What Does Fusion Mean on a Fusion Basketball Backboard?

Fusion Basketball Backboard is simply a trademark name patented by Lifetime. It is used on the basketball systems and simply means that the backboard has a plastic (also known as polyethylene) frame around the backboard. Whenever you see a basketball system or an advertisement telling you that it is a fusion board, then it has a plastic frame. Some basketball systems have plastic frames as opposed to steel frames.

Steel frames are generally considered to be better, because they have a stronger rebound. Each lifetime backboard has a frame. The frame goes around the perimeter and there are also two center channels behind the backboard. This supports the ball when you are making a bank shot. If you’re making a bank shot and the frame is plastic, then the plastic is going to absorb a little bit of the rebound. If you make a bank shot and the backboard is steel, then it is going to have a good solid rebound.

The Fusion Basketball Backboard does have one solid advantage over the steel boards. The fusion boards are made of polyethylene and therefore will never rust. They will outlast the rest of the basketball system. Fusion basketball backboard products are made in 44 and 48 inch sizes. If you see for example, a 54 inch board, you can know that it is not fusion. 54 inch boards are steel framed. Fusion boards look very nice and often have fancy graphics that children or young basketball players prefer. The larger sizes that are not fusion generally have more simple and more professional looking graphics.

44 and 48 Inch Fusion Basketball Backboard Examples

Lifetime Replacement Basketball Backboard – 73650 44-inch Fusion with Rim Combo

Lifetime 73650 Fusion Basketball Backboard


73650 Lifetime backboard and rim combo. Low price guarantee on all Lifetime basketball systems.


Lifetime Basketball Backboards – 73621 48-inch Fusion Backboard Rim Combo

Lifetime 73621 Fusion Basketball Backboard


Lifetime basketball backboard model 73621. This backboard features a fusion 48-inch backboard and an orange Slam-It rim. Volume Discounts available for basketball backboards.


Steel Framed Backboard Examples

Lifetime Basketball Backboard and Rim Combo – 71526 Basketball 54-inch Backboard


Lifetime basketball backboard 71526, Combos, clear 54 x 33 x 1 Inch Square Shatter Guard Backboard, orange Slam-it Pro Rim, Blow-Molded Frame Pad. 54in


Lifetime Basketball Backboard – 90087 52-inch Polycarbonate Backboard and Slam-It Rim Combo


Lifetime basketball backboard 90087 52-inch backboard and rim combo features a polycarbonate backboard and an orange Slam-It rim. Order your replacement basketball backboards here.

View YouTube Video “Lifetime Basketball Systems, Performance”

Michael Sweeten, Lifetime’s Sporting Goods Product Manager, describes the various kinds of basketball systems, backboards, and rims, taking the guess-work out…[Fusion backboards would be a type of composite backboards mentioned in this video.]

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What has been your experience playing on the two different types of backboards?

What are your thoughts of the Lifetime fusion backboard?


6 Responses to “What Does Fusion Mean on a Fusion Basketball Backboard?”

  1. Creekside says:

    I’m not sure what engineer thought that driving a lag screw into a plastic hole would be a good way to securely hold a backboard but that’s what they did. I bought both the backboard and the mounting bracket from Lifetime. I followed the instructions to the letter. Not only did they have me drive a lag into the plastic hole, they later had me remove it and add an additional bracket that just made the whole assembly less secure as now the lag was not able to fully tighten. By the time we had the thing on the roof and secured the lag was already pulling out of the backboard. I re-tightend it as well as I could without stripping it but I have no hopes that this installation will last. Wasted money. Pay a little more and go for a more robust system.


    We had our first full ball game with the college kids our son brought home with him. No slamma/jamma or any of the stuff but a regular ball game. The backboard didn’t last 1/2 hour before one side came apart. I bought some carriage bolts and drilled holes though the BBoard to support it better but it just wont hold together. The gauge of the metal used for the mounting bracket is not sufficient to strongly hold the system. It is hanging on a 15 degree angle off the garage. This system has been a complete failure and a waste of the purchase price. We will now have to go buy a better, more expensive system or perhaps fabricate one ourselves.

  2. Matthew says:

    The perfect solution to replace a broken backboard. All of the mounting holes lined up perfectly and only took about 20-30 minutes to complete. I’d highly recommend this set up for anyone looking to replace their backboard!

  3. Kevin "Kevin" says:

    Inexpensive, light weight easy to install on existing brackets. Don,t try to hone in your bank shots, it gives way too much. If you learn to hit bank shots on this backboard you will not make the same shots on a real goal and backboard.

  4. cvanessa12 says:

    My other one that came with the whole unit cracked because we put a piece on wrong so I went to lifetimes website and the same one I purchased thru amazon cost $60 less and was the same exact one from lifetime. It fit exactly on my pole and base from the older one perfect fit and it only took an hour tops to put it together and take the old one off. I would def buy it again!

  5. E.N. says:

    Great backboard, just replaced my old Lifetime backboard (which I had for 12 years) with this new one and it looks fantastic. Love the clear plexi.

  6. anne warlick says:

    I bought this as a replacement for the backboard that was broken. Good value for the $. Easily connected to our existing in-
    ground basketball pole.

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