Silverback Basketball Hoops Outdoor Models Breakdown

Who Manufacturers Silverback Basketball Hoops?

Silverback Basketball Hoops Model B5402WSilverback basketball systems are from the same manufacturer as Goalrilla basketball hoops. The Silverback Basketball Hoops line caters to a cheaper price range, but features many of the same general design features as the Goalrilla line. Silverback In-ground basketball systems are for major ballers. Sturdy, durable and pro-style functions make this basketball system the baller’s selection. Silverback basketball systems incorporate quality elements with playability, making this basketball unit the player’s choice. In the Silverback basketball hoop line, there are two models currently available – the B5402W and the B5400W. We will briefly explore the differences between these two basketball systems.

Basketball Backboard Size

The first major difference is in the backboard width. The B5400W has a 54-inch width. The B5402W has a 60-inch width. As a frame of reference, regulation-sized backboards are 72-inches wide; thus, the B5402W gets you the closest to the regulation size for backboards. Both are made of tempered of the same thickness. So, the only thing in the backboard that is being upgraded between the two models is the backboard width.

Basketball Pole Structure.

Both of these Silverback systems have a 4×4 steel pole. However, the B5402W is very different from the B5400W in how it mounts in the ground. The B5402W uses an anchor mount, much like the Goalrilla line does. Whereas the B5400W has the lower portion of the pole cemented into the ground. The anchor system amounts to an anchor plate with 4 long J-bolts that dip down in the cement to secure the system.

All other parts of the two Silverback Basketball Hoops are the same.


This basketball systems includes a 7-year factory warranty through the manufacturer, Escalade Sports.

View YouTube Video “Goaliath and Silverback Two Piece Inground Swedge Pole Assembly Instruction Guide”

“Goaliath and Silverback Two Piece Inground Swedge Pole Assembly Instruction Guide. ”

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What are your thoughts of the Silverback Inground Basketball System?

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15 Responses to “Silverback Basketball Hoops Outdoor Models Breakdown”

  1. sarah evanston says:

    These things are tough! I have never seen a basketball backboard system that is as strong and durable as Silverback’s. We (I) even ran into it with our car and it didn’t move, not even a little bit!

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  4. Kang says:

    I gotta bookmark this web site it seems really valuable.

  5. admin says:

    Glad you find it valuable.

  6. K. W. Oliver says:

    I have done a lot of research into in-ground systems for our new home and have wanted to get something that is as sturdy as possible in my price range ($400-$600). I have looked at some Lifetime systems at the local sports stores and at a couple of neighbors homes and couldn’t help but feel that I would be settling for something I wouldn’t like. Lifetime systems use a round pole, and very thin plexiglass as a backboard, and seem very “clunky.” The ball just doesn’t bounce off of the backboard or rim with any sort of response and the whole thing rattles and shakes for a long time after each shot.

    I finally decided to go with the Silverback system even though I was concerned about the two-piece pole. I loved the idea of a tempered glass backboard and square pole, and the reputation of Goalrilla products is stellar. I opted in the end for the 60″ backboard and the anchoring system that didn’t require that the pole just be sunk in concrete, just in case I ever need to move it. These two extra features pushed the cost up to the $700 range but it is definitely worth it.

    The system went together very smoothly. Putting the anchoring system in concrete took the longest time and was definitely the most labor-intensive. The instructions call for 9 80# bags of concrete and it took exactly 8 1/2 bags. The hard part was digging the hole (16″ diameter 3′ deep) and mixing the concrete. Putting the anchor bolts in the concrete was a snap. “Swedging” the two-piece pole together (the thing I was the most concerned about) went easily and the remaining pieces were put together in a couple of hours on a weekday after work. Putting the pole on the anchor bolts and leveling it wasn’t difficult but did take some time to get it just right. By far the most challenging part was hanging the backboard with a couple of friends (it is heavy!) but it only took a few minutes.

    I have to tell you, I am amazed at how sturdy the system is! Admittedly there is a little bit of sway with distance shots but VERY little, and VERY short lived. By the time you get the rebound there is no movement at all. Honestly, you almost have to be looking for it to even see it and you will never notice it during competitive play.

    I am very satisfied with this system and highly recommend it! I’ve seen the 54″ version without the anchoring system for $499 and suspect it would be a basically identical system and thus and excellent choice as well!

  7. Dominik says:

    I just installed the hoop so I am excited to share my review with you. I looked around a lot for the best price/quality of the product. Most of my neighbors have goarilla hoop which seem to be very sturdy, but they are also very pricey. I set a goal not to spend over 700-800 dollars. Goarilla’s were all $1,200 and up so that seemed an overkill for my 3 boys, and you get no attachments with it. Even padding cost additional $150. I was a bit concern about the pool being 4×4 inches and made out of 2 parts as opposed to one big 5×5 inch pool. Granted there are small vibrations but they are not affecting the game or shooting. Note, you cannot hang on this hoop, it is not made for that. Other than that, it comes with both padding for the backboard and pool and looks great. The 60 inch backboard is great! Very sturdy and bigger than I thought it would be.

