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Spalding Basketball Backboard and Rim Combo 79351 44 in. Polycarbonate
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  • Spalding Basketball Backboard and Rim Combo 79351 44 in. Polycarbonate
  • Spalding Basketball Backboard and Rim Combo 79351 44 in. Polycarbonate
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Spalding Basketball Backboard and Rim Combo 79351 44 in. Polycarbonate
#79351 by Spalding
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Spalding Basketball Backboard and Rim Combo model 79351 - 44 inch Polycarbonate Backboard and a Slam Jam Rim.


Spalding Basketball Backboards provide an excellent solution when either replacing a current broken backboard or when setting up your court for the first time. The polycarbonate material used on the 79351 provides a better longevity when compared with acrylic backboards. The system also comes with a Slam Jam spring-loaded rim.


As an authorized dealer for Spalding basketball products, we are able to include the manufacturer's warranty. The 79351 comes with a 5-year factory warranty from Spalding. All warranty claims go through Spalding.


The 79351 is a backboard and rim combo, which includes just a backboard and rim. The mounting bracket and mounting Hardware is not included with this package, but are sold separately.

If you are ordering this Spalding basketball backboard as a replacement backboard for your existing system, please contact us first to verify compatibility.

Competitive Edge Products is an authorized dealer of Spalding basketball products.

UPC: 6 89344 32773 0

Spalding Basketball Backboard and Rim Combo 79351 44 inch Polycarbonate Goal Specs and Featuers:

44 inch Polycarbonate Backboard

  • 44 inch wide polycarbonate material, with a 1x1 inch frame.
  • Polycarbonate provides a superior strength when compared to acrylic.
  • Comes with a Slam Jam spring-loaded rim.
  • Rim mounting hole configuration: 2 7/8" x 2 7/8".

Mounting and Height Adjustment

  • This backboard is designed to mount to a wall or pole using the proper mounting bracket.
  • Compatible mounting brackets are the 8839s mounting bracket, and the 8406s Mounting Bracket (Both brackets are sold separately).
  • Height adjustable from 7.5 ft to 10 ft. in infinte increments when mounted to the 8839s bracket.

Other Specs and Features

  • Comes with an all-weather net.
  • Product weight is about 36.82 lbs.
  • Product packaging dimensions: 43.78" x 6.09" x 29.76".
  • This system is shipped via FedEx is most cases. Typically takes 1-2 business days to leave the warehouse and spends 3-5 business days in transit.

What brackets work with this board? What basketball system model numbers work with this backboard?

Compatibility chart for the 79351 backboard

*This backboard 79351 is compatible with most Spalding goals. Because Spalding/Huffy has hundreds of basketball systems it can be difficult to tell whether this model is compatible with your existing system. In such cases we recommend calling their customer service department before purchasing at 800-558-5234 to find out if this model is compatible. However, it is compatible with these brackets: 8839S, 309, 8844, 88300, 310 316 and compatible with these complete Spalding models 72354 and 72351.

Sorry, no Canada shipments.

Get fast shipping! Orders for this backboard generally leave the warehouse within 2 business days. Ships from the warehouse in Alexander City, Alabama via FedEx for a doorstep delivery. No signature required for residential deliveries.

Adjustable height mounting bracket Adjustable height bracket: have the ability to raise and lower the backboard height by mounting the 79351 using the 8839s bracket.

Fixed-height mounting bracket Fixed height bracket: mounts your backboard to a wall, a 3.5-inch round pole, or a roof top. Backboard height is not adjustable with this bracket.

Can I use this backboard as a replacement for my existing Spalding basketball system?

Spalding backboards are a little tricky to match up with existing systems. Generally, a customer needs to match up the 79351 with a 3.5 inch diameter round pole and either a fixed-height mounting bracket or an adjustable-height bracket that does not use the U-turn mechanism. The mounting bracket is the tricky part because a customer may still have compatibility issues if their basketball system is older (older than 5 years). That said, your best move before ordering this as a replacement backboard is to contact Spalding's customer service at 1-800-558-5234.

I see this product listed as a Huffy in some places, and as a Spalding in other places. What is the difference?

Spalding and Huffy actually refer to the same manufacturer. The 79351 is the same system no matter where you purchase it. You can use Spalding and Huffy interchangeably when describing the 79351 backboard.

I have a Lifetime basketball system. Is this backboard compatible with my system?

No. Manufacturers have specifics bracket designs. While the backboard dimensions might be the same between two different backboards from two different manufacturers, these bracket differences (size, dimensions, mounting hardware, bolt locations, etc.) will differ and make them not compatible with other manfuacturers of basketball backboards.

What is the different between the 79351 backboard and the E79 backboard?

There are three differences. 1, the backboard material on the 79351 is polycarbonate; the backboard material on the E79 is acrylic. 2, 79351 has more of a rigid, rectangular shape; the E79 has rounded corners. And 3, the logos and backboard colors will be different. Please note the pictures of each for these differences.

This product can be returned within 30 days of receiving the product. Please note the details of our Return Policy.

This chart below shows each and every Spalding and Huffy backboard and rim combo currently being manufactured or sold. They have the option of being mounted to a wall, roof, or pole. They range from 54" to 44" in acrylic, polycarbonate, and plastic. The chart also shows that Lifetime brand brackets do not work on Spalding systems.

Complete Spalding/Huffy Chart of Compatible Backboards and Brackets

Wall, Pole, Roof Fixed (8406SR)
Wall, Pole, or Roof Adjustable (8839s)
Complete Pole Kit (88300S)
Wall or Pole Adjustable (316)
4" Sq. Pole Kit (920312)
4" Sq. Pole Kit (309)
Any Lifetime Bracket
54" Acrylic (79564)
52" Acrylic (79307)
50" Polycarbonate (79349)
50" Acrylic (79355)
44" Polycarbonate (79351)
48" Polycarbonate (79354)
48" Plastic (80348)
44" Plastic (80318)
44" Plastic (80559)
44" Plastic (80602R)

This table was created with Compare Ninja.

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