Spalding Basketball Backboard Replacement Comparison Table

Spalding Basketball Backboard Replacement FAQ’s

Spalding Basketball Backboard Replacement 54-Inch Acrylic Backboard and Rim Combo
Not all Spalding basketball backboards are the same, and not all mounting brackets on Spalding basketball systems are the same either. Below, I have compiled a list of frequently asked questions concerning replacing and purchasing a backboard for a Spalding basketball hoop.

1. Will this Backboard work with my system?

This question is most frequently asked when replacing a broken backboard. First step to knowing if a certain Spalding backboard will work on your system is to know if your current system is made by Spalding
or Huffy. If it is, then we are on the right track. Spalding basketball backboards will
likely not work when used on any other basketball system made by a different manufacturer. Next, what is the size and shape of your main pole on your system? For this question we are wanting to see 3.5-inch round. This size and shape of pole helps determine whether the width of the mounting bracket is compatible with the width of the mounting uprights on your replacement Spalding basketball backboard. Lastly, can you see a “y-shaped” bracket that attaches to the back of your current backboard. This bracket is what will be used to attach to your new backboard; thus, if you do not have a y-shaped bracket on your current basketball hoop, the bracket might not be able to attach to the new backboard your order. Most of our Spalding Basketball Backboards on our website have compatibility charts you can go off. Also, contact Spalding at 1-800-558-5234 to be sure.

2. What Size of Backboard do I Need?

While it is always safe to maintain the same sizes when replacing a backboard, it is actually not necessary with dealing with Spalding basketball backboards. For instance, if you successfully answered the questions asked in FAQ 1 above, then your current pole and bracket system might accept backboards sized 44 inches wide to 54 inches wide. You should verify first by contacting Spalding’s customer service line 1-800-558-5234.

3. Which Kind of Spalding Basketball Backboard Replacement is Best?

This question deals with the different materials and design features used on Spalding backboards. Backboard materials range from plastic framed in plastic to acrylic framed in plastic to polycarbonate framed in steel.
Whenever budget permits, always get a Spalding backboard framed in steel. The steel frame makes the backboard much more rigid and will thus produce a better rebound when the ball bounces off. A plastic framed backboard absorbs a lot of the impact of the ball and will thus weaken the bounce. Steel frames are the way to go.

Where to go from here:

You can check out our entire line of available
Spalding Basketball Backboard Replacements here and start finding the right one for you. If you need some assistance determining which Huffy or Spalding basketball backboard replacement will be best for you, or if you have any compatibility questions, you can reach us at 1-866-308-5484.

View Spalding Basketball Backboard Replacement Product Comparison Table

TitleSpalding 79351 Backboard/Rim Combo with 44-Inch PolyCarbonate BackboardSpalding 48-inch Eco Composite Fan Backboard/Rim Combo UnitSpalding 54-Inch Backboard and Rim Combo with Acrylic BackboardHuffy Backboard & Rim Combo with 44-inch Composite Rectangle BackboardSpalding 79354 Backboard/Rim Combo with 48-Inch PolyCarbonate BackboardSpalding 52" Backboard and Rim Combo with Acrylic Backboard
Feature44-Inch poly carbonate backboard
5/8-Inch solid steel Slam Jam breakaway rim
Fits round or square poles
5 Year limited warranty
Fan-shaped Eco-Composite backboard measures 48 inches wide
Made from recycled materials; fits on round and square poles
5/8-inch solid steel Slam Jam breakaway rim with ultra-smooth spring action
Includes all-weather white net
Five-year limited warranty
Backboard/rim combo designed to mount to square pole or wall
54-inch acrylic backboard for superior rebounding
Arena Slam breakaway rim with ultra-smooth spring action
Looks and plays like genuine pro-style backboard
Includes all-weather net; branded with NBA logo
Backboard and rim combo for both square and round poles
44-inch wide rectangular backboard for old-school look
Eco-Composite board made of recycled materials
Solid steel Slam Jam breakaway rim
All-weather net
48-inch PolyCarbonate backboard w/board pad; solid steel Slam Jam breakaway rim; white all-weather net; fits round or square poles
48-inch PolyCarbonate backboard w/board pad
5/8-inch solid steel Slam Jam breakaway rim
Fits round or square poles
Five-year limited warranty
Backboard and rim combo designed to mount on a square pole or wall
52-inch, 4.5mm acrylic backboard with steel frame
Pro Slam breakaway rim holds up well against emphatic slam dunks
White all-weather net; 2-7/8-by-2-1/2-inch rim hole pattern
Weighs 40 pounds; 5-year backboard warranty and 1-year rim warranty
Weight34 pounds27 pounds50 pound24 pound38 pound42 pound
Width31 inch37 inch35 inch30 inch32.5 inch31.73 inch
Length45 inch48 inch57 inch44 inch48.5 inch51.97 inch
Rating3.9 out of 5 stars3.9 out of 5 stars4.2 out of 5 stars3.7 out of 5 stars3.6 out of 5 stars4.0 out of 5 stars
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What If  I Just Want to Mount a New Backboard at My Home?

Spalding makes a few different backboard mounting kits that allow you to mount the backboard to a garage, roof, wall or pole etc. many of them also feature height adjustment mechanisms so that you can lower them for a younger child to learn how to shoot properly or for another player to practice dunking at a lower height.

