SO B-Stock XL 200 TM Suzanne Somers BodyRow - Competitive Edge Products
SO B-Stock XL 200 TM Suzanne Somers BodyRow
SO B-Stock XL 200 TM Suzanne Somers BodyRow
#7505 B-Stock by Fitness Essentials
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Alternative Rowing Machines
Replaced by model 7505 Bodyrow

Product: B-STOCK Suzanne Somers 7505 Bodyrow XL 200"! Exercise Machine Body Row

This B-STOCK BodyRow is a refurbished or returned unit which may have some small aesthetic scratches etc. It is a fully functional unit. If by chance you found anything missing or not functioning, email us and we will have our supplier ship you replacement parts or a replacement unit.

Nationally recognized television star and well known for her health and beauty lifestyle, Suzanne Somers introduces the BODYROW"!. The BODYROW"! is a unique product idea that will help sculpt and tone your body and give you the results your looking for.

Fitness Essentials Body Row Features:

- Body Rows offer Total Body Workout
- Suzanne Summers Exercise Equipment Features Smooth gliding motion
- Comfortable seat with backrest
- Resistance Cords for traditional rowing action
- Foot platform isolates lower body
- Wheels for easy moving
- Four Power Cords can be added or taken off to vary resistance
- Workout video featuring Mitch Gaylord - 1984 Olympic Gold medalist