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Spalding Huffy Portable Swimming Pool Water Basketball Hoop Pool Shark
Spalding Huffy Portable Swimming Pool Water Basketball Hoop Pool Shark
#77054 by Huffy
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Spalding Portable Basketball Goals - 77054 Plastic 44 Inch Backboard.

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  • Dimensions: 44-inch (112 CM)
  • Backboard Frame: Entire board is plastic - no separate frame
  • Extension Arm Type: (the arms that attach the backboard to the pole) Sliding single arm with minimal overhang.
  • Backboard Material: Plastic (not see-through)
  • Backboard Thickness: Approximately 1-inch
  • UV Backboard Graphics:Yes. Minimizes fading over time.
  • Backboard Frame Pad:None
  • Overhang Distance: Less than 6" from front of pole to back of backboard.

Spring-Loaded Rim

  • Regulation-size rim (18" diameter). Uses a regulation size NBA basketball or smaller.
  • True breakaway rim mount.
  • Dunking: Yes. This rim holds up very well to aggressive play.
  • Net included: Yes. Net is a standard 12-loop net.
  • Net attachment: Attaches to rim via welded metal hooks like in the NBA. No plastic clips.

Height Adjuster Mechanism

  • Height Adjustment Type: Used Spalding adjustment mechanism to raise up and down.
  • Adjustment Details: Lift system for convenient adjusting. Allows for both children and adults to play.
  • Rim Adjustment Heights: 7.5-feet to 10-feet in increments.

Portable Base and Pole Specs:

  • Pole Diameter: 3-sections, 3-inch round with pole cap to prevent rain in pole.
  • Pole Material: Steel with powder-coated finish to prevent rusting.
  • Pole Color: White
  • Main Pole Shape: Round.
  • Pole Pad: Pole pad not an option on this model.
  • Ground Sleeve: Not Applicable
  • Anchor Kit: Not Applicable
  • Base Material: Expandable plastic. Designed to freeze solid with water in winter. No anti-freeze necessary.
  • Fill Material: Fill with water or sand. Fill plug on top and drain plug on side of most models for portability. About 50% of water may be drained to easily move around. Replacement caps available through the manufacturer's customer service.
  • Wheels: 2 wheels in front. Tipping forward allows the hoop to roll to another location. Replacement bases available.

Other Specs and Features

  • Portable base can be filled with sand or water.
  • Footprint:The average portable base footprint is about: 4' deep, 2.5' wide, and 9 inches high.
  • Warranty: 1-year Spalding warranty on Poles, Bases, Rims (and accompanying hardware) and 3-year warranty on eco-composite backboard.
  • All metal parts are powder coated to help resist rusting.


The Huffy Portable Swimming Pool Basketball System is excellent for your pool basketball game. This basketball system has a dual spring protection on the rim to help absorb the impact of more aggressive play. Pool Side Basketball Goals provide an affordable and mobile way to bring the game of basketball to your swimming pool.

This is a great poolside basketball system. Once you receive this you'll be surprised at how rigid and strong it is. It is very similar to a regular portable system that people put in their driveways. The biggest difference being that the pole is shorter on this system since it is designed to go next to a pool. It is adjustable and one often missed feature is that the rim is a breakaway rim. The Lifetime poolside goals dont offer this feature. The advantage of the breakaway system is that it doesnt hurt your fingers when you slam dunk like the classic stationary rims. However, if you want to discourage dunking altogether the Lifetime Water Basketball goals might be a better choice. But, it is a lot of fun to dunk when playing ball in the water. Which basketball should you go with? This is the only poolside goal that actually comes with its own basketball, so you're covered there. Overall this is a great product with great feedback from our customers. Contact us if you have any questions.

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How is this basketball goal different from Lifetime's 1306?

The 1306 has a clear backboard and a fixed rim to discourage hanging and dunking. The 77054 has a spring-loaded rim and a non-transparent backboard.

How much sand weight does this use?

Filling the base with sand ensures it will likely never fall over. It weighs 380 pounds with sand.

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