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Competitive Edge Tanita Scales

Numerous customers have inquired about Competitive Edge Tanita Scales so we now have updated our site with information about them and provided links to reviews, info, specs and links where to purchase them from dealers. A large number of companies in the present world manufacture bathroom scales, but Tanita scale holds a prominent place out of them. They specialize in manufacturing innovative bathroom scales. The main objective of this company is to help people enjoy healthier lives. That is the reason why they include many body analysis tools in a single bathroom scale. When scales are Tanita scale, they cannot be considered as traditional scales. They do a wide range of things other than measuring your body weight. When it comes to precision electronic scales, Tanita holds the number one place. The company was established in 1940s and have maintained an excellent reputation over the past few years by developing a wide range of innovative scales for the people in need. They also dominate over 50 percent of the Japanese domestic market. In every corner of the world, traditional weight scales are becoming obsolete and the demand for Tanita scales increase as a result of that.

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Tanita Scales and the FDA

All the Tanita scales carry an FDA approval and you can use them without any hesitation. They have passed all the strictly imposed tests of US government for accuracy and quality. Therefore, you are receiving the highest quality products from the industrial leader. The wide range of scales available in their collection is impressive and there is something for everyone. You can simply go through the available collection of scales and purchase the ideal one that caters your needs and requirements. From the medical researches, it has been identified that excess body can give life to a variety of health conditions including heart attacks and diabetes. Tanita is the first company that came up with a product to measure the degree of these two health conditions. It was launched in 1992 and was strictly sold to the professional market. In order to cater the demand, they had to develop a home version of it after few years. The Tanita Best Weight Research and Development Center was founded in year 1990 by a group of experts in the company in order to help fulfill their mission statement. In here, they conduct a large number of researches to determine the relationship of an individual’s weight and well-being. These researches have helped a lot for Tanita scale in the process of manufacturing innovative scales. All the models of Tanita scale are specifically designed with certain features that can cater individual requirements. For example, there are separate measurements for body water percentage, body fat percentage, metabolic age and muscle and bone mass in these scales. Check out the Tanita Scale plus body fat monitor bf679w and the more advanced Tanita bc 1500 for example. Any person can purchase a Tanita scale instead of going for a traditional scale because it tells a lot of precious information about your body and health. All these models have the ability to take a load of at least 250 pounds. All the Tanita scales are marked at affordable prices and the benefits you get from purchasing them are totally worth it when compared to the amount you pay.

Examples of Competitive Edge Tanita Scales

[wp_rss_multi_importer category="13"] Related Searches: tanita scale ironman View YouTube Video "Get More Accurate Measurements On The Tanita Scale" Visit our website: http://www.personaltraininginstitute.com/clubs/encino.html Encino Personal Training Institute offers a free body evaluation which includes... Tanita Scale Product Comparison Table [apc id="2"] If you need to contact Tanita's customer service, their phone number is: (847) 640-9241. Their Customer Service / Service Center Address is: 2625 South Clearbrook Drive Arlington Heights, Illinois 60005, USA Which of these Tanita Scales have you used and which ones do you prefer? Please send us your comments below.


Date 11/6/2014
shaun wright
It is incredible how much you miss your scale when it is gone. We broke ours in our last move and haven't really had the time to replace it yet. I think I might take advantage of one of the links above and just go ahead and order one. That way, I don't have to leave the house and it will save me time searching all over town for a good one.
Date 11/6/2014
Thank you. When I was working on losing weight I found it extremely helpful to weigh myself regularly so I knew if I was failing or succeeding. Constant weight tracking made a big difference in my success.

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