Stiga Table Tennis Tables General Information

New Product Line: Stiga Table Tennis Tables

Stiga Table Tennis TablesCompetitive Edge Products has now fully ventured into the realm of Stiga table tennis tables. Escalade Sports, the supplier of the popular Goalrilla Basketball Systems, also supplies the Stiga table tennis table. As this is a new product line for us, we wanted to give some general information about these products. We also want to open up the post to anyone looking for information about these table tennis tables so we can get people the best information we can.

Stiga Table Tennis History

These tables have several levels of models depending on budget and quality preferences. At the top of the line, the T82201, has been selected as the official table of the U.S. Open since 1985. This table is USATT approved. Towards the lower end of the spectrum, Stiga also has a series of smaller and lighter tables for the more budget conscious of us. These table tennis tables usually have a price range beginning around $300 or so. The goal of these smaller tables is to provide access to table tennis for just about anyone.

Stiga General Construction Information

Most every model of Stiga tables has a steel chassis, rollers, and wood top. Most construction differences among the different models deal mostly with the thickness of the table top, whether or not the table has an apron, the size of the table, and the strength of the steel chassis. Another important feature is that most of these tables can fold up on one side, allowing players to practice their game solo. Stiga tables general come with a net, but rarely come with table tennis racquets. You can get some great product reviews of the Stiga table.

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Stiga Table Tennis Examples

Stiga Daytona Table Tennis Table – T8127 9ft. Black Top

Stiga Daytona Table Tennis Table has a 9 ft. black top. Comes with a 90 day warranty from Escalade Sports. Order your Stiga Daytona Table Tennis Table today.


Stiga Instaplay Table Tennis Table – T8288 Game Room

Stiga Instaplay Table Tennis Table T8288. 2 additional support legs and 4 additional casters provide greater table support when compared to the Aerotech model. This table can also be used as 2 free-standing tables.


Stiga Ultratech Table Tennis Table – T8551 3/4 in. Composite Wood Top

Stiga Ultratech Table Tennis Table model T8551. The table is the next step up from the Instaplay model. This game table provides an even heavier-duty steel frame. Order your Stiga Ultratech Table tennis Table today.


Stiga Table Tennis Tables – T82201 Expert Roller Table

Stiga table tennis tables moves easily across the floor with the T82201 expert roller table. The T82201 provides a sturdy playing surface for a competition-level game while playing.


Stiga Table Tennis Tables – T8612 Legacy Indoor Use

Stiga Table Tennis Tables model T8612 Legacy. This game table provides both head-to-head play as well as personal practice with useful play-back position. Order you table tennis tables here.



Stiga Table Tennis Tables – T8505 Model STS 510 – Tournament Series

Stiga STS 510 model T8505 from the Tournament Series. 1-inch table top for strong bouncing action and 5-inch casters to move the table make this a great table tennis table. Order your Stiga table here.



Stiga Tennis Tables – T8508 Model Optimum 30 – Professional Series

Stiga Tennis Tables T8508 leads the professional series of Stiga tables. The T8508 has a 1.18-inch table top with levelers for the best bounce. Order your table tennis tables here.



Stiga Table Tennis Tables – T8550 Equinox Outdoor Table

Stiga table tennis tables model T8550 Equinox is for outdoor use. This tennis table is designed with 2 aluminum sheets glued to a wood core. Order your outdoor table tennis tables here.



Stiga Tennis Tables – T8186 Eclipse Outdoor Table

Out of the box and into play in about 3 minutes with the Eclipse T8186 Outdoor Stiga Table Tennis Table. Order your table tennis tables here.



Stiga Table Tennis Tables – Duo T814 Conversion-Top Table

Turn your billiard table into a table tennis table with this Stiga Duo Conversion Top Table. The T814 features a Dark Green color top that fits 7 or 8-foot billiard tables. Order you Stiga Table Tennis Tables here.



