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Lifetime Table Storage Cart 80339 10 Table Capacity-Replaced 6520
#80339 by Lifetime
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45Customer Reviews
5 Star: 68% 31
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Lifetime Table Storage Cart 80339 Up to 10 Table Capacity (Replaced 6520)

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Product Summary

This new storage cart replaces the older model 6520. This upgrade design holds 11 rectangular tables instead of 10. I noticed the curvature at the bottom making it more user friendly and stable in storing round tables. Please note this does not hold the 72 inch round tables. It can hold up to a 60-inch round table and up to an 8-foot rectangular table. This new design also features a handle. No more pushing tables to get the cart into the right place. The handle allows you to maneuver it perfectly and more quickly without compromising the quality.


This cart includes a 2-year warranty through Lifetime Products

Cannot fit 72-inch round tables.

Assembly required.

Lifetime Table Storage Cart 80339


  • Material of construction: powder-coated steel.
  • Holds up to 11 rectangular tables or up to 10 round tables.
  • Wheels 4.25" in Diameter (1.5" Thick)
  • Compatible with all Lifetime round tables 60" and smaller and all Lifetime tables including 8', 6', and 5' rectangular. These include, but are not limited to models 2970, 2971, 2980, 2984, 2901, 2900, 24534, and 25011.

  • Cannot store 72-inch round tables.

  • Ramps on the front help you to load round tables by rolling them up the ramp.
  • Can store up to a 60-inch round table and up to an 8-foot rectangular table.
  • Includes a 2-year factory warranty.


  • Wheel dimensions: 4-inch diameter by 1-1/4 inch wide.
  • Assembled dimensions: 59-inches L x 27-inches W x 38-inches H.
  • Assembled weight: 110 lbs.

This product ships from the warehouse in Clearfield, Utah. When ordering 3 or fewer of this product, the order typically ships via FedEx for a doorstep delivery. No signature required for most residential addresses. If ordering 4 or more of this table, the order generally ships via an ltl carrier for a curbside delivery. This type of delivery requires the customer to be present to sign for the shipmient and to mvoe the product wherever needed on the delivery property. The driver will not assist with moving the product onto the property. Delivery appointments are scheduled through the freight company before delivery is attempted. You can either wait for the freight company to contact you to schedule the appointment, or you can contact the freight company directly to schedule the appointment once you have the tracking information for the shipment.

How is this different from the older model 6520?

The newer model is designed to be stronger, hold more, and give the user better control. It has heavy duty casters like before, but now includes a handle. The casters of the 80339 are bigger than the 6520. The bottom frame is curved to fit round tables with more stability. The handle allows you to easily move through narrow walkways and turn around sharp corners.

Can the average Joe assemble this cart 80339?

Yes, the instructions are made for any user to assemble within minutes. Their is also help with assembly should you need it. We are happy to help.

Below are the old 6520 Lifetime table cart specs to help you see the differences:

Old 6520 Lifetime Table Cart

Lifetime Table Dolly Specs

  • Steel Frame with All-Weather Finish.
  • Moves Easily on Caster Wheels.
  • Caster width: 1.25 inches.
  • Caster diameter: 2.75 inches.
  • Holds Up to Ten Round or Ten Rectangular Lifetime Plastic Tables, or up to 14 Rectangular Lifetime Accent Tables.
  • Holds 3-4 Fold-In-Half Round Tables.
  • 1 year limited warranty.
  • Package dimensions are 57.5 by 13.25 by 5.25, 82 pounds.
  • Constructed Dimensions are 60 3/4 L x 32 3/8 W x 34 3/8 H.

Other Old 6520 Cart Information:

Other important information about the Lifetime Plastic Table Storage Utility Cart:

This cart is the same design used for many years from Lifetime Products. Thus, the dimensional capacity has not changed. However, the capacity of Lifetime Tables has changed. The old round-table design for the folding legs used to allow only 7 round tables to fit into this cart. Lifetime Products has since redesigned the legs, which now allows the 6520 table storage cart to fit up to 10 Lifetime branded folding tables. As always, this cart is unable to support the 72 inch round folding tables. For help with storing the larger Lifetime Tables, please see our Mity Lite Table Storage cart or our National Public Seating Table Storage Rack. Both of these carts can support the larger diameter tables.

Old UPC: 0-81483-06520-5

Old 6520 Product Manual

Instruction Manual

Looking for the owner’s manual, instruction manual, or care instructions for 6520? Click here to download and view the manual and assembly directions. It will show you how to assemble this product with a description as well as an illustration. This manual may also include a list for replacement parts and an 800 number for assembly assistance as well as a list of tools needed. It should also include safety and precautionary measures to get the best and longest use of your product.


