selection Help

The best backboard size for your needs is typically a function of budget, space, and quality. For small court sizes - i.e. most driveways and fronts of homes - larger backboards can look awkward in the front yard. Typically, customers with this type of basketball court setup will opt for a backboard no larger than 50 inches wide. In some cases, driveways can be particularly large. If you are able to fit a full, high-school-size half court (42 feet L x 50 feet W) in your driveway, a larger backboard will look much better. This is also the case with most any backyard sport court. Most sport courts, even ones smaller than high school dimensions look just fine with just about any size backboard. Concerning budget, larger backboards are going to be more expensive than smaller backboards. Lastly, the playing experience can be greatly affected by the backboard size. A more advanced basketball player will find it frustrating shooting on a smaller backboard; whereas a beginning or casual basketball player will likely not mind shooting on a smaller backboard nearly as much. Feel free to contact us with any questions about these system at 866-308-5484.

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