Solo Sports MT2000 Manual Treadmill Personal Exercise Equipment
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Solo Sports MT2000 Manual Treadmill Personal Exercise Equipment

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Product: Non-motorized Wide Belt Foldable Manual Treadmill

Get a great workout at your own pace using this manual treadmill.

Solo Sports Model MT2000 Treadmill Home Fitness Equipment Features:

  • Trim Walk Treadmills Includes a Large Non-Motorized Quiet Belt
  • MT2000 Treadmills Non-Motorized Manual Operation Allows You to Set the Pace.
  • Folding Treadmill Manual Soft Deck Is Low-Impact and is Easy on the Joints.
  • The Manual Treadmills Unique Handrail Design Provides Security to Beginners
  • Unique Handrail Allows Freedom of Movement to Runners and Walkers of All Levels.
  • Manual Folding Treadmill Has 2 Inclines to Provide More Moderate Exercise.
  • Manual Foldable Treadmill Folds up for Storage
  • Built in Wheels for Easy Storage
  • Smooth and Quiet Operation Provided by Dual Precision Balanced Flywheels
  • Full Function Electronic Console
  • 250 lb user weight limit on MT2000 Manual Treadmill
  • Belt Size 15" Width
  • Folded Dimensions 45"L x 23"W x 8"H

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What is the difference between our MT2000 and the 9002?

The MT2000 is a better product overall. The MT2000 manual foldable treadmill has 2 incline levels instead of the one offered by 9002. This added incline level provides you with a better workout and an easier start for the tread. Please note that this is a manual treadmill; meaning, you supply the force that moves the tread. The second incline level of the MT2000 makes this start of the tread easier.

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