    Putting together the hoop was not hard. It requires 36 inch hole which is manageable with hole digger (took about few hours). I used about 9 1/2 80 pounds of cement. That process took another 2 hours. It is a bit manual but nothing terribly hard. You have to wait 3 days for cement to take hold. I love the fact that it has anchors, so I can take it off anytime. The picture does not show the anchor system, but it does have it. I had to look on the factory website to see it.

    Everything but backboard can be done by one person. If you are a woman, putting two pools together might be a bit challenging as it does require a bit of muscle strength. Other steps (beside backboard) can be done with few basic tools – very easy to follow directions.

    Now, you will need at least 3 adults to put the backboard up. It is heavy. I kid you not… I am 6’10″ and I thought I could get away with another helper, but it did not work. My neighbor came over with a truck and two of them stood on the back of the truck while I was putting the screws in. After that the rest takes little time.

    So far it is a great product. I played basketball in college and Europe and anything bigger is an overkill for driveway. If you can afford pricier products good for you, but it is not necessary. This was a very pleasant surprise. Btw, even though it says delivery will take 2-3 weeks, my came in in 6 days.

  8. Chadwick Learned says:

    This is probably the best value in ground type system you can buy. The backboard is awesome tempered glass and just below official size at 60″. The only real negative about this unit is the action(shake, wobbly movement, etc you get after a ball hits it(rim or backboard). In a fast pace game it is definitely possible for the hoop to still be moving a little when the next shot is put up. It’s a value because the pole is only 4″ but after reading a lot of reviews and realizing this ahead of time I got it anyway with a plan. Here’s what I did.

    1) Before you pour the concrete and set the base drill two holes about 1/2″ in the base about an inch outside of diagonal from center.
    2) Purchase two sections of 1/2″ rebar at least 6ft, up to 8ft if you are going to dig down the hole(you pour the concrete in to 48″.
    3) After pouring the concrete and putting in the rebar included push your base into the concrete then sink your long sections of rebar through the base plate and leave sticking up out of concrete half way. Wait your three days.
    4) Install the pole as normal. Wait a few days then do your final check for levelness(afterwards it will no longer be adjustable).
    5) Block off the bottom with wood then duct tape all the way around base so concrete doesn’t ooze out. Tape around where the two pole section meet.

    Get a 5 gallon bucket that has a little give and mix some concrete into it then pour it into the pole till you fill it up (I stopped a few inches short of top. Have a hose READY and spray off overpour as you go so it doesn’t harden.

    HUGE improvement on stiffness and much less sway/wobble in the pole system. Still get some especially on side shots but that is much more the arms swaying against pole than anything else. I don’t know for sure if the rebar made a huge difference but after reading rebar helps minimize vibration I thought this would help and it seems to work.

    I will be adding pics of this as well.

    ***Warning doing this essentially creates a PERMANENT installation, no taking it with you when you move out.***

  9. BullsFan says:

    I purchased this system in the middle of July and I have been playing on it every day for at least an hour. I think I have had the hoop long enough now to assess it and provide an accurate review.

    If you are looking for a professional or fitness club quality system, you won’t find it here in this price range; however, what you will get it a very solid hoop that will suit most amature players. I play recreationally mostly by myself, but every once in a while I will have some friends over for a little competition. Everyone seems to like this hoop quite a bit. It plays generously and very true to club-quality systems.

    I spent quite a bit of time researching different basketball systems online and in-store and in a couple different price ranges. This system turned out to be the best fit for my driveway and my intended usage. Will it be a good fit for you? Well, that really depends. If you want to dunk; this isn’t the hoop for you. If you play competitively; it may not be for you. Do you want portability; not for you, even though it does have the anchor system which allows you to transport the system (except for the anchor system which will be i the concrete,) it just isn’t realistic. If you are looking for a top of the line, regulation size system; why are you wasting your time reading this? If you are looking for a fairly priced, good quality, nice looking, durable basketbally hoop for you, your friends and family to enjoy for years to come, need not look any further.

    Unless you have specific space restrictions, I would personally go with the 60″ hoop, as I have played on both the 54″ and the 60″. The 54″ plays very nice, too, but the 60″ just has a more “complete” feel to it. Scared off by the two piece pool? Fear not! The hoop does not suffer from the same “sway” comparable round pool systems have in this price range, even with the fact the pool isn’t one solid piece. In fact, it actually makes it a bit easier to work with during installation.

