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Lifetime Storage Shed 6417 Tri-Fold Doors 11x11 ft. Outdoor Building
#6417 by Lifetime
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Lifetime Storage Building 6417 11x11 Garage Shed with Tri-Fold Doors


Never worry about not having enough space to get your ATV or other motorized vehicle into a storage shed again with Lifetimes 6417 Carriage Door shed. The doors on this unit extend almost the entire 11 ft. width of the building without compromising stability. The doors, roof, and walls are all steel reinforced providing plenty of stability to the unit. The walls, roof, doors, and flooring are made from High-Density Polyethylene Plastic (HDPE), which has the attractive look of wood grain textured finish but includes the long life of plastics.

HDPE holds up to stress better than traditional vinyl material. This unit comes with two large bubble skylights to provide plenty of natural light into the building. The materials used for the panels are UV-protected and the steel in powder coated to resist corrosion. These outdoor storage buildings never need painting and to clean them up, simply spray the unit down with a hose. This unit is also expandable up to 21 ft. under warranty.


This garage shed includes a 10-year factory warranty from the manufacturer, Lifetime Products for customer in the United States and Canada.

Upc: 081483000282

Lifetime Storage Building 6417 Features and Specs:


  • HDPE (high-density polyethylene plastic) on all panelling and the floor.
  • Powder Coated Steel reinforcements for the walls, roof, and door hinges.
  • Dimensions on the floor are 11 ft. x 11 ft. providing about 100.4 square feet of storage.
  • 7 ft. 5 inch. of head room.
  • Roofing has simulated shingling, with double-wall panelling and steel A-frame trusses.
  • Roof is steeply pitched to allows is rain and snow run off.
  • Walls are molded wood grain textured, steel reinforced double wall panels with 18 steel beams.
  • Floors are slip and stain resistant.
  • Doors are one carriage-style door with a 9 ft. wide x6 ft. 6 in. high opening.
  • Doors have a high internal spring latch mechanism and exterior padlock loop with interior deadbolts. They also have full-length welded steel hinges.
  • 6417 has 2 latch and lock polycarbonate windows measuring 13.5 in. wide x 24.5 in. high and swing about half way open for ventilation.
  • The interior features two 30 in. wide x 14 inch deep shelves, two 16 in. peg strips with metal tool hooks.
  • Also features 2 large skylights, 2 screened vents to let air in and keep pests out.
  • This Lifetime shed ships in 5 boxes with a total weight of 904 lbs.
  • Delivery for this storage shed is a curbside delivery, which means the customer must be present to sign for the package and help the driver unload the product. For residential deliveries, the freight company will call ahead of delivery to schedule an appointment.
  • Compatible with the extensions listed below.
  • Comes with a 10 year factory warranty.
  • Specs

    • Nominal Dimensions: 11 ft x 11 ft.
    • Footprint: 124.25 inches W x 124.5 inches D.
    • Exterior Width: 123.5 inches.
    • Exterior Roof Width: 132.75 inches.
    • Exterior Depth: 123.5 inches.
    • Exterior Roof Depth: 132.75 inches.
    • Exterior Height: 112 inches.
    • Eave Depth: 5.25 inches.
    • Fascia Height: 3.25 inches.
    • Roof Pitch: 6:12.
    • Trusses: 4.
    • Door Opening Dimensions: 108 inches W x 78 inches H.
    • Window Opening Dimensions: 16.5 inches x 16.5 inches.
    • Interior Width: 120.5 inches.
    • Interior Depth: 120.5 inches.
    • Interior Height – Minimum: 79 inches.
    • Interior Height – Maximum: 110.25 inches.
    • Square Feet: 100.4 square feet.
    • Cubic Feet: 786.6 cubic feet.
    • Snow Load Capacity: 16 pounds per square foot.
    • Wind Rating: 65 mph.

    This storage shed ships from the warehouse in Clearfield, Utah via an ltl freight carrier for a curbside delivery. This type of delivery requires the customer to be present to sign for the delivery and to move the product wherever needed on the delivery property. The driver does not assist with moving the tables onto the property. Delivery appointments are scheduled through the freight company before delivery is attempted. The customer can wait for the freight company to reach them to schedule the delivery or the customer can contact the freight company to schedule the delivery appointment once the customer has received the tracking information for the shipment.


    As this product ships on a semi truck, the delivery address must be accessible by a semi-truck.

