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Lifetime Sahara Deluxe Utility Tent Trailer w/Ramp and Spare Tire
#65044 by Lifetime
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Lifetime Sahara Deluxe Utility Tent Trailer w/Ramp and Spare Tire

The Lifetime Sahara Deluxe Tent Trailer is a heavy-duty utility/tent trailer that you can use for work or play. Trailer side gates fold out and the tent can be set up over the top in just minutes. Includes ramps and spare tire.

The Sahara Deluxe Utility Tent/Trailer from Lifetime Products is both a utility trailer and a tent trailer in one convenient package. This is the perfect little get-away trailer. Use it to haul ATV products and other recreational equipment and still have room to toss in the tent which comes in its own storage bag as well. To set up, the side gates of the trailer fold out to create two twin bed platforms and then it only takes a matter of minutes to erect the tent up over the trailer. The tent is designed with two doorways front and back, and 8 windows for plenty of light and ventilation. This Lifetime tent can accommodate up to 6 people (including floor space). Trailer ramps double as bed extensions so the bed platforms can accommodate queen-sized mattresses. *Note: Ships as a Kit with Assembly Required.

Tent Trailer Features:

  • Converting from Heavy-Duty Trailer to Comfortable Tent in Just Minutes
  • Weather-Resistant, Heavy-Duty Polyester Tent
  • Spacious 84 Sq-Ft. Interior with a 7 Ft. Ceiling
  • Front and back doorways, 8 windows, and 2 screened vents in tent for for ultimate ventilation and 360 degree view
  • Sleeping accommodations for up to 6 People (Floor Space Included)
  • Weather and Rust-Resistant Powder-Coated Steel Frame
  • Trailer side gates lay down to create trailer wings to be used as twin bed platforms for tent or used as tables or workbenches without the tent
  • Comes with 2 Trailer Ramps to be used for loading or bed extensions, as well as a Spare Tire Kit

Competitive Edge Products is an authorized distributor of the 65044 Lifetime Sahara Deluxe Utility Tent Trailer w/Ramp and Spare Tire

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