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Competitive Edge Products, Inc


Competitive Edge Products Office Furniture Site Map

Model Name
101-A-DK Computer Chair OFM Lite Office Task w/Drafting Kit
105 OFM Computer Office Task Adjustable Chair Superchair
105-AA OFM Computer Task Adjustable Chair with Arms Superchair
105-AA-DK OFM Computer Task Chair + Drafting Kit, Arms Superchair
105-DK OFM Computer Task Chair with Drafting Kit Superchair
118-2 OFM Computer Office Posture Task Adjustable Chair
118-2-AA OFM Computer Office Posture Task with arms Chair
118-2-AA-DK OFM Computer Posture Task + Drafting Kit & Arms Chair
118-2-DK OFM Computer Posture Task with Drafting Kit Chair
119-VAM OFM Posture Lumbar Adjustable Task Vinyl Chair
119-VAM-AA OFM Posture Office Adjustable Task Vinyl w/ arms Chair
119-VAM-AA-DK OFM Posture vinyl Office Adjustable Task Chair
119-VAM-DK OFM Posture Office Adjustable Draft Kit Task Chair
122 OFM "One Seat Fits All" Executive Office Task Chair
122-DK OFM One Seat Fits All Executive Task Drafting Kit Chair
125 OFM Ergonomic Executive Computer Task Adjustable Chair
125-DK OFM Ergonomic Executive/Computer Task Chair + Drafting Kit
150 OFM Lite Computer Task Fabric Adjustable Chair
150-AA OFM Lite Computer Task Fabric Adjustable w arms Chair
150-AA-DK OFM Lite Computer Task with Arms & Drafting Kit Chair
150-DK OFM Lite Computer Task w Drafting Kit Adjustable Chair
190 OFM Computer/Task Adjustable Office Upholstered Chair
200 OFM 200 Swivel Chair
200-DK OFM 200-DK Adjustable Swivel Stool
202 (4 Pack) OFM 202 Stack Chair (4 Pack)
202-DOLLY OFM 202 Portable Stackable Chair Dolly
211 OFM 211 Ready link Auditorium Reception Add-On Seat
212 OFM 212 Ready link Auditorium Reception Row Starter Seat
241-AA-DK OFM 24 Hour Computer Multi-Shift Adjustable Task Chair
241-DK OFM 24 Hour Computer Multi-Shift Adjustable Task Chair
241-VAM OFM 24 Hour Computer Multi-Shift Adjustable Task Chair
241-VAM-AA OFM 24 Hour Computer Mulit-Shift Adjustable Vinyl Task Chair
242 OFM 24 Hour Computer Multi-Shift Adjustable Task Chair
300-BR OFM 300-BR Chair Storage Wire Bookrack for Model 300
300-Dolly OFM #300 Dolly Rolling Utility Chair Storage Cart
300-K OFM for Chair Model 300-SV Congregational Kneeler
300-SV OFM Comfort Class Foam Padded Stacking Stack Chair
303 (4 Pack) OFM 303 Polypropylene Chair that Folds (4 Pack)
305 (4 Pack) OFM 305 Rico Stack Chair (4 Pack)
306 (4 Pack) OFM 306 (4 Pack) Rico Stack Chair with Arms
310-DOLLY Portable OFM 310-F, 310-FA, 310-P, 310-PA Stackable Chair Dolly
310-F (4 PACK) 4 OFM Fabric Seat and Back Stacking Stack Chairs
310-FA (4 PACK) 4 OFM MultiUse (Fabric) with Arms Stacker Stacking Chairs
310-P (4 PACK) Stacking Chair 4 Pack OFM Gray Plastic Seat and Back Stack
310-PA OFM MultiUse (Plastic) with Arms Stacking Stacker Chair (4 Pack)
32908 OFM Gusdorf Steel TV Audio/Visual Maple Shelf Cabinet Entertainment Center
33321 OFM 33321 Gusdorf Home Theatre TV Audio Visual Unit
355 (2 PACK) 2 PACK OFM 355 Chable Convertible Chair or Table
403 OFM Guest Reception Fabric Padded Chair
403-VAM OFM 403-VAM Guest Reception Office Vinyl Seat Chair
404 OFM Guest Reception Stacking Stack Stackable Chair
405 OFM 405 Guest Reception Conference Fabric Chair
405-VAM OFM 405-VAM Guest Reception Conference Vinyl Chair
410 OFM 410 (2 PACK) Europa Stack Chair
411 (2 PACK) OFM 411 (2 PACK) Europa Stack Chair with Arms
412 (2 PACK) OFM 412 (2 PACK) Back Cushion Support for Europa Chairs
432 (4 Pack) OFM 432 Guest/Conference Chair (4 Pack)
450 OFM Executive Conference (Hi-back) Adjustable Chair
451 OFM Executive Conference (Mid-back) Adjustable Chair
500-L OFM High Back Executive/Conference Leather Chair
503-L OFM Guest Home Furniture Desk Leather Office Chair
504-L OFM Executive/Conference Adjustable Leather Chair
505-L OFM Executive Conference Office Low-Back, Leather Chair
507-LX OFM 507-LX Leatherette Hi-Back Chair
508-LX OFM Leatherette Mid-Back Chair
509-LX OFM 509-LX Leatherette Guest Chair
520-L OFM Executive Conference Leather Adjustable Chair
