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Competitive Edge Products offers one of the largest selections of Lifetime Products on the web and gives volume pricing discounts on most polyethylene high density plastic lifetime folding tables and chairs: View our folding tables, banquet-style folding tables, adjustable tables, Lifetime Round Tables, square tables and folding card tables.  For compact storage check out the new fold-in-half tables and personal tables. We also carry contoured folding chairs and contoured stacking chairs.  For storage, don't forget to our table carts and chair carts. We also have a large selection of lifetime tables, card table and chairs for sale. Also check out our computer chair products. Lifetime Banquet Tables come in bulk packs for churches and businesses.  Click the volume pricing links to view discounted rates for our plastic folding tables.  Check out our Lifetime Table selection guide for help selecting your Lifetime plastic tables and chairs.  Save on shipping with our plastic table and plastic chair 4 packs.

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