Kodiak Canvas Tents Selection Help

Kodiak has several canvas tents with the same floor size, but considerably different prices. For the most part, these tents will be made with similar-quality components, but have some differences in layout and structure. Here are the most commonly questioned models.

Lifetime Shed Installation Important Information and Features

Lifetime store sheds have several features that should be considered before purchasing to make sure you are ready to get the product set up properly.

Kodiak Canvas Tents For Sale are Back in Stock

Kodiak Tents back in stock.

Lifetime Kayaks Accessories Help Your Kayak Do What You Want To Do

Lifetime now has a motor mount and motor to use with their sit on top kayaks.

Which models include the special sinch and strap bag?

The deluxe models only carry the sinch and strap carrying bag. All other models carry a simple nylon bag that zips up. In the past the sinch and strap bags were included in all models. To help bring costs down on some models the simple nylon bag was substituted as some customers would prefer a […]

Can I assemble the Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow tent by myself?

Yes, absolutely you can assemble a Kodiak flex bow tent by yourself without anyone’s help. This does not apply to the cabin tents, but to all flex bow models. A 10×10 takes maybe 5-10 minutes to install. That’s one of the major selling features. No need to ask the wife or children to help hold […]

Is it normal to have a seam on the roof of the kodiak tent?

Yes that is normal. Kodiak manufacturers them in away that takes advantage of the fabric length and size so as to eliminate waste. The good news is we’ve had the seam across the ceiling for several year with zero leaking issues. These seams are water tight, down facing lap felled, and will not leak. Source: […]

How long will a Kodiak Flex Bow tent last?

Kodiak provides a lifetime warranty on their tents. The warranty obviously doesn’t include negligence such as rolling it up when it is soaking wet (happens more often than you’d think). They are that confident in the longevity of the kodiak flexbow tents that they provide such a long warranty. Warranty calls are quite rare. When […]

Lifetime Raised Garden Bed Planter Boxes

etime garden boxes are a innovative new product from Lifetime Products. I recently purchased 2 of these boxes for our backyard garden. Last year we started what is commonly called square-foot gardening. The idea behind this gardening technique is that traditional gardening wastes upwards of 75% of available space for both walking space and spacing between plants. Square-foot gardening turns this idea upside down by eliminating the need for spacing between plants and rows. This is done through growing the plants up instead of out and concentrating the plants into a small area, such as a 4×4 area. By so doing, you utilize upwards of 85% of your available gardening space.

Lifetime Sit-On-Top Kayaks

View some details about Lifetime’s newest product line, sit-on-top kayaks. Also, check out the excellent video link to see the Lifetime Kayak in action.