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SO 9629 Fitness Essentials Stair Mini Stepper Replaced by Sunny Health
SO 9629 Fitness Essentials Stair Mini Stepper Replaced by Sunny Health
#9629 by Fitness Essentials
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  This product has been replaced by model: 4025 Fitness Mini Stepper + Resistance Bands Replaced by Sunny Health

Product: Stair Stepper - Fitness Essentials Model 9629 Mini Stepper

Save Money! These mini steppers retail for as much as $69.99 elsewhere online.

Fitness Essentials Model 9629 Stair Stepper tones abs, shapes calves, works quads, firms gluts, defines biceps, and tightens your back. These aerobic steppers come with an electronic console indicates step count and elapsed time. The stair stepper exercise gives you both an aerobic as well as anaerobic workout helping you to burn fat, increase cardiovascular circulation, and improve your health and wellness. 250 lb weight limit. The mini stepper is also compact and easy to store and its unique double hydraulic cylinders provide resistance to make your workout customized to your abilities.

Mini Stair Stepper - Aerobic Steppers Features:

  • Stair Steppers, Exercise Foot Pedals move in tandem

  • Slip Resistant surface for safety while exercising

  • Double hydraulic shocks provide maximum resistance
  • Electronic console indicates step count and elapsed time
  • Stair Exercise Equipment has Attractive Modern translucent color 
  • Durable gym quality steel frame construction

Competitive Edge Products is an authorized reseller of Fitness Essentials Stair Stepper Exercise Equipment.

Fitness Essentials 9629 Stair Stepper Equipment Customer Reviews, Comments and Feedbacks from our eBay Customers

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