Stiga Table Tennis Tables General Information

New Product Line: Stiga Table Tennis Tables

Competitive Edge Products has now fully ventured into the realm of table tennis. Escalade Sports, the supplier of the popular Goalrilla Basketball Systems, also supplies the Stiga table tennis table. As this is a new product line for us, we wanted to give some general information about these products, and then open up the post to anyone looking for information about these table tennis tables so we can get people the best information we can.

Stiga Table Tennis History

These tables have several levels of models depending on budget and quality preferences. At the top of the line, the T82201, has been selected as the official table of the U.S. Open since 1985. This table is USATT approved. Towards the lower end of the spectrum, Stiga also has a series of smaller and lighter tables for the more budget conscious of us. These table tennis tables usually have a price range beginning around $300 or so. The goal of these smaller tables is to provide access to table tennis for just about anyone.

Stiga General Construction Information

Most every model of Stiga tables has a steel chassis, rollers, and wood top. Most construction differences among the different models deal mostly with the thickness of the table top, whether or not the table has an apron, the size of the table, and the strength of the steel chassis. Another important feature is that most of these tables can fold up on one side, allowing players to practice their game solo. Stiga tables general come with a net, but rarely come with table tennis racquets. You can get some great product reviews of the Stiga table.

Stiga Table Tennis Questions

We invite anyone to ask us questions concerning these tables. We will do our best to get questions answered as soon as possible. One other thing I found that was interesting was a Stiga paddle cover. I do not know much about this product, but thought it looked cool.

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