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Power Systems Large Power Chute Resistance Exercise Equipment
Power Systems Large Power Chute Resistance Exercise Equipment
#10020 by Power Systems
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Product: BRAND NEW in UNOPENED PACKAGING Power Para Chute Size Large Fitness Exercise Equipment Equipment for solo training

Competitive Edge Products is a trusted eBay seller and online retailer

Exercise Equipment Features:

  • Resistance running
  • One of the best running chutes on the market

View our other Sizes of Para Chute PowerChute from Power Systems by clicking on the links below 

Power Chute Size Chart
Athlete Weight Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Under 170 lbs. S S, M M, L
170 to 210 lbs. S, M M, L L, XL
Over 210 lbs. M, L L, XL XL S, XL M
Sizes Specs
Small - 15 lbs. resistance * 40" x 40"
Medium - 20 lbs. resistance * 48" x 48"
Large - 30 lbs. resistance * 56" x 56"
Extra Large - 50 lbs. resistance * 70" x 70"
* Approximate

Power Chute also comes with: Adjustable belt with storage pocket (fits 20" to 42" waist) and instructions. Wt. 1 lb. each.

Colors: Blue and White. Power Chute includes a logo on the back of the chute..

*Does not include training programs.

Competitive Edge Products is an authorized reseller of Power Systems Exercise Equipment.

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