Kodiak Canvas Tents For Sale are Back in Stock

Kodiak Canvas Tents For Sale are Back in Stock

Kodiak Canvas TentsBright Path Kodiak Canvas tents, like many popular items, are difficult to keep around. These Kodiak tents are high quality, high demand, limited supply products. Since Competitive Edge Products, Inc. started selling these tents about 3 years ago, they have frequently been out of stock. As of today, February 21, 2012 all Kodiak canvas tents are back in stock.

We hope to continue to serve your camping needs. Regardless of whether you’re headed to the elk camp with your hunting friends, or campground with your family, or Scout camp with your troop, these robust, high quality, all-season tents are well suited for the activity. This line of products offer quick and easy, one-person, setup. You should get many years of use with these reliable, comfortable, sturdy, correctly made items. Durable, watertight and breathable tent material construction is made of Hydra-ShieldTM, 100% Cotton Duck Canvas. The frames are made of quality galvanized steel tubing while the rods are made of solid, spring steel.

The importance of a good shelter is frequently overlooked. It is among one of the most essential equipment products to cover you in a satisfying getaway. Encounter the quality of these superior Kodiak Canvas tent products.

Also check out our new site on Kodiak Flex-Bow Tents.



Kodiak Canvas Tent Examples

Looking for a truck tent that fits your long bed truck? The 7218 Kodiak Long Bed Truck Tent works great for a camping or fishing trip in rough terrain. [...]
Tue, Nov 18, 2014
Source: Kodiak Tents CEP
Kodiak Canvas 0631 screen enclosure for 6133 12x9 Tent w/ deluxe awning. Seal off awning, enjoy rest, relaxation, or play games, without worrying about insects. [...]
Source: Kodiak Tents CEP
0650 Wall enclosure seals off your deluxe awning on the Kodiak Canvas tent 6133. This keeps you and your family safe on the inside from insects on the outside. [...]
Source: Kodiak Tents CEP
Free shipping to the lower 48 States for the 10x14 6014 Kodiak canvas tent. Low price guarantee on all Kodiak tents. [...]
Source: Kodiak 6010 6014
Kodiak Canvas Tent 6010 is deluxe version of 6051 6 person tent. 10x10 ft. Difference is 6010 has 4 windows instead of 2 in 6055. For most all outdoor use. [...]
Source: Kodiak 6010 6014
6051 Kodiak 6 Person 10 x 10 foot Hydra-Shield™ canvas tent with heavy-duty galvanized steel tube frame, easy one person quick setup. [...]
Source: Kodiak Tents CEP
6133 Kodiak Canvas 6 Person Cabin Tent w/ Deluxe Awning -Tents. Built with deluxe awning to provide additional area to picnic in and provide shade and comfort. [...]
Source: Kodiak Tents CEP
Free shipping to the lower 48 States for the 6098 9x8 Kodiak flex-bow canvas tents. [...]
Source: Kodiak Tents CEP
Low price guarantee for the Kodiak 7206 canvas truck bed tent. Free shipping to the lower 48 States on all Kodiak tents. [...]
Source: Kodiak Tents CEP
Kodiak 10' ground tarp for sale with free shipping. Discounts available when ordering with a Kodiak tent. [...]
Source: Kodiak Tents CEP

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One thought on “Kodiak Canvas Tents For Sale are Back in Stock

  1. Finally these are back in! We use these tents every year for our whitewater trips to Hell’s Canyon and they take some abuse. We added more people this year and we need more Kodiak’s because these are the only tents we will ever use any more!

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