Lifetime Adjustable Soccer Goal Information

Lifetime Adjustable Soccer Goal

Lifetime 90046 Soccer Goal

Soccer mother and fathers can kick the days farewell of carrying around unpleasant make-shift yard soccer goals to and from soccer practices. Lifetime Products, the world’s biggest maker of domestic basketball devices– known for transforming the industry with the innovation of the very first flexible basketball unit — is revolutionizing yet one more sporting goods market with the introduction of the very first fully-assembled soccer goal that is both folding and flexible.

The Lifetime Adjustable Soccer Goal comes fully-assembled and could be established in merely a couple of mins. After play, the Lifetime Soccer Goal promptly folds to a to a simple 53.5″ x 9.5″ x 7″, making it completely mobile and excellent to transfer in the car trunk. The folding layout likewise enables practical storage space in tiny areas like in a closet or under a bed.
Along with the unique folding style, the Lifetime Soccer Goal boasts its own “hat trick” of types– it can be adapted to 3 different sizes. The 3 dimension modifications supply soccer superstars of all ages and heights the assortment and flexibility required to enjoy the game. The large setup is best for soccer games with the area kids and family members, while the small and medium environments are ideal for games with more youthful players or for individual practice to best develop game-winning, goal-kicking capabilities.

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Allow your little ones work out and enjoy the outdoors with a Lifetime Products Soccer Goal. The portable, folding design makes it easy to utilize, and easy to deliver, lug and hold. Constructed from sturdy, 18 gauge powder-coated steel, the Lifetime Foldable Soccer Goal is fully-assembled and adapts to three various sizes giving your soccer star the selection and adaptability required to actually appreciate the game. The large environment (7ft x 5ft) is excellent for games with the area little ones, pals, and household, and the smaller settings (6ft x 4ft and 4ft x 3ft) work great for individual practice to master those goal-kicking capabilities. The Lifetime Soccer Goal is resilient, weather-resistant, and will certainly not split, chip, or peel. So bring the game to your very own yard or take it together with you to your favored park, your kids will certainly enjoy the portable Soccer goal manufactured by Lifetime Products.

Lifetime Adjustable Soccer Goal Size

Small: 4′ W x 3′ H x 4′ D (1,22 m W x 0,91 m H x 1,22 m D)

Medium: 6′ W x 4′ H x 4′ D (1,83 m W x 1,22 m H x 1,22 m D)

Large: 7′ W x 5′ H x 4′ D¬† (2,13 m W x 1,52 m H x 1,22 m D)


  • Frame Material: Powder-Coated Steel
  • Net Material: Nylon
  • Ages: Ideal for All Ages
  • Warranty: 90-Day Limited


  • Adjustable to Three Dimensions
  • Goal Soccer Posts Fold for Convenient Transportation and Storage
  • Weather condition and Corrosion Resistant
  • Powder-Coated Steel Construction
  • Consists of Heavy-Duty Nylon Net plus Ground Stake for Stability
  • All-Weather Surface Will certainly Not Crack, Peel or Chip
  • Ready to Play and Fully-Assembled

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The Lifetime Adjustable Height Portable Soccer Goal has an innovative telescoping feature which allows you to adjust the height of the goal to 3′, 4′, or 5′ …

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The Lifetime Adjustable Height Soccer Goal uses a telescoping feature which allows you to adjust the height of the goal to 4′, 5′, or 6′, and adjust the widt…

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10 Responses to “Lifetime Adjustable Soccer Goal Information”

  1. Saturday soccer says:

    I use these goals every Saturday during the summer to play soccer with friends. We like the strength of the goals, and the expandable height feature. Other goals we’ve used would fall over easily but these are heavy-duty enough to withstand strong shots from 20-30 year olds. Wish it was even bigger.

  2. S. FREEMAN "sameronfire" says:

    I used the franklin 6×4 feet goals for almost a year. we played twice a week just for pickup with friends. i sold the franklins and got these, which is the closest upgrade you can get. at the time of this writing they cost 89 (amazon prime) each

    ok, so when I got these goals, I literally took them out the boxes and loaded both into the back of my little IS250 trunk.

