New Mammoth Basketball Hoop Line of Systems

Mammoth Basketball Hoops Get a Makeover

Lifetime Products has redesigned the Mammoth basketball hoop line, bringing a completely updated look and feel. The purpose of this post will be to go over the differences between the old models – 98856, 98862, and 98874 – and the new models – 90179, 90180, and 90181. Let’s start with the most noticeable.

Backboard Braketing Updated

On the old line of Mammoth Basketball Hoops, the mounting bracket from the back of the backboard to the mounting arms from the pole met the backboard frame towards the center of the backboard. For some basketball players, this bracket is a distraction, right in the line of site for shooting the ball. The new Mammoth line now has the mounting arms attached to the outside edges of the backboard in what is termed as an arena-view attachment. This design clears up the distraction caused by the mounting arms right behind the shooting square on the old systems. A somehwhat less obvious benefit to this desin is that the arena-view attachment design also helps strengthen the mounting arms to lessen the movement of the backboard when you are playing basketball.

54-inch and 60-inch Mammoth Basketball Hoops Have Longer Mounting Arms

If you are looking for the 54 or 60-inch basketball systems from Mammoth, you will also notice that the mouting arms are now longer, providing great clearance under the backboard for playing a basketball game. Clearance under the backboard is desirable to simulate a real basketball court more closely. On the 54-inch Mammoth basketball goal, the mounting arms are 5 inches longer. For the 60-inch model, the arms are 4 inches longer.

Upgrade Height-Adjustment Mechanism

Lastly, Lifetime Products has also upgraded the strength on the height-adjustment mechanism. While staying with their easy-to-use pneumatic device, which allows for single-handed height adjusting, Lifetime has increased the strength and bulk of this mechanism to provide a longer life of use. This new device is called the Mammoth Pump.

Great things are happening with the Mammoth basketball line. While these new systems are here to stay, the old Mammoth basketball hoops are still available and will remain for sale while supplies last. View our entire Mammoth basketball system line here.

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