View Spalding Basketball Backboard Mounting Kits Product Comparison Table

TitleSpalding 8406SR Universal Mounting BracketSpalding 316 U-Turn Lift System BracketHuffy 8839S Converstion Kit for Basketball HoopsSpalding 8406S Universal Mounting Bracket
FeatureAdapts backboards to 3.5-inch round poles, roof or wall; holds backboard at fixed height; 10-inch of offset from pole/wall; backboard not included
Adapts backboards to 3.5-inch diameter pole, roof, or flat surface
5-year limited warranty
Supports All Huffy Sports and Most Spalding Residential Backboards Up to 48-Inches
Lift system bracket connects backboard to a 3.5-inch round pole, 4-inch square pole, flat wall, or roof
Fits all Huffy Sports, Spalding, and most other residential backboards up to 54-inches large
Offers a three-foot height adjustment range for your net
Provides approximately 3 feet of offset from pole or wall
System provides a firm, anchored hold at all times
Pole not included this is only the lift system to be attached to a pole providing a mounting point for the backboard
Conversion kit designed for backboards and hoops
Lets you install backboard on 3.5-inch round pole, roof, or wall
Supports All Huffy Sports and Most Spalding Residential Backboards Up to 54-Inch
Height adjustable to 6 different positions (3 feet total)
Backboard and hoop are sold separately
Adapts backboards to 3.5-inch round poles, roof or wall; holds backboard at fixed height; 10-inch of offset from pole/wall; backboard not included
Adapts backboards to 3.5-inch diameter pole, roof, or flat surface
5-year limited warranty
Supports All Huffy Sports and Most Spalding Residential Backboards Up to 48-Inches
Height2.4 inch4 inch4 inch2.4 inch
Weight7 pounds59 pound32.75 pounds7 pound
Width5.4 inch13 inch8 inch6.7 inch
Length18.7 inch44 inch31 inch19.1 inch
Rating3.2 out of 5 stars4.6 out of 5 stars4.2 out of 5 stars3.0 out of 5 stars
ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews
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Product prices and availability are accurate as of May 29 21:24:05 UTC but are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the merchant site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.


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Product Description: 44-inch PolyCarbonate backboard solid steel Slam Jam breakaway rim; white all-weather net; fits round or square poles

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What are your thoughts of the Spalding 79351 Basketball Backboard?


10 Responses to “Spalding Basketball Backboard Replacement Comparison Table”

  1. SFW220 says:

    We installed this backboard on our existing pole & support bracket. It looks good, just slightly smaller than I would have thought. We’ve played 3 on 3 games several times on our driveway & the goal is great, absolutely no complaints. You can tighten the bolt underneath the breakaway part of the rim to get the proper tension on the rim, so it’s not too tight or too bouncy. Overall it’s probably not as sturdy as a more expensive backboard, but it’s well worth the price & it will hold up just fine I think. I’d recommend it.

  2. bruce1 says:

    This backboard and rim set is very nice, looks professional. Very sturdy, and well made. Amazon price beat MOs! And it was delivered to my home. Mounted it on my garage roof and now the kids can shoot hoops for and hour after school. The acrylic clear plastic does not block sunlight coming from behind, so it’s unobtrusive. Bought the roof mount at Amazon as well, see my comments and recommendations on that.

  3. M. AIYUB says:

    Good product and it arrived quickly. Although it was packaged properly, the backboard came with 3 deep scratches. I would fault Amazon for poor quality control before shipping it as it couldn’t have happened during shipping due to the proper packaging. Since the kids wanted this installed asap I choose not to return it. Overall nice size board especially if you don’t have a very big playing area. Purchased it with the converter kit which worked very well with this board for a wall mount installation.

  4. Michael says:

    All in all a good backboard rim combo for the price but it has some slight chipping on the paint and you can see where they glued the polycarbonate backboard to the metal frame, the welds also made it diffucult to set up the mount.

  5. Sandip Gupta says:

    Looks like a common quality problem as reported by others too… its my 2nd backboard didn’t last over a year… Can’t afford time/money to replace it… may use plywood between the panels to fix it!

  6. Terry says:

    This was bought so that me and some friends could play some basketball near my house. The rim quality is good while the backboard is kind of flimsy. I guess you get what you pay for and for a bargain rim you should not expect too much more.

  7. garrick says:

    Excellent value.
    you do need a bracket i was able to use my old one but if you dont have one you will need it

  8. EW says:

    Less than a year after putting it up my 8 year old daughter was able to crack the clear plastic backboard with a shot. This board was only used sparlingby her and her friends and couldnt hold up to an 8 year olds set shot…….i had an eralier version of this backboard that lasted for years and changed it out for cosmetic reasons. Big mistake. I thought this one would last like the last….boy was i wrong.

  9. ARIF SAEED says:

    The seller shipped as per instructions to a US address. That saved us lot of money and headaches. Assembly was easy and so was the installation.
    The unit in combination with Huffy Conversion Kit is fully functional and standing up to Canadian cold weather conditions very well so far and we do not expect any problems.
    Arif Saeed

  10. Chrisn28 says:

    This backboard is well worth the price. I considered purchasing several other, more expensive, backboards before deciding to go with this one. It was easy to install. I used a 4-foot piece of pre-drilled square steel stock from Home Depot ($20) and mounted the bar vertically to my garage. Then, using only the hardware supplied with this backboard (and two 4″ bolts), I was able to attach the backboard to the vertical bar. You don’t need to purchase the attachment kit, which several reviews indicated was not worth the purchase price. With the square stock bar, which happens to be exactly the right width, I was able to make the rim be adjustable from about 7.5 feet high to a full 10 feet. For now, I mounted the backboard at the lowest setting on the vertical bar for my young son, and can raise it easily as he grows. So far, this backboard has led to hours of fun with people of all ages. It is solid, looks good, and was easy to install. For the money, this was a great buy, and I would recommend it.

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