Lifetime Basketball Hoops | Lift Mechanism Comparison

When purchasing a basketball system it is important to know the difference between height adjustment mechanisms. Some height adjustments are very difficult and inconvenient to maneuver and others are very effortless. Some adjustment mechanisms last longer than others and some are more prone to breakage. The adjustment mechanism made by the Lifetime Products Brand vary significantly. This article will explain the different adjustment mechanisms in order of how convenient it is to adjust it.

Replacement Basketball Backboards | Lifetime Products Materials Explanation

Lifetime Products Basketball Backboards Materials: Of all of the basketball system manufacturers, Lifetime Products might be the trickiest. The most basic materials used on systems are: plastic, polycarbonate, acrylic, and glass. Of these 4, glass and plastic do not have substitute names. Lifetime Products uses polyethylene plastic on their plastic systems, which would be the […]

Replacement Basketball Backboards | Lifetime Systems

We often get asked questions about which replacement basketball backboards go with which basketball systems. Hopefully this will be a helpful guide for you while you search.

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