Stiga Tennis Tables – T814N Conversion Top Table With Posts and Net

Turn your billiard table into a table tennis table with this Stiga Duo Conversion Top Table. The T814N comes with a net and posts. Order you Stiga Table Tennis Tables here.



Stiga Table Tennis Tables – T8101 Fusion Conversion Top Table

Stiga table tennis tables model T8101 is a Conversion top unit to change a table surface into a Table tennis surface. Order your Stiga Tennis Tables here.



Stiga Mini-Table Tennis Table – G02238W 54-inch Table Top

Stiga G02238W features a mini table tennis table design perfect for setting up a fun game where space is limited. Ideal for bedrooms, basements, garages, or dorm rooms.



Stiga Table Tennis Table – STS 420 T8524 Quick Play Game Table

Stiga table tennis table for sale with free shipping to the lower 48 States. The T8524 STS 420 game table features a patented Quick Play design for easy set up to play time.



Stiga Table Tennis Game Table – T8523 STS 385 Full-Size Table

Stiga table tennis game table for sale with free shipping to the lower 48 United States. T8523 STS 385 is a full-size table that comes with fast shipping.



Table Tennis Table – Stiga T8522 STS 285 Game Table

Table tennis tables for sale with free shipping to the lower 48 United States. Stiga game table model T8522 comes with fast shipping, typically leaves within 2 business days.



Table Tennis Game Table – Stiga STS 185 T8521 Tennis Table

Table tennis game table for sale with free shipping to the lower 48 United States. Fast shipping available for this Stiga STS 185 tennis table.



Stiga Table Tennis Table T8513 Premium Compact

Stiga table tennis game table T8513 ships for free to the lower 48 States. The Premium Compact T8513 tennis table is ideal for competitive uses.



View YouTube Video “STIGA Table Production Sneak Peek”

A Sneak Peek at the STIGA table production. We offer all sorts of table types, from Leisure Tables and Outdoor Tables to ITTF Approved Competition Tables. Se…


Stiga Table Tennis Questions

We invite anyone to ask us questions concerning these tables. We will do our best to get questions answered as soon as possible. One other thing I found that was interesting was a Stiga paddle cover. I do not know much about this product, but thought it looked cool.

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10 Responses to “Stiga Table Tennis Tables General Information”

  1. Trub Seyahsed "TS" says:

    Be careful when buying table tennis tables…they can take hours to assemble depending upon the manufacturer. This table, however, is a cinch! We were playing in 15 minutes. It took 10 of those minutes to carefully remove the table from the shipping carton.

    The table is good quality and very sturdy. The breakaway into 2 pieces is a great feature for storage and portability, not to mention extra table space for yard sales.

    I’d buy the same table again in a heartbeat.

  2. frugal frau says:

    This table is a big step up from our old, battered ping pong table. The best feature is, no assembly! After reading reviews of other tables requiring hours of frustrating assembly, we decided that saving our time was worth paying a bit extra, and I’m so glad we did. Remove packaging, extend legs, attach the new, springy net, and play. More expensive tables have legs that adjust to floors that aren’t level, but it’s easy to put a few layers of cardboard under the “short” legs, and I don’t miss that feature. This table is perfect for us, and we’re having a lot of fun with it.

  3. Tami Pendleton says:

    Table arrived via common carrier, packing carton was indestructible,Table was in perfect condition, Table is well designed making folding/storing a ease, Table rebound and sturdy construction was compatible to the skilled player, The net assembly locks the two sections and again the design is flawless

