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Exercise Bike - Home Fitness Equipment

Competitive Edge Products would like to help you lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. To assist you in achieving your goals we provide a variety of home fitness equipment, including exercise bikes.     

Exercise Bicycle Advantages:

  1. Health and metabolism. Whether you choose a recumbent upright or stationary bike, you can't go wrong.  Using these units is non-impact and a great weight loss tool.
  2. Cycling indoors can beat the boredom associated with at home exercise.
  3. You can combine activities while at home.  Listen to music watch a movie, read a book, or watch the evening news all the while burning fat and improving cardiovascular function.
  4. No fees to the Fitness club.
  5. Privacy.

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These are just a few reasons for purchasing an exercise bike.  Consider our upright bikes and cycling bikes.  Browse through our other exercise equipment such as steppers, treadmills, and let us help you begin a healthy lifestyle.  Visit our online Competitive Edge Products store.

Indoor cycling bike above features a weighted flywheel, adjustable resistance knob, advanced handlebar design and a unique wide seat for comfort. Durable steel construction and large adjuster feet offer maximum stability. Includes four workout videos.

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