    Shipping dimensions and weights for the 6417 Lifetime garage shed packages:

    • Box 1: 81 inches x 32 inches x 12 inches; 319 lbs.
    • Box 2: 81 inches x 32 inches x 12 inches; 240 lbs.
    • Box 3: 81 inches x 32 inches x 8 inches; 127.5 lbs.
    • Box 4: 81 inches x 32 inches x 8 inches; 175 lbs.
    • Box 5: 81 inches x 32 inches x 8 inches; 175 lbs.
    • These boxes will come on a single pallet. Each box can be removed one at a time for easier transportation.

    Who honors the warranty?

    Warranty claims are handled directly through the manufacturer, Lifetime Products. They can be reached at 1-800-225-3865.

    A review on this product suggests the roof might leak after assembly when it rains. Does that happen?

    The roof of this building is constructed via a series of panels, each of which will have seams where they touch. Inside the shed, the roof trusses have a channel built into them where adjacent roof panels rest. The seams of the roof fit inside those roof truss channels. The roof truss channels extend all the way to the end of the roof panel, which is outside of the shed. Therefore, when the roof is rained on, any rain that comes through the seams of the roof, lands in the channel of the roof truss, and is directed back outside of the shed. So, yes, the roof does leak; but no, the inside of the shed and its contents do not get wet from the roof seams leaking.

    Lifetime Garage Shed 6417 Video

    included accessories

    This model comes with some included accessories such as:1 Window on the shed walls, windows on the doors, two large skylights, two screened vents, two 30"x14" shelves, two 16" peg strips with tool hooks.

    Lifetime Storage Building - 6426 Outdoor Shed Extension Kit with 2 Windows

    60" Shed Extender with 2 Windows: Expansion Kit includes roof panels, wall panels, floor panels, 2 Windows & all hardware--to make your 11' wide Lifetime shed another FIVE feet long!

    Lifetime Products 0125 30 In Backyard Storage Shed Extension Kit For 11 Ft Sheds

    30" Shed Extender: This sturdy, steel-reinforced 30" extension kit fits lifetimes 11 Foot sheds. Easily add 2.5 Feet to your shed!

    Lifetime Outdoor Shed Accessories - 0115 Steel Reinforced 14x30 inch Shelves - 5 Pack

    30" Shelves (5 Pack): Add additional shelving to your Lifetime Outdoor Storage shed. These shelves attach neatly to the inside of your 11 ft. wide shed from Lifetime Products. The steel reinforcements of these shelves allow for added strength in holding up your tools, paints, or other hardware you need to store.

    Lifetime Shed Accessories - 0111 2-Piece 24-inch Shutters for 8 ft. and 11 ft. Storage Sheds

    Window Shutter Kit: Shutters are designed for lifetime 8-foot Lifetime sheds and 11-foot Lifetime storage buildings. This Lifetime shed accessory adds an attractive decorative finish to your shed or storage building. Easily assembled and installed on Lifetime Sheds.

    Snow load kit for 11 Foot Lifetime Sheds

    Snow Load Kit: Storing expensive equipment and need piece of mind? Consider these snow load kits which increases the snow load capacity to an amazing 30 pounds per square foot. Each Kit reinforces one roof truss. This snow load kit is not necessary under normal snowfall conditions.

    Lifetime Shed Accessories - 0113 16-inch Tool Peg Strips - 2 Pack

    Peg Strips - 2 Pack: Two 16" molded strips attach directly to wall, door, or work/storage surface. Includes 10 Assorted Peg Hooks -- Keeps your tools Handy

    Lifetime Outdoor Sheds - Accessories Tool Corral For 8 and 11 Foot Storage Sheds

    Tool Corral For 8 and 11 Foot Storage Sheds: Use this tool corral to store rakes, shovels, and more to utilize your space effectively.

    Outdoor Storage Deck Box - Lifetime Products 60012 Extra Large 130 Gallon Box

    60012 Extra Large 130 Gallon Box: This deck box has a massive 130 gallon capacity for plenty of storage room and even allows shelves or dividers to be installed on the interior for better organization. The lid is lockable and uses a controlled spring hinge to prevent the lid from being slammed shut. This lid also opens up a full 90 degrees allowing you easy access to its contents.

    Looking for the owner’s manual, instruction manual, or care instructions for 6417? Click here to download and view the manual and assembly directions. It will show you how to assemble this product with a description as well as an illustration. This manual may also include a list for replacement parts and an 800 number for assembly assistance as well as a list of tools needed. It should also include safety and precautionary measures to get the best and longest use of your product.