    Badacres Florida

  4. Lee says:

    Even though this table appears to be of excellent quality so far, I rate it low because of the company support. The table arrived by truck and was unloaded by fork lift on a wood pallet. It weighed almost 300 pounds as shipped and was packaged very well and had no damage from shipping. However, there was a defect in workmanship on one of the folding legs with the wheels and the part had to be replaced to make the leg secure. When the company was called the individual that I spoke to did not want to listen to what I had to say and only wanted to know the number of the part needed to be replaced. In order to replace the part and install the new part I had to grind a rivet out and use a nut and bolt to replace it. Another nut and bolt could not be removed therefore it had to be cut off and a new nut and bolt used to replace it. I was able to do this but some individuals may not and have to hire someone to do it. The individual that I spoke to on the phone was very adamant that the rivet and bolt and nut could be removed with a phillips screw driver and hammer and used again. If that is true, I must be stupid. I have never seen a rivet that could be reused with any quality or reliability. I will have to say that the replacement part came promptly when ordered, however these parts are mirror images of each other for opposite legs and of course I received the wrong one so I just made do. It just folds in the wrong direction but it does not hurt anything. I would give the table a 4 star rating but company support a Zero.

  5. P. Page-McCaw says:

    This is essentially a no assembly ping pong table; a huge improvement over the usual folding ping pong tables on the market. The first table I bought took a good afternoon to assemble and lifting the table pieces meant having an extra person on hand to help. In our new home I wanted one that we could put together fast. Lifting still took two people but assembly as cinch. Maybe 10 minutes to assemble. Because it is two pieces held together by the net anchors, it is much easier to work with and around than an ordinary table and this does not affect play.

    Its on a screened in porch and its been there through 3 light snow storms and its in indirect sun much of the day. In this first month, it seems to be holding up well.

    Shipping is relatively slow and expensive as it is very heavy. It was $120 to ship to Tennessee, but the total price was nearly the same as purchasing at a local sporting goods store and having them deliver (ping pong tables do not fit in mimivans).

  6. Randel T Stolee says:

    This ping pong table is a full size table with very sturdy surface and support. It weighs a lot so takes 2 strong people to move into position for the set up. After that it is on wheels and quite easy to move. It has a level surface and a good net system so play will be great. Because it is full size, you will want to be sure you have plenty room to play it. You get the quality you are paying for.

  7. KMD says:

    Table is very good for the price. There really is no assembly. It’s already assembled.

    There are a few minor down-sides:

    1. Getting net tight is tough IMO

    2. You have to take the net off in order to put one side up and practice – however this is the result of the “easy install / set-up” design.

    3. Back legs don’t lock. If a little kid isn’t careful, they can pinch themselves pretty easily in the process of moving the table.

  8. Herb G. says:

    table was very easy to set up and fun to use. we had it up and going in about 20 minutes. is a well made product that is very stable and works great on our concrete floor

  9. DR71010 says:

    We looked at several tables online and in the store and decided on the Stiga Insta Play even though it was a bit more expensive than what we had in mind. The table was delivered within a few days. The setup was very quick and you need 2 adults to do it. The table is easy to fold and move out of the way. Overall really good quality table and worth the extra cost.

  10. Mr. Dana E. says:

    This was ordered for our table tennis club of about 6-8 players. It shipped from San Diego to SW Oregon in 3 days, was delivered exactly when we asked them to bring it and taken off the truck on a pallet. It took about 10 minutes to cut off the cardboard, remove the wood sides, and another 2 minutes to stand the 2 halves up and wheel them into our community center. Three more minutes to unpack the accessories, put the corner protectors in place and unfold the table. The net that was provided is the only thing we didn’t like, but we already had our own good quality Stiga net. I removed the four “L” brackets (2 P/H screws each) that their net used, and we use our model, which has a wide clamp head that keeps the halves together well enough to move the table around without coming apart. We absolutely love the performance and quality of the table, it’s very solid, has perfect bounce, and the black top makes the ball very easy to see. You can roll it around with the ease of one finger, and it’s extremely easy to fold and unfold. We recommend you buy a better $30-$50 net set, but the table itself is of excellent quality and highly recommended by our club!! UPDATE: 3 months later, we still love the table, have had no problems whatsoever and the table has been absolutely perfect for our use. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! UPDATE: 8 months later, it’s still perfect, no problems at all. The net we use is the Stiga Premium VM model, as it provides a set-up for professional-style play. We’re planning on getting a second one soon. STILL HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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