As you can see, the newer cart provides a much improved design with its roll-up ramps on the front of the cart for easier round folding table loading and a handle on the back for easier pushing and steering.

Lifetime Table Storage Cart Comparison Chart

Model Style



Rectangular Table Capacity



Round Table Capacity

7 (60" round and smaller)

10 (60" round and smaller)

Holds Both Round and Rectangular
Fits Through Single Door
Quick Assembly
Cart Handle
Round Table Braces
Holds 72" Round

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45 Customer Reviews
5 Star: 68% 31
Average Customer Rating
4.6 out of 5 stars with 45 reviews 4.6 out of 5
100% recommend it to friends
4 Star: 28% 13
3 Star: 0% 0
2 Star: 0% 0
1 Star: 2% 1
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Featured Review
5 out of 5 stars I love the new design
by table cart ninja from Hyde Park, Ut on 1/6/2015
Recommends it to Friends: Yes
I'm familiar with the older design, but this newer design is much nicer. The handle makes it so easy to move these around. I moved around a cart that had well over 400 pounds of tables inside it with little effort. In case you were wondering, the back to wheels near the handle swivel 360°. They are also soft casters like the kind you would find on really nice roller blades. It was very quiet. The front to wheels are stationary. Meaning, they don't swivel. Did I mention that the swivel casters also lock? They have a foot lock, making it quite simple to prevent it from rolling away. Like I said, this is much nicer than the older design. The cart I used had round tables inside. If you look closely, you'll see that it is curved, making the round tables fit in nice and snug. The rectangular tables fit in there just as well, even the huge 8 foot long tables. It is black and it comes in one box. I noticed the box has five straps around it to protect it from being damaged in shipping. The boxes are very heavy duty carton as well. There is the big picture on the box that shows what's inside. There is heavy duty from inside the box protecting each piece. Very, very impressed. I had heard about this new design and am excited about it. I think this was a long overdue grade Lifetime has finally made. Five stars without question!
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Featured Review
5 out of 5 stars Beats carrying the tables one at a time
by Adam from Pleasanton, CA on 11/2/2009
Recommends it to Friends: Yes
Model: 6520 Unless you want to build one of these carts from scratch on your own, nothing beats having one purpose built. It rolls well on smooth surfaces, but not so well on bumpy ones. Forget about loose gravel or rocks. Puts together with simple hand tools.
Was this review helpful to you? YES / NO
5 out of 5 stars Good cart. New style
by Rtcowgirl from Oregon on 5/28/2015
Recommends it to Friends: Yes
These dog gone carts are expensive and Im glad my son assembled it. Fast shipping. Really nice quality and so handy. We wont be sorry to own it once we recover from the sticker shock. (Updated on 5/28/2015.)
Was this review helpful to you? YES / NO
1 out of 5 stars great product
by dunc from Missouri on 9/17/2014
Recommends it to Friends: Yes
Model: 6520 this cart works well with our situation and we plan on purchasing more of them when we get through doing our add on and remodel of our building thanks.
Was this review helpful to you? YES / NO
5 out of 5 stars We should have done this way sooner!
by from Corona, CA on 12/16/2013
Recommends it to Friends: Yes
Model: 6520 We had been talking about this cart for about 3 years and finally got two! This is the Best! it makes move the 20 tables we have a breeze! Easy to move around and is really saving our backs.
Was this review helpful to you? YES / NO
5 out of 5 stars Mity Lite Table Storage Cart
by Devo from Tucson, AZ on 11/2/2013
Recommends it to Friends: Yes
Model: 6520 Great Cart well built very convenient to store the tables as well as move them around. It would have been difficult to build a cart this nice for the cost paid. It should last for years to come. Devo
Was this review helpful to you? YES / NO
4 out of 5 stars Organized Storage
by from SC on 11/2/2013
Recommends it to Friends: Yes
Model: 6520 Once the stacking cart was assembled, I realized the value of the unit. I was able to nestle store and transport several different type and sized tables. I believe it will be a good, long term investment.
Was this review helpful to you? YES / NO
4 out of 5 stars A Bit More Assembly Required
by WayneJ from Venice, FL on 9/17/2013
Recommends it to Friends: Yes
Model: 6520 A good unit especially for the price. The only reason for four stars versus five is the amount of assemble required at each corner. Nothing that cant be done but a bit awkward and time consuming. Only had four rectangular tables so I was able to fit fourteen chairs also which I couldn't get on my chair cart.
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