    1-the pins were a little harder to push in. because they are new !!. needed a small rock to push them with. Those are the pins you use to lock every post in place after you open it so that it doesn’t collapse on itself. (hey. i’m sure someone might have missed that ! haha)

    2- opening the goals needs two people to do it simultanously, but any two people over 5 years old can do it

    3- the nets stay on. the never come off, (which I love) I’m not sure how durable they are, but whatever, they are nylon. if anything happens, you can just patch them with good Fish line. So much for fishing in Dry Butt Arizona. haha

    4-the goals will not tip over. so even though they come with stakes you can knock into the ground, there is no need. we pounded the goals with with over a dozen shots and everyone LOVED that we didn’t have straighten the goal or pick it up after it fell over. also when the ball hits the bar, it’s still in play !!!

    5-compared to the franklin little goals we had, these will go up to 5 feet, which is great when we have 9 on 9 adults playing because even when there is one butthole standing in the goal and pretending to be goalie, you can still put the ball in because of the higher and wider goal line 7ft wide.

    my only complaint about this is the price, which i shouldn’t take any stars for because althought I think it’s expensive. they sell these at sport chalet for 129+tax and people continue to buy these. they must be doing SOMETHING right. i looked and couldn’t find anything that I could collapse and carry out.

    NOTE: these are heave maybe 25lbs each, so not to be carried by children under.. hmmm. well depends how fat your kid is. hehe.

    Finally, i’m not getting paid for this, but, just as I appreciate and support reviews, i want to help you choose the best product for you. I will update if anything changes !


  3. Dondada says:

    My team is made up of adults who play scrimmages once a week. We use smaller goals for our games and would break them every 6-8 months or so. With these Lifetime goals, I am very much convinced that we will have these forever! They are absolutely sturdy and it’s flexibility to expand them makes it perfect for bigger games! Love them!!!

  4. Camping Man says:

    The goal is ready to go right out of the box. Changing the size of the goal is easier if you have someone to help since it requires pushing in the pins that hold it in place. The only negative I have found is that the pins you slide into the “elbow” can require some effort to put in/remove. Other than that it has worked great for the kids to practice.

  5. Pruaps44 says:

    These are great nets. Easy to install and durable. I highly reccommend these nets. We use them frequestly and they are holding up well.

  6. SRC says:

    I run a small women’s league, and was looking for some portable goals (since anything more permanent would get stolen in the city). While I was hopeful for something larger, these goals did the trick. They are fairly sturdy for their size, and are easily folded for storage/travel. The only thing that would make this product perfect would be if they included a travel bag with the product.

    The size was easy to adjust, and I didn’t have to continuously put up/take down the net. The net was able to shrink/expand with the goals, making the whole thing very easy. After the first few times, it took just 10 minutes to set up 2 goals.

    As long as you plan on putting these goals away once you are done with them (and you do not plan on leaving them outside for an extended period), they should last for years.

  7. Kudret Hankollari "lulian" says:

    Love the portability and the sturdiness of the goal itself, however lifetime needs to have a much better net on these goals. These nets don’t do it justice at all.
    I purchased two goals and the firs time I used them there were rips in the net right after 4 or 5 shots. The nets get a new tear every time I use them. I keep using plastic ties to close the gaps on the net and after a few weeks of usage my goals have new nets made of plastic ties.
    Again, I love the goals but the nets are horrible!

  8. J. Rutirasiri "goldenpiggy" says:

    The goals are very well-built with thick powder-coated metal tubings that have not rusted yet through rain and Chicago winter (we keep them outdoors.) Setup is easy with the push-in buttons. They are adjustable to fairly large size. The nets are pretty cheap, especially where they tie to the frames. When folding the frames, be careful not to pinch the netting.

    For the price, these are hard to beat.

  9. michelle housman says:

    Bought for my 9yr old to help her w/ her striking, this net is great. haven’t used it on the smaller net size so can’t comment on that. What I can say is that at the larger net setting it’s tight enough for the shot to bounce back allowing a rebound shoot also. Not having to retrieve the ball after every shot keeps her interested and having more fun working on her skills. I’ve put some kicks into it and it held up w/out any issues, great product for the price.

  10. faviananguiano says:

    My little girl loves it and enjoys practicing when ever possible. It is the perfect size for our back yard and it can easily be thrown in the back of my truck and taken to the park if need be. I would diffinatly recommend it.

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