How You Can Choose the Right Recreational Kayak For Yourself!

Selection Thank you to lifetime products for these tips. Picking a kayak is no simple accomplishment. It’s a big investment, and picking the wrong kayak for your needs can put a damper on just what needs to be a great encounter. So, exactly how do you know which kayak is ideal for you? That will […]

Tanita Scales at Competitive Edge Products

Numerous customers have inquired about Competitive Edge Tanita Scales so we now have updated our site with information about them and provided links to reviews, info, specs and links where to purchase them from dealers. A large number of companies in the present world manufacture bathroom scales, but Tanita scale holds a prominent place out […]

2013 Lifetime Glider Bench Review 4 1/2 Stars

  We have had the glider bench for about 5 years now. I was looking for something four our back deck that would hold a few people and allow us to sit, relax and enjoy the view. I looked into some wood benches, but I had poor experiences with wood furniture (not to mention fences) […]

2013 Review of Super Chexx Ice Hockey Arcade Game Machine

  My 2013 Review of Super Chexx Ice Hockey Arcade Game Machine The Super Chexx Ice Hockey Arcade Game Machine is AMAZING! Our family got the Super Chexx Ice Hockey game about 3 or 4 years ago, and it still looks and is as good as new. The Ice Hockey game lasts a long time […]

What is the Warranty on Spalding Basketball Products?

Spalding Basketball Product Warranty Information 100% satisfaction is Spalding’s commitment info INFLATED PRODUCTS All Inflated Products (excluding NEVER FLAT and INFUSION) All Spalding Inflated products (excluding NEVER FLAT and INFUSION products, which have separate warranties as noted below) are guaranteed for one year. Spalding warrants to the original consumer only, that the Spalding products […]

2013 Spalding Basketball Market Overview and Industry News

Basketball Market News: Male-Dominated at 77 % of all participants. Ordinary / average age of participants is 25 years old. “Casual / Pickup Play” represent 60 % of all locations played. View YouTube Video “Popularity Comparison: Men’s and Women’s Basketball” Read more … Play Trends: Organized play in teams continues to expand led by senior […]

New Lifetime Netball System Information

  Charlys from Lifetime discussed some info below about netball.  Lifetime Products has actually added the unique game of Netball to its line up of basketball hoops so do not miss this unique product. The Netball system is not like other basketball hoops. It is created to include a portable 10 gallon Base, a telescoping […]

What is a Good Craft Table?

Shalane at Lifetime recently shared an experience she had with a 4-Foot Fold in Half Table by Lifetime. She tells how she recently acquired a Lifetime 4-Foot Fold-In-Half Table 80218 for her very own individual usage.  Competitive Edge Products, Inc also carries the 4428 version here. She resides in a fairly small apartment, so space […]

Why Should You Consider Lifetime Paddle Sports Products?

WHY LIFETIME PADDLE SPORTS PRODUCTS ARE A FANTASTIC SELECTION FOR YOU Instead of merely what you may have been led to believe, outside fans do not have to invest a lot of cash to obtain in to paddle sports. Lifetime Products creates strike made and rotational designed kayaks and paddleboards from polyethylene plastic. Unlike paddleboards […]

Organize Your Tools with a Lifetime Shed

Lifetime has grown in size and has a great number of employees. Darrin from Lifetime discusses how at dinner he talks about his Lifetime job.  We also have seen that it is not uncommon for Lifetime employees to discuss their jobs at Lifetime with some buddies or families. A common type of comment may be, […]