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# Foos 400
Shelti Foos 400 Professional-Play Foosball Table
Table has ball capturing, maneuvering, power-shooting ability prized by Foosball playing world. Gives players precision features to orchestrate their skills.
# Foos 200
SO Shelti Foos 200 Professional-Play Foosball Table
Get best-playing, most feature-packed table for money, Shelti Foos 200 has most every premium-table feature there is... yet at fraction of the cost.
# Foos 315
SO Shelti Foos 315 Professional-Play Foosball Table
The Shelti Foos 315 is the second generation of Shelti’s Foos 3-Series tables. Like its pedigree, our Foos 315 measures up to the best of the best.