52902 OFM Gusdorf Computer Office Desk Work Center
53818 OFM Mobile Computer Office Desk Stand
540-L OFM Executive/Conference Adjustable Leather Chair
550 OFM MobileArm Conference Adjustable Executive Chair
550-L OFM MobileArm Executive Conference Leather Chair
55103 OFM Linea Italia 24 x 48 Modular Computer Office Table
55106 OFM Linea Italia Mobile Portable Pedestal File Cabinet
55107 Quarter Round Table/Telephone Stand
55111 OFM Linea Italia 24 x 48 MultiUse Modular Table Computer Desk
55118 OFM Linea Italia 48 x 96 Conference Table
55139 OFM Computer/Training Privacy Table
55141 OFM Linea Italia 55" x 20" Modular Utility Training Table
55142 OFM Linea Italia Modular 55 x 24 Training/Utility Computer Table
55148 OFM Linea Italia Privacy Office Computer Station
55150 OFM Office Accessory for Model 55103 Back Privacy Panel
55151 OFM Office Accessory for Model 55103 Side Privacy Panel
55509 OFM Gusdorf Computer Office Desk Work Center
55CAS Training Table Caster Assembly for 55111, 55103, 55141, 55142
55CPU OFM 55CPU Adjustable CPU Computer Holder to 55103 55148
55KBS OFM Computer Keyboard Shelf Accessory for Model 55103
560-L OFM 560-L High-Back Leather Office Chair
561-L OFM 561-L Mid-Back Apex Executive Leather Chair with Wood Accents
600 OFM Hi-back Adjustable Executive/Conference Chair
601 OFM Mid-back Adjustable Executive/Conference Chair
602 OFM Low-Back Executive/Conference Adjustable Chair
603-Grade A OFM Guest/Reception Conference Fabric Chair
603-Grade B OFM Guest/Reception Office Computer Special Fabric Chair
606 OFM 606 Executive Conference Computer Office Task Chair
610 OFM AirFlo Adjustable Conference Fabric Chair
611 OFM 611 Ergonomic Executive Conference Fabric Chair with Adjustable Arms
621 OFM One Seat Fits All Executive Conference Chair
625 OFM Hi-Back Executive Conference/Task Chair
635 OFM Mid-Back Executive Computer Office Task Chair
640-A OFM 640-A Posture Task Computer Adjustable Office Chair
640-Grade B OFM Posture Task Computer Adjustable Office Chair
650 OFM AirFlo Series Executive Adjustable Office Chair
651 OFM 651 AirFlo Series Executive Conference Adjustable Office Chair
660-A OFM (Low-Back, Standard fabric) Executive Task Chair
660-B OFM (Low-Back, Special fabric) Executive Task Chair
670 OFM (Hi-Back) Executive Computer Office Task Chair
680 OFM 680 Posture Rest Executive Vinyl Recliner Chair
700 OFM Adjustable Office Fabric w Casters Big & Tall Chair
700-AA6 OFM Adjustable Office Fabric w Arms & Casters Big & Tall Chair
800-L OFM Big & Tall Adjustable Office Black Leather Chair
902 902 OFM Office UtiliStool Adjustable Portable Stool on Wheels
902-DK Portable OFM Office UtiliStool Adjustable Drafting Kit Stool
902-V OFM Office Portable UtiliStool Vinyl Adjustable Stool
902-V-DK OFM Portable Office UtiliStool Vinyl Drafting Kit Stool
A310 Plastic OFM Chair Arms for 310-F, 310-FA, 310-P, & 310-PA
AA-1 OFM AA-1 Arm kit for Chairs 105, 118-2, 119-VAM 150 241
AA-6 OFM Adjustable Heavy Duty Arm kit for 700 Chair
AA610 OFM Adjustable arm kit for Model 610 chair
DK-2 OFM Drafting Kit for Computer Office Chairs
ET2020 OFM ET2020 End Table with 4 Legs
ET2040 OFM ET2040 Cocktail Table with 4 Legs
ET3030 OFM ET3030 Corner Table with 5 Legs
GB OFM Chair Ganging Bracket
GLIDES OFM Fixed Glides Caster Replacement for Chairs
LCS-100 OFM LCS-100 PC Laptop Computer Stand
LT36RD OFM LT36RD 36 in Round Multi-Purpose Laminate Top Table
LT36SQ OFM 36" Square Lightweight Multi-Purpose Table
LT42RD OFM 42 Round Multi-Purpose Office Laminate Top Table
LT42SQ OFM 42 Square Multi-Purpose Office Laminate Top Table
SH1836CH OFM 18"x36" Heavy Duty Shelf
T3672RT OFM (36 x 72) Conference Office Laminate Surface Table
T42RD OFM Conference (42 Round) Office Laminate Surface Table
T4896RT OFM Office (48 x 96) 8 Person Conference Room Table
TABLE2020 OFM (20" x 20") Reception Office Laminate End Table
TABLE2040 OFM Cocktail (20 x 40) Office Reception Laminate Table
TABLE3030 OFM Corner (30 x 30) Office Reception Laminate Table

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