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Goalsetter Basketball Backboard Hoop - GS60GF Wall-Mounted Basketball Goal - 60-inch Glass
Goalsetter Basketball Backboard Hoop - GS60GF Wall-Mounted Basketball Goal - 60-inch Glass
#GS60GF by Goalsetter
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Goalsetter Basketball Hoop - GS60 Wall Mount 60 inch Glass Backboard - Fixed Height.

Goalsetter GS60 Wall-Mount Basketball System provides an excellent solution for your home basketball court, when you do not have the space for an in-ground pole. The GS60 is a wall-mount goal with a 60 inch glass backboard. The system provides 3 ft. of clearance between the backboard and the mounted surface. This system is the fixed-height model, which saves you money on the system when height adjustments are not needed. The backboard measures 60 inches wide and 38 inches tall, making the unit almost regulation size (72" x 42"). The product pricing includes a limited lifetime warranty from Goalsetter.

Goalsetter GS60 Wall-Mount Basketball System Features and Specs:

60-inch Glass Backboard
  • 60 in. x 38 in. tempered glass backboard.
  • Glass measures 3/8" thick.
  • Glass gives you a better rebound compared to acrylic backboards.
  • 1 1/2 inch steel backboard frame for added support.
Wall-Mount and Height Adjustments
  • This system mounts to a wall.
  • Wall-mount frame included. Bolts to secure the system to the mounted surface non included.
  • This is the fixed-height version of the GS60 and thus does not have height adjustments available.
  • 3 ft. of clearance between backboard and the mounted surface.
Other Specs and Features
  • Zinc plated hardware.
  • Nylon bushings at each connection point.
  • Acrylic enamel primer coated on the steel parts of the system to help resist rusting.
  • Limited lifetime warranty included in the pricing.
  • Product weighs about 260 lbs.
  • Ships from Iowa factory.
  • Product ships via an ltl feight carrier to a curbside delivery. This means the driver will require assistance unloading the product.
  • Made in the U. S. A.

Competitive Edge Products will try to match any online competitor's advertised price on this Goalsetter GS60 Fixed-Height 60-inch Glass Backboard basketball system.

Please see our entire line of Goalsetter Wall-Mount Basketball Systems.

We also carry other models of GS60 Goalsetter Wall-Mount Basketball Hoop.

Please note that the picture displayed on this unit is a modified picture of the Adjustable-height system, and does not necessarily accurately reflect the design of the fixed-height model.

What types of models are available with the Goalsetter Wall-Mount Basketball Systems?

Goalsetter Wall-Mounted basketball hoops comes in an adjustable-height mounting frame, a fixed-height mounting frame, and zero-clearance mounting frame. Each size of backboard has these three options available. Each size of backboard also comes in either a glass or acrylic model.

Double Ring Static Rim:

  • Ideal For Institutional Use
  • Universal Back Plate Fits All Goalsetter Boards
  • Steel Welded Net Hooks
  • 15 Degrees Deflection With 130 lbs. Of Down Pressure
  • Double Welded Steel Rings For Heavy Use
  • Meets High School, NCAA, NFHS & NAIA Rim Standards
  • Five-Year Limited Warranty

Collegiate Breakaway Rim:

  • Double Compression Springs
  • 15 Degrees Deflection With 130 lbs. Of Down Pressure
  • Collegiate Arena Style
  • Welded Steel Net Hooks
  • Meets High School, NCAA, NFHS, and NAIA Rim Standards
  • Five-Year Limited Warranty

Heavy Duty Flex Rim:

  • Single Compression Spring
  • 15 Degrees Deflection With 30 lbs. Of Down Pressure
  • Spring Guard Cover for Arena Look
  • Welded Steel Net Hooks
  • Two-Year Limited Warranty

Single Static Rim:

  • Ideal for institutional use where dunking is discouraged. The non-breakaway style makes dunking and hanging less comfortable as it does not give up or down.
  • Welded Steel Net Hooks
  • 18” Diameter Regulation Size.
  • Two-Year Limited Warranty

Low pricing for this Goalsetter basketball goal.

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