Kodiak Canvas Tents: Difference Between Deluxe and Basic

Kodiak canvas tents have many different sizes and features. However, two sizes in particular can be a bit confusing. Kodiak makes 2 different 10 x 10 tents and 2 different 10 x 14 tents. If you are familiar with the model numbers, the 10 x 10 tent models are currently 6051 and 6010; the 10 x 14 model numbers are currently 6044 and 6014. These tents have very similar structure and quality of components, which might make differentiating difficult. To make this easier, here are the differences.

The 6051 and 6044 are referred to as the basic models, while the 6010 and 6014 are referred to as the deluxe models. Deluxe, in this case, refers to the doorways and added features inside the tent. First, the doorways. On the basic models, the tent has a doorway on the front and back, and a window on the front and back. These doorways and windows function only as doorways and windows. The deluxe models, on the other hand, have 2 doorways and 2 windows on the front and back of the tent. The way this is done is that each doorway and each window function interchangeably by using a mesh zipper on the inside of the tent and a door zipper to the outside of the tent. Second, the features on the inside of the tent. The deluxe models have additional cargo netting on the inside of the tent for gear storage that the basic models do not have. Other than these two things, all other major components of the tents for the basic and deluxe models are the same. So, why buy one or the other?

By far, the most popular of these different tent designs is the basic model, probably mostly because of the cheaper price. Generally, the basic models are about $100 to $150 cheaper than the deluxe models; however, that does not necessarily mean customers who bought the basic models made the best decision. Here are some things to consider when looking at these different Kodiak canvas tents. First, who will be using the tent? A 10 x 10 tent generally sleeps 6 people comfortably and a 10 x 14 generally sleeps 8 people comfortably. If your intended use has these tents sleeping the max amount of people inside all of the time, multiple entrances might be beneficial to keep people from having to step over other people when trying to make their exit. If you are not sleeping the max amount of persons inside the tent, more than two entrances might be superfluous. Another common use for the deluxe models is to increase airflow inside the tent using the 4 windows to provide ventilation. If you are intending on camping in particularly warm weather, additional windows might be beneficial to keep the temperature inside the tent down when compared to the basic tent model. For further information also visit: http://www.kodiakflexbowtents.com

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