Blackstone Griddle 36″ Station and Accessories Bundle

1554 Blackstone Griddle Cooking Station, 36-Inch

It’s been a long, winter all across grilling and barbecuing country. But that’s about to change. The snow is melting, the sun is shining a little bit longer each day, and the backyard grills once again calling out for us to get cooking. Before we fire up the first chimney of spring, here are recommended must-have products to get you back in the cookout.

The Blackstone Griddle gives an exceptional option for numerous necessities. The mobility of this cooking device makes it a wonderful product to tackle family members camping journeys or scout camps. The high quality and sturdiness of the materials used to develop the structure and griddle top makes this system terrific for churches and exhibitions. And ultimately, the accessibility of Grill Top accessories, amongst many various other accessories, makes the system superb for your very own residence outdoor patio picnic. Below we have put together a recommended bundle of Blackstone products and accessories to get you going on your cookout. You can remove individual bundled items from the cart that you do need to see the cost savings.


Blackstone Griddle Ultimate Spring Bundle

Blackstone 1528 Griddle/Grill Cover, 36-Inch
Blackstone 1131 Griddle/Grill Carry Bag, 36-Inch...
Blackstone 1514 Grill Top Accessory, 36-Inch
Blackstone 1542 Griddle Kit Accessory

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Blackstone Griddle Bundle Items

Blackstone 1554 Griddle Cooking Station, 36-Inch -Blackstone 36″ Griddle Cooking Station, offers a sturdy steel powder coated frame with a thick cold rolled steel griddle cooking surface.

Blackstone 1528 Griddle/Grill Cover, 36-Inch -Blackstone Heavy Duty 36″ Griddle/Grill Cover is made with heavy duty 600 D polyester and high impact poly resin for extremely durable buckles. Nice protection for your Blackstone 36 commercial gas griddle.

Blackstone 1542 Griddle Kit Accessory – The Blackstone Griddle Kit offers 2 Liquid Dispensers, 2 Professional Grade Spatulas, 1 Chopper Scrapper and a Blackstone Introductory Griddle Cook Book.

Blackstone 1514 Grill Top Accessory, 36-Inch – Blackstone 36″ Grill Box Accessory is custom designed to fit on the Blackstone 36″ Griddle/Grill Base.

Blackstone 1131 Griddle/Grill Carry Bag, 36-Inch – Heavy duty durable carry bag for griddle and grill tops


View YouTube Video “Blackstone Griddle Unboxing and Assembly”

“36 inch blackstone griddle/grill unboxing and assembling. ”

View YouTube Video of 2011 Blackstone Griddle

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TitleBlackstone 1554 Griddle Cooking Station, 36-InchBlackstone 1517 Griddle Cooking Station, 28-InchKing Kooker CS42 Portable Propane 54,000-BTU Triple-Burner Outdoor Camp StoveOutdoor Gourmet 36" Propane Griddle With WheelsAussie 700 6-Burner Event Grill
BrandBlackstoneBlackstoneKing KookerOutdoor GourmetAussie
FeatureThe Blackstone 36" Griddle Cooking Station offers a sturdy steel powder coated frame with a thick cold rolled steel griddle cooking surface
Feature four independently controlled stainless steel burners
Produces a total of 60,000 BTU
The Blackstone 28" Griddle Cooking Station offers a thick cold rolled steel griddle cooking surface
Offers 2 independently controlled burners and push button ignition
Folds up for easy transportation
Portable propane triple-burner outdoor cooker with 14-by-42-inch cooking surface
54,000-BTU cast burners; listed LP hose and regulator with a type-1 connection
Manifold and needle valves for easy flame adjustment; removable windshield
Attachable interlocking legs; 3 deep-fry thermometers and recipes included
Measures approximately 15 by 43 by 28-7/8 inches; 1-year limited warranty
4 independent stainless-steel burners output 44,000 BTUs
Fueled by liquid propane
Folding side panels for easy transportation and storage
Adjustable gas flow knobs let you control the amount of flame
Grease pan for easy cleaning
700 Sq. In. Cooking Surface
6 Stainless Steel Tube Burners
81,000 BTUs
Cart folds for Easy Portability
Weight120 pound75 pound113 pound
Rating4.5 out of 5 stars3.6 out of 5 stars3.0 out of 5 stars0 out of 5 stars0 out of 5 stars
ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews

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What are your thoughts about the Blackstone 36″ Griddle?