    Installation appeared to be very easy. I did pay a professional to install the system which was well worth the $385 (included all material and labor.) It is a several day process: they come out and dig a 3 foot deep hole and fill with concrete. The anchor system is inserted in the concrete and it will sit and solify over the next few days. Once the concrete has dried, the system goes up pretty quickly with two people, so don’t be scared off! Do it right the first time and spend the extra to have it done right. You will be thankful you did.

    All-in-all I couldn’t be too much happier with this investment. It looks fantastic and plays as good as it looks. I would highly recommend this system to just about anyone, regardless of their budget.

  10. Craig E. Oaks "oaktech" says:

    Shopped around for a basketball hoop to put in our cul de sac and chose the Silverback SB-60 after reviewing several options on Amazon and other sites. This is primarily for recreational family use, but will be used heavily by our neighborhood kids and adult games in the cul de sac. I’ve had the hoop installed for over a week and I’m very happy with it!

    Installation: Instructions were easy to follow and I assembled everything myself except for putting up the backboard, which took 4 people (it’s a beast!) Assembly tip: use the bed of a pickup truck to mount the backboard – it is significantly easier on everyone lifting.

    Concrete Base: Hardest part was digging the 16″ round x 36″ deep hole. Anything below 1″ deep is apparently solid rock in my yard, so this was a 4 hour digging bar workout! Instructions called for 9 bags of 80# concrete but I used 10 bags. Recommend you grab an extra bag or two – you definitely don’t want to be running to the hardware store while the first 9 bags are setting up!

    Value: The SB-60 is around 200 bucks higher than its 54″ kid brother (SB-54iG) but the SB-60 features an anchor system so the pole isn’t cemented into the ground. If you ever need to move your hoop, sell your hoop or even take it down for the winter (not for the faint of heart!), then the SB-60 is well worth the 200 bucks. Plus the 60″ backboard it’s a more solid playing system with a more realistic feel.

    Look & Feel: 60″ glass backboard with aluminum trim is very professional looking. Backboard has very minor shake on hard shots, which dissipates quickly. Overall, the SB-60 Hoop system is extremely sturdy and easily adequate for neighborhood games. I highly recommend it!

    Happy hooping!!

  11. Dave says:

    I purchased this thinking it was similar to the Goaliath basketball system. For the same money, this goal is better construction and the black pole looks better than the green. It’s not a Goalrilla basketball system but the price makes it a better solution for budget minded individuals.

  12. Andrew Sicko says:

    My son and I put this together and the directions were very good. It was a good lesson in delay of gratification due to the concrete needing 3 days to cure, so it made playing hoop that much more fun that we had to wait to play on our new hoop. Well buillt product.

  13. darrell m. clifton says:

    Love the installation system being a concrete bolt base. If I want, I can take it with me if we move. Nice and sturdy. Easy instructions.

  14. D Angeles says:

    This is a very good in ground basketball court. I looked at many reviews and at other similar products. I went to Dicks Sporting to see the Goalrilla products. It was too expensive for the same system. The Goalrilla products don’t come with a padding or a padding for the glass and the Silverback does.

    Installation is not that hard. Putting the two poles together was pretty easy. It took me about six hard slams. I hired someone to dig the hole and fill it with concrete. Dimensions: 3 ft x 16 inches. It took about 12 bags of 80lbs quikrete and that is because the hole was a little bit wider. I put the bracket in and level it.

    After I let the concrete set for three days I put the pole on the bracket. I was able to put the pole up by myself, it was a little heavy. The installation manual is very good and the bolts/nuts/washers are all labeled. Leveling the pole is pretty easy. I used a 25MM wrench for bottom bolts and I used a 25MM deep socket to tighten top bolts. I used a breaker bar to tighten top bolts with the 25MM deep socket.

    The hardest part was putting up the backboard. I backed up my pickup and my father in law helped me with it. My wife helped me put 2 out of the 4 bolts and I was able to put the other two bolts in.

    Lastly, I have been playing with the backboard at 10ft high. There is a little bit of wobbling/shaking. It shakes for about one second, but not enough to affect play. I am not a pro basketball player so this system works fine for me. I lower the court for my son to 7.5ft and it is easy to do so. I am very happy with the system. I have the system for two weeks. If anything changes I will come back and edit review.

  15. wytail144 says:

    If your kids shoot a few times a week, go buy a portable. However, if your kids are like mine and shoot around every chance they get, then this is a really good one for the money. This is a really nice system and it is was a breeze to put together. My only concern is the wall thickness of the pole is a little too thin for me. This does cause the backboard to wiggle a bit on bank shots, but not so much as to make me worry. My biggest worry is that we live on a farm so winds can get up to 70 mph during a storm which may cause twisting or bending…especially if it is extended to 10 feet. Our rule is to put it all the way down every night. Other than that, I think the rest of the system is well built….I also like that we can take it down and move it some day.

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