Get Ready for Shed Season

Your New Year’s Resolution To Get Organized Starts Now Remember all the many years you started out with a firm goal to finally get your yard cleaned up and organized? Remember how many times your spouse has complained about how your yard equipment clutters your garage and yard? Time to start making your move! A […]

One Does Not Simply Set Up a Home Basketball Court…

Home Basketball Courts are Simple, Right? Okay, I know the “One Does Not Simply … ” statement has become cliché, but it really is true when it comes to home basketball courts. Budget, backboard size, and system features are some of the considerations you will want to review before you purchase, that is if you […]

Replacing a Backboard on a Spalding Basketball System

What to Know When Replacing a Backboard on a Spalding Basketball System So, your backboard finally bit the dust. What now? Don’t be too hasty with your next moves. Otherwise, you may find yourself with looming product returns, wasted money, wasted time, and a whole lot of unneeded frustration. In spite of what you may […]

Differences Between Lifetime’s 8 Different Picnic Table Models

  What Are The Differences Between Lifetime’s 8 Different Picnic Table Models? It might be difficult to determine the differences between Lifetime’s 8 different picnic table models. Once you know the differences how do you determine which one is most suitable for you? Here are some guidelines we suggest when choosing a Lifetime brand picnic […]

Lifetime’s Many 10 ft. Storage Sheds and the Differences Between Them.

What are the differences between all the Lifetime 10 ft. storage sheds?  When you see a storage shed in your neighborhood chances are it is a Lifetime product. Lifetime is one of the largest manufacturers of plastic storage buildings in the world. There are many different models and choosing the right model can be confusing. […]

Can I be a Kayaker? 3 Myths about Kayaking.

  Kayaking has an interesting stigma attached to it.  People often think that people who kayak are adrenaline junkies in their early twenties looking for a death wish. They imagine tipping over and being trapped inside the kayak or headed off waterfalls and cliffs. In reality, most people who kayak are looking for beauty, serenity, […]

Lifetime’s New Round Nesting Tables

You may be asking, “Why can’t I find my round Lifetime tables?” In November, 2014 Lifetime discontinued their longtime round plastic folding tables in the white granite models 22970, 42970, and 2970. They also discontinued the same table in the almond colors 22971, 42971, and 2971. This has been a huge shock to many thousands […]

Kodiak Tent Inventory Update November 2014

Kodiak Tent Shipment Delay at Docks We received news over this past weekend that the shipment of Kodiak tents that was due in on November 15 was delayed due to a labor strike at the docks in California. We anticipate that this issue will be resolved and the shipment delivered in the next couple of […]

How to choose the right Lifetime basketball bracket and backboard?

I receive many calls and e-mails daily from people who are replacing their basketball backboards. The Spring season is the most busy as many hoops were damaged by winter storms, snow plows, cars, rust or what have you. Sometimes they need complete new basketball systems and sometimes they just need a backboard. Also, some people […]

How to find the right Spalding Backboard Bracket?

This chart shows all the different Spalding brackets available. Got a Spalding or Huffy backboard, but not sure which brackets are compatible? Here you go! The chart shows each model and each backboard so you don’t need to search all over the internet to find reviews. If you have a wall and need to know […]