12 Responses to “Blackstone Griddle 36″ Station and Accessories Bundle”

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  3. K. Christensen "Average Dad" says:

    I don’t know what the other reviewers are talking about when they are upset that the griddle didn’t come assembled. Really? You think they ship this thing in a box with its legs already on?

    Anyway, as far as the griddle goes, it’s awesome. It took me about an hour to season it for the first time. I rubbed on some shortening and put the burners on full blast (as directed). The oil/shortening helps give it the nice “grandma’s cast iron” color and helps to provide a non-stick surface. The initial coloration of the grill is kind of greenish (I added some pictures above) but as you season the grill with the oil and scrape around on the top of the griddle during the seasoning process, all of that goes away and the nice dark black color comes through. This griddle is HUGE! Again look at the pictures that I’ve added and you’ll see that even with 18 burgers and a couple dozen dogs, I’ve still got PLENTY of room left.

    I love the griddle and would highly recommend to anyone.

    Happy Grilling!!

  4. Jack Sparrow "Captain" says:

    I purchased this exact griddle at Lowes for $299. It did not come with any other accessories except the two built in side tables that easily attach/detach with a single screw that conveniently turns with your fingers. I found the burners to be adequate but not as even as I prefer. It cooks fairly evenly which is usually a problem with a griddle of this size so it is an improvement on most large griddles.
    The square metal tubes that funnel the gas from the first lit burner to lite the next were not constructed or cut properly by the manufacturer so I had to bend and hack-saw because it forced the assembler to install the burners unlevel which diminishes performance. It CLEARLY was a flaw that the assembler at the manufacturer should have remedied. The cast iron griddle is very heavy and works great. It does have some imperfections (pits and welding bumps) that are not ideal for a smooth flat cooking service. Overall, I would still buy it unless I found a better rated and equally priced product by a competitor. I wouldn’t pay more than the $299 that I paid for mine.

  5. DPP says:

    I ordered this product from after reading all the positive reviews. I eagerly unpacked it this weekend and started assembly. To my disappointment, two of the four tiny posts on the feet of the griddle are bent. I sent an email to Blackstone customer service. I have tried to call them all day today but get a recording. I am hoping for a reply soon.

    It took Blackstone a few days to respond to my email. But when they did, they totally came through. The reply I received from customer service simply asked me to confirm my mailing address as they would be shipping me a replacement griddle. I did that and within an hour received a tracking number.
    I am updating my rating to 5 stars as apart from Customer Service, the quality of construction of this product is awesome.

  6. Jim from Ky. "Reddog" says:

    This is an awesome grill/griddle, and a great value. While I bought it at Lowes, cheaper and had a gift card, I want to pass on a review here as well.

    It’s very large, so large that you can cook multiple things at different temps at the same time. I use a heat laser gun to check the temps on each area. I suggest you get one of these as it helps tremendously.

    I’ll do the pro and con list, it seems easier.

    Seasoning the cook top. I read a few recommendations here, but, the easiest way, is heat it up full temp, let it cook 20 minutes or so, then turn it off and scrape it. Then, do it again, and throw some greasy burgers or bacon on it. It’ll take a few times cooking to get it perfect, but, it’s fine after the first time or two.

    This will use a little more propane than a normal grill. I get about 1/4 less time and use from a tank. This is just my experience. Tank is easy to access. The tank hanger appears flimsy, but, so far it’s fine.

    Pros: 1. good temp control 2. very sturdy 3. easy to clean with the right tools. heats up quickly, and cools down as quickly to keep temp adjusted. 4. Last but not least, it is fun to cook on. 5. buy one, you’ll love it if you like to cook with restaurant style equipment.

    1. Clean up is easy, but a little messy at times. I use a commercial griddle pad. A little water, medium temp, cleans up fine. Just be careful not to overload the drain trough as it’s small.

    2. Drain trough. I leveled my griddle, so you must scrape the grease to the trough. It doesn’t drain well to the drain cup, it’ll need some help. Use your spatula to push the liquid to the drain, just be careful and go slow, as it will quickly overflow onto your shoes or bare feed. It would be nice if it were deeper.