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    4 Customer Reviews
    5 Star: 75% 3
    Average Customer Rating
    4.5 out of 5 stars with 4 reviews 4.5 out of 5
    100% recommend it to friends
    4 Star: 0% 0
    3 Star: 25% 1
    2 Star: 0% 0
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    5 out of 5 stars Meets my needs and much, much more!
    by Easy Rider from Lifetime Customer on 4/6/2011
    Recommends it to Friends: Yes
    Pros:"Beautifully crafted","No water leaks in rain","Pretty sturdy","Clear Instructions","Fun to build","Very detailed pictures","Low Maintenance","Good fit and finish" Best Uses:"Extra household storage","Small workshop","Vehicle storage","Motorcycle storage","Planting shop","Lawngarden equip storag" Bottom Line:Yes, I would recommend this to a friend. I built this shed with a 5 foot extension kit to use for parking my Harleys out of the weather. There are three in there right now, two Sportsters and one Road Glide. I have tons of room around all three bikes to easily clean and maintain them. The included shelf kits are pretty nice; I put all my riding gear, tools, and cleaning and detailing supplies on them. They are strong and sturdy, and help me stay organized, and the ability to add more shelves as I need is awesome. This is the first shed/building I have ever built, and while I am competent, the clear concise instructions were a huge confidence boost. The only thing that bothered me was all the hardware! Tons of screws and such! I suggest the manufacturer bag all the hardware by size and type to help the consumer stave off confusion. I opened all the bags at once and sorted my stuff into SOLO cups and then wrote the part numbers on the cups. This may have slowed me up a bit but it was a huge help in the long run. GREAT product [...] and all my neighbors love my shed!
    Was this review helpful to you? YES / NO
    3 out of 5 stars Challenging to build, looks nice
    by Shed-man from Florida on 3/27/2011
    Recommends it to Friends: Yes
    This 11 x 11 shed took two mechanically inclined men in their 20s ten hours to assemble. And they were exhausted. do not be misled by the online video showing a small shed being put together. The instructions on the 3-piece doors were very difficult to follow. Finally I found a photo on the internet that showed the three door assembly in the open position. Aha, that is how it is supposed to work. The instruction manual, should have a intro for each major subassembly (floor, walls, roof, doors, etc.) that gives an overview. For example, "in the next ten pages, you will be assembling the doors. This is how it will look and function when you are done." Also, would be nice if someone explained how the roof is rain proof when there is a crack between each roof panel. Has it been tested? Is there a video online that shows this? When the rains arrive in Florida, I will post a video on You Tube if the shed leaks like a sieve. My floor is shrinking. The panels fit together fine when they were warm, but have not contracted in the cool air and no longer fit across the middle. Other than those problems, it was a breeze!
    1 of 1 userfound this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? YES / NO
    5 out of 5 stars Very nice product overall
    by Jammer from Lifetime Customer on 12/1/2010
    Recommends it to Friends: Yes
    Pros:"Nice looking","Easy directions","Spacious" Cons:"Questionable packaging","Couple tough assemblies" Best Uses:"Small product storage","Athletic field storage","Lawnmower storage" Bottom Line:Yes, I would recommend this to a friend. I bought this product for our high school baseball team to store our riding mower and scrrens/netting inside for the winter as well as rakes, shovels, etc... Plenty of room for our 52" mower as well as the other materials.Very attractive shed when assembled. I was able to assemble about 65% of it by myself including the roof. You'll need help with standing up the walls while you assemble them together. Also will need help building and installing the trusses as well as installation of doors and the small roof caps. Otherwise I was able to do it a lot of it myself. It is definitely a long process, especially by yourself, but if you have 1 or 2 people helping you, it could be done in a long day or over a weekend. Directions were very clear and pictures helped tremendously. Take a little time to read them first and follow the order of directions.[...] The only part of the assembly I had a real hard time with was the long and short glider tracks for the 3 doors. They were very tough to get together.Overall, I am very pleased with this product. I've assembled smaller items that were a lot tougher than this. I was really worried about how it would look with the rest of our facility but it really blends right in and I've received compliments from some of our players, parents and school officials about the look.
    Was this review helpful to you? YES / NO
    5 out of 5 stars eBay Customer Positive Review from manson4497
    by manson4497 from Independence, IA on 10/23/2009
    Recommends it to Friends: Yes
    Awesome item. Great to work with
    1 of 2 usersfound this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? YES / NO