Silverback Basketball Hoops Outdoor Models Breakdown

Who is Silverback Basketball?

Silverback basketball systems are from the same manufacturer as Goalrilla basketball hoops. The Silverback line caters to a cheaper price range, but features many of the same general design features as the Goalrilla line. In the Silverback basketball hoop line, there are two models currently available – the B5402W and the B5400W. We will briefly explore the differences between these two basketball systems.

Basketball Backboard Size

The first major difference is in the backboard width. The B5400W has a 54-inch width. The B5402W has a 60-inch width. As a frame of reference, regulation-sized backboards are 72-inches wide; thus, the B5402W gets you the closest to the regulation size for backboards. Both are made of tempered of the same thickness. So, the only thing in the backboard that is being upgraded between the two models is the backboard width.

Basketball Pole Structure.

Both of these Silverback systems have a 4×4 steel pole. However, the B5402W is very different from the B5400W in how it mounts in the ground. The B5402W uses an anchor mount, much like the Goalrilla line does. Whereas the B5400W has the lower portion of the pole cemented into the ground. The anchor system amounts to an anchor plate with 4 long J-bolts that dip down in the cement to secure the system.

All other parts of the two systems are the same.

View YouTube Video “Goaliath and Silverback Two Piece Inground Swedge Pole Assembly Instruction Guide”

“Goaliath and Silverback Two Piece Inground Swedge Pole Assembly Instruction Guide. “

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  1. sarah evanston says:

    These things are tough! I have never seen a basketball backboard system that is as strong and durable as Silverback’s. We (I) even ran into it with our car and it didn’t move, not even a little bit!

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