Lifetime Raised Garden Bed Planter Boxes


Lifetime Raised Garden Bed Planter Boxes Space Savings

Lifetime Raised Garden Bed Kit, # 60053 on Amazon

Lifetime garden boxes are a innovative new product from Lifetime Products. I recently purchased 2 of these boxes for our backyard garden. Last year we started what is commonly called square-foot gardening. The idea behind this gardening technique is that traditional gardening wastes upwards of 75% of available space for both walking space and spacing between plants. Square-foot gardening turns this idea upside down by eliminating the need for spacing between plants and rows. This is done through growing the plants up instead of out and concentrating the plants into a small area, such as a 4×4 area. By so doing, you utilize upwards of 85% of your available gardening space.

Our first attempts with Lifetime Gardening Boxes

We have had a great deal of success in our first planting attempt. We have upwards of 30 corn stalks in merely half of the Lifetime garden box alone. We also have 4 pepper plants and 8 square plants all in the same planter box as the corn. In another Lifetime planter box we have 8 tomato plants, 4 more pepper plants, and a pumpkin vine. All of that is only 32 square feet!

Techniques for making Lifetime gardening boxes work for you

First of all, do not concern yourself so much with the recommended planting quantities and distances; generally speaking if there is enough space to grow the plant and the produce of the plant, you can plant away. Lastly, always remember to grow the plants up and rarely, if ever, out. Typically, this is best done using some sort of caging. We cage everything that does not support itself, like corn stalks. So, we cage the tomatoes, we cage the cucumbers, we cage the peas, beans, and just about everything else we can. By so doing, you save your lateral space for more plants and get all the produce you could want out of such little space. Have fun gardening.

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Lifetime Raised Garden Bed Kit, # 60053
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Bundled Products

Product Description: The Lifetime Raised Garden Bed Kit contains an Early Start clear vinyl plastic tent enclosure and two 4×4 garden beds that can be used separately or stacked for an extra-deep bed. It is designed with 8 easy-to-assemble interlocking panels of polyethylene …

Product Description: Lifetime early start enclosure protects the seedlings in your raised garden bed from frost and other outdoor elements. Constructed of clear plastic vinyl, this enclosure can be used alone or in combination with the Lifetime Raised Garden Bed. It has a double door design with the exterior door made of clear plastic, and an interior door made of netting. The plastic door can be tied back during warm days and the net can tie back to allow for insect pollination.

Product Description: Rapidly increasing in popularity, square foot gardening is the most practical, foolproof way to grow a home garden. That explains why author and gardening innovator Mel Bartholomew has sold more than two million books describing how to become a successful DIY square foot gardener…

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12 Responses to “Lifetime Raised Garden Bed Planter Boxes”

  1. Charity says:

    This spring we decided to expand our garden square footage. Instead of the pricey and time consuming option of making our own garden beds we chose to purchase two of Lifetime’s new raised garden beds, product # 60065. Thus far we have had great success.
    I ordered two of them and was concerned that they may not fit in the trunk of my Toyota corolla or that I would not be able to heft them. They are, however, incredibly well packaged and were small enough to fit in my car. On top of that they are lightweight and were easy enough to handle even though I am a petite woman.
    When I purchase anything that requires assembly I am nervous about how well I will understand the instructions, if there will be missing or broken pieces, or that it won’t look like the picture online. However, when I looked at the instructions I was pleasantly surprised at the simplicity of the tutorial. All the pieces were intact and accounted for and the pieces fit together like a large scale child’s puzzle. I put both of them together in no more than 15 or 20 minutes. My only qualm was the coloring. The beds are more or a gray tone than a brown one.
    I have had previous experience with square foot gardening but if I had been new to the process the kit comes with a list of items required to start: soil (Mel’s mix or equivalent), ground cloth, and seeds. It also included an introduction to square foot gardening including some specific planting instructions.
    The harvest season is now drawing to a close and let me tell you, we love them. They are made out of polyethylene plastic so they won’t fade or crack, meaning years of use. They have been out in the sun all spring and summer and they look just as great as when we put them in. I always recommend them and will purchase them once more when I, again, decide to expand.

  2. admin says:

    We tried to make our own planter box for square foot gardening for our house and we did okay but it was very difficult because we did not have enough of the stuff to build it and now that it is done it is wood so it kind of cracks and breaks so we wish we had bought one of these.

