Lifetime Folding Tables vs. Correll Folding Tables

Lifetime Folding Tables vs. Correll Folding Tables

I have had this question asked a lot recently: what is the difference between a Correll folding table and a Lifetime folding table? Hopefully this post will have illustrate some things to consider.

Where are these folding tables manufactuered?

Lifetime manufactures in several locations: United States, China, and Mexico. These plants are selected to minimize production costs the most. Because of these, Lifetime Products can have certain models of basketball system and folding table or chair equipment out of stock for several months at a time. Products that go out of stock are typically marked as such on the internet. Correll, on the other hand, manufactures entirely in the United States at their plant in Arkansas. Because of this product method, their products are often times built to order; meaning, they are most likely never out of stock. In fact, Correll folding tables will not ever be marked out of stock unless the entirely discontinue a model.

Warranty Differences between Lifetime Tables and Correll Tables

Most Lifetime tables are warrantied for 10 years, where as Correll Tables are typically warrantied for 5 years. Both warranties are meant to cover defects in workmanship that causes the material or design to wear out prematurely. Warranty claims are both handled directly through Lifetime and Correll respectively; Competitive Edge Products, Inc. does not deal with warranty claims; we simply sell the desired products with whatever is offered from the manufactures.

What else is different between these folding tables?

Correll has an enormous selection of tables compared to Lifetime. Correll’s entire business is based around folding furniture, whereas Lifetime Products makes tables as a part of their business. However, almost all of Correll’s comparable models to the Lifetime model are more expensive. So, make sure you investigate all of your opitons before ordering.

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