    3. Drain hole. This hole, while adequate in circumference, is simply punched into the steel. The water and grease will “kickback” when running through the hole, and will spill onto you or the deck or porch, instead of the drain cup. You can get a grinder stone on your Dremel tool, and grind a groove to help, but it’ll take some work, and testing, to get it right. I simply used a trick I saw on the Moonshiners TV show. Simply find a twig from a plant or tree, bend it in a “V” shape, and insert it, tip down, through the hole about halfway. The liquid will then hit the twig, and follow it straight down into the cup. Simple and quick, and no grinding.

    4. Heat: The unit expels the residual heat all around the griddle, particularly the sides. Putting plastic items next to the griddle while you cook, could result in them melting. Be careful. Heat also exits the back and front of the unit. You’ll notice this quickly if you stand too close. I am going to try to construct some type of shield around the unit, to expel the heat upward. They listed a splatter shield for this model, but after contacting the company, they said they discontinued it as it became very hot during use. They said they are working on a better setup.

    5. While portable, it’s a very heavy unit. I remove the griddle top, which just lifts off, and separate them. We rarely pack it up though.

    Everything said, I’d buy it again, and may buy the smaller one for my kids. Nothing is perfect, but this is as good as it gets for the price, value, and durability.

  7. Lynn Hazard says:

    After seeing husband cook on this grill, we have friends looking at purchasing one for themselves. This grill cooks great and is easy to clean up. Well worth every penny.

  8. Tim Crouch says:

    Went together exactly as the directions specified. No missing parts, no extra parts. Seasoning was easy. Easy to take the top off and move around as two pieces in and out of the truck etc. Take your time scraping oil back to the drip trough, or you will slop it on yourself (ouch!). I had a little trouble with oil wanting to run back along the bottom of the trough and drip on my patio, but a quick warmup with the torch and a slight bend downward on the end of it solved the problem. For the few dollars more it would cost, I would like to see the Mfr include the windscreen, after all, who uses a large propane-fueled cooktop where there is not some wind? At any rate, we have cooked dozens of burgers, steaks, pancakes, eggs, lots of bacon etc over the past month since we got it with no issues. If you like to cook lots of the above items, don’t hesitate. Well worth the money.

  9. Siddigger says:

    Been looking at this for a year and bit the bullet. Wasted a year as I should have got this right away. Built like a tank. Heavy yes but is easy to move around if you take the tank off. Even heat. I removed the stock seasoning with oven cleaner. I do not trust them overseas to not use motor oil or whatever. Easy to do. I cook with cast only so I have my own way to season. I do not use Crisco, lard or butter for sure, been there, done that. Olive oil to cook but not season, it will turn rancid so do not coat for storage. I use countryside crock or the like that are in the brown tub in the butter section. I use it for all cooking as well as seasoning. Works great. After stripping and washing, warm grill on low. Take a brush and coat entire surface with country crock. Then wipe it off good and just leave very thin film. Bake at lowest heat for hour or if starting to burn. Cool down, scrape very lightly if needed, wipe and re-coat again LIGHTLY, no streaks or do it over. Do this 3 times. Then buy a pack of cheap bacon. and spread over grill at low heat. Keep spreading grease over top and turning bacon. Do not burn on, scrape very lightly at very low angle with a good designed flat scapula. I got a 3″ Russel I got here just for scraping cast. Spendy but works great and highly recommend for lifetime use. Can see I will need a 5″ for flipping. I did this for 2 hours. Turn side burners up just a very very little to get outside edges good. Wipe clean and cool overnite. Seems like a long process but isn’t. Getting in a hurry and then having to use oven cleaner and start over is. Mine is now non-stick. $279.99 free shipping on their site. $349.99 msrp.

  10. jose luis nava says:

    love it, I had one like this before and I gave it to my mom, I tried to get another one but they were unavailable (about four years ago} and then I they became available again, so I bought it and I am very pleased with it, delivery was super fast, and price was reasonable . I do recommend this.

  11. Phillip Ratliff says:

    It’s great used it on my trip to the river and no issues at all. Great for camping and for the back yard.

  12. Timothy A. says:

    we love this Grill love the way you can control parts of the grill it has so many perks the drain its side rails I tell all my friends how awesome it cooks our food love it.

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