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Spalding Inground Basketball Hoop - 88454G 54 in. Glass Backboard
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  • Spalding Inground Basketball Hoop - 88454G 54 in. Glass Backboard
  • Spalding Inground Basketball Hoop - 88454G 54 in. Glass Backboard
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Spalding Inground Basketball Hoop - 88454G 54 in. Glass Backboard
#88454G by Huffy
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Spalding Inground Basketball Hoop - 88454G 54 in. Glass Backboard.

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Enjoy many years of great play on a high end basketball system with a low price. The glass backboard allows you to get the same play you have playing in your high school gym. You can raise it up and down effortlessly to accommodate children, and up to the standard 10 feet height to accommodate adults. The 4 inch square pole offers superior stability and the Pro-Image breakaway rim allows for countless dunks.


Includes the manufacturer's warranty from Spalding.

We also sell this same basketball system with an acrylic backboard. Please see our Spalding 88365 54-inch acrylic backboard basketball system.


  • Backboard dimensions: 54 inches W x 32 inches H.
  • Backboard material: tempered glass.
  • Comes with the Pro-Image breakaway rim.


  • The pole is a 4x4 inch square post.
  • Pole assembly: 2 pieces.
  • Powder coated steel helps pole resist rusting.
  • Made from 11 gauge steel.
  • Includes ground sleeve for easy installation and removal of the pole in and out of the ground.
  • Pole cap included to help prevent rain water for getting inside pole.
  • Color: black.

Height Adjuster

  • Rim height adjustable from 7.5 ft to 10 ft using the U-Turn mechanism.
  • The U-Turn height adjustment mechanism uses a turn crank.
  • U-Turn has a removable handle to prevent product tampering.

Other Specs and Features:

  • Includes manufacturer warranty.
  • Assembly required.
Get fast shipping! Orders for the 88454G Spalding basketball system generally leave the warehouse in Alexander City, Alabama within 2 business days. This basketball system ships via an ltl carrier for a curbside delivery. This type of delivery requires the customer to be present to sign for the delivery and to move the product off the truck onto the property. The shipping company will schedule an appointment with the customer residential deliveries before delivery is attempted.

Shipping weights and dimensions:

  • Shipping weight: about 148 lbs.
  • Shipping dimensions: 64.96 inches x 36.30 inches x 10.48 inches.

Who handles warranty claims for this system?

Warranty claims go through the manufacturer, Spalding. They can be reached at 1-800-558-5234.

Returns of this product are accepted up to 30 days after delivery of the product. As this product ships directly from Spalding, before returning the item you will need a return authorization and return shipping address before proceeding. Please contact us for help with this. Please also note the costs of any return by viewing our entire Return Policy.

Spalding vs Silverback vs Lifetime Inground Basketball Goal Comparison Chart

Silverback B5400W
Spalding 88454G
Lifetime 90014

Silverback B5400W In-Ground Basketball System - 54 in. Glass Backboard

Spalding Inground Basketball Hoop - 88454G 54 in. Glass Backboard

Lifetime In-Ground Basketball Hoop 90014 Goal System 54-inch Glass Backboard

Backboard Size




Backboard Material

Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass

Adjustment Type


U-turn Crank

Hydraulic Pnuematic Gas Lift (preferred)

Ground Sleeve



Sold Separately 0040

Pole Size

2-piece, 4x4 inch square pole

2-piece, 4x4 inch square pole

1-piece, 4x4 inch square pole (preferred)


Third Best Seller

Second Best Seller

Best Seller, Recommended

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