  3. PJ says:

    I am a Black Thumb & not creative, ambitious, or financially secure enough to build a proper raised-bed garden system, but I wanted to try to grow something other than lawn this year. I bought the Lifetime Raised Bed Garden Kit from another retailer in early March. Assembly was quick and simple (though it took more than 10 minutes for me). A groundcloth is not included; I used an old tarp. I stacked the two tiers instead of using them side-by-side – the individual tiers did not seem deep enough to support the roots of larger plants. If you’re planting on top of your own soil, this might not be a problem.

    Adding soil was the most costly and labor-intensive step. I was able to buy seeds and starters the day after I bought the kit. The little tent worked very well for protecting young plants from the wind and from marauding cats. I left the tent up until the plants were pushing through the openings and I couldn’t close it at all. I installed a drip hose to make watering easier; that was worth the investment.

    So far I’ve harvested radishes, carrots, chives, eggplants, two kinds of bell peppers, and cucumbers. Two kinds of melons and butternut squash are coming along nicely. I don’t know how long the plastic sides will hold up under the intense sun where I live, but they’re not degrading noticeably yet. I will use this system again next year, especially the little warming tent, and I’m planning to buy one or two more kits. Highly recommended.

  4. Alan McQ says:

    Simple and very straight forward to assemble. Just interlocking pieces, clips, and a few screws hold this together. I stacked mine to make a tall raised bed. Filled with top soil (about (12) 40 lb bags). I use it in the spring for my carrot plot, and all winter long for lettuce. Winters can occasionally be harsh around here. Since I just received this, I do not know how well the cover will work for the lettuce and mid-winter replanting.

    So far no problems with the cover. I was worried that the sides would bow out with that much weight pushing from the inside, but currently no problems in that department. The cover is just a plastic sheet with another zipper for the screen. The cover is supported by camping tent poles which are tied (inside) and velcroed to the base via tabs. The cover does not seal to the raised bed, there is a small gap all the way around so your plants will still have fresh air, but may also cause the sun warmed air to escape.

    It is what it is and does what it is supposed to.

    UPDATE Top survived super storm Sandy. Did not blow off and did not tear. We have had 2 hard frosts so far and my lettuce is still happy and growing strong. I will be purchasing 3 more. I will use 2 in stacked mode and will use third to plant a herb garden in one and a flower garden in the other to help keep bugs away from main garden naturally.

  5. AmeliaAT "Apostrophistica" says:

    We got this for my mother for Christmas. This spring, I put it together, doing it all on my own, with the exception of having my mother’s extra pair of hands when I was putting together the “tent.” It was actually pretty easy once I stopped trying to puzzle out the instructions, which were entirely in pictures. (I do much better with written instructions — unless the pictures are actual photographs, which is okay.)

    I made two separate garden beds (you have the choice between doing two 4′ x 4′ beds or one double-high 4′ x 4′), and put the mini-greenhouse tent over one of them. The tent was easy enough to do that I could have done it alone, but it was easier with a helper. I was pleased with the quality of the tent. It is very sturdy plastic. Two sides unzip so that you have complete access to the entire bed using both. [See the update below regarding the tent.] There is a cloth mesh that also unzips under the zippable plastic sides, so you can leave it open to the breeze and keep the garden from over-heating during the day, but protect it from insects, birds, and stray weed seeds, then (if you wish), zip the plastic back up at night to keep the day’s warmth in. (We live in the mountains in north-central PA, so it gets chilly at night.) The tent is easy to remove once the plants have reached the size you want.

    I was very pleased with the quality of the kit. One reason I ordered this rather than something of wood was the weight. This was very lightweight, and with back problems, I was leery of heavier ones of wood.

    If you’re doing square-foot gardening, you’ll find that each side has little arrows marking off the quarters (the interior sides are not exactly 4′, so having the arrows saves having to do any math), and I was able to easily attach wooden lath to mark off the planting squares — either nails or screws would work fine here.

    If I were to decide to move the gardens, I’d only have to shovel out the growing mix and the lightweight frames would move easily.

    I really recommend these for anyone looking for a lightweight, easily assembled garden kit for square-foot gardening or other raised bed gardens.

    UPDATE: I liked the original product so much, I ordered another of the same. I figured the price had already gone up, so why wait until next spring to purchase another. Unfortunately, the kit I got was NOT identical to the one that I bought in November. One of the reasons I was enthusiastic about the kit and wanted to buy another was that the one I bought had a grow-tent (like a mini greenhouse) that could be unzipped on two sides. This meant that I could easily water, thin, pick, transplant, etc., any of the planted areas from either side of the tent. The new design only has one zipped opening. This means that although I can water the half closest to the opening with ease, and the third quarter with some difficulty, I have to lift the tent on the other side to water the furthest quarter. I also will not be able to thin and pick on that side without actually removing that section of the tent. In addition, with the original design, I could leave the plastic unzipped during the day, but zip it up during the cooler nights, and get a good cross-ventilation for the plants during the day. With the new design, there is little cross-ventilation at all and I worry that even with the one side completely unzipped, including the mesh, the tent will heat up too much during the day.

    Because the growing tent was one of the major reasons I purchased a second kit and it turned out to be very inferior to the original, I have lowered my rating from five stars to four. I only recommend it for people for whom the tent is unimportant, or who only plan to use the tent during the early spring and who don’t mind having to completely lift up the far side of the tent in order to water the bed evenly. (I am doing square-foot gardening, so I do water each square individually and do not simply flood the box with water or something.)

    I am still very pleased with the first kit, but the second one was a very great disappointment. I was actually going to purchase an additional, separate tent next spring for next year’s gardens so that three out of the four beds could be used for early starting, but I’m no longer going to do that.

    When something costs more than it used to and is inferior in quality, it is always a disappointment. I was surprised that the product changed so much within just a matter of months from my initial purchase.

  6. Lyn Robb says:

    I purchased two of these from another retailer last year. They are as easy as it says to put together (less than 10 mins per box, and maybe 10 mins to do the ground cloth first). They take a lot of soil/compost mix especially if you do the 18″ version which I did. I bought one yard of compost and it didn’t fill both so I’ve bought more this year. I will be using the early starter cover this season, along with the mini greenhouse I bought.

  7. Dolls by Dotti says:

    After helping with the church garden this year I decided I would try planting using the Square Foot Gardening System. It would be more convenient than traveling to the church and hauling hose to water the garden, and also in having to weed. At home I planted tomatoes and bell peppers in size 28qt flower pots this year, but wanted to plant more items, and not have put them in my flower beds, which is the only place that gets a good amount of sunshine, except for alongside my fence. While browsing the books in Menards I saw the All New Square Foot Gardening (SFG) book by Mel Bartholomew, and knew this is what I needed to have a garden for the next growing season. (Of course I ordered the book from Amazon after researching various books on gardening) and got all fired up to try the square foot gardening system.

    As I comtemplated what I would need to make the gardening beds to put alongside my fence (exellent plans in Mel’s book), I researchd some more on Amazon and found this lovely raised bed kit. I initially ordered one of the Lifetime Raised Garden Bed Kits, put together a single bed, and liked it so much I immediately ordered another, which would give me 4 single beds, or two double beds. The items were shipped quickly, and received the following day of ordering. They should be great for the SFG system.

    The rails are actually higher (9 inches) than the excellent plans given in Mel’s book, which are only 6 inches high. The bed kit is also of lighter weight, and pleasant to look at. I like that I can place each 4×4 bed next to different spots along my fence where it will get the best light. The kit was easy to put together, although there are no written instructions, just illustrations.

    I also like the little 4×4 plastic cover/greenhouse, and will find it useful for starting my fall garden of greens and herbs. Note that 2 bed kits are included in the kit, but only one cover is included, which is not an issue for me. I like that I won’t have to dig down into the earth, but can simply fill my garden bed, plant, tend, harvest and eat with little hassle. It will be like my container gardening, but on a slightly larger scale.

    Instructions come with the kit for the amount of filling you will need for each box, and is quite similiar to the mix Mel gives in his book. Each 4×4 single box will require approximately 8 cubic feet of mix: 2.5cf each of vermiculite, blended compost, and peat moss.

    I hope the raised bed wall will last a while and I will have a few years of happy gardening. Because the walls are plastic it will be easier to move also. I’m really glad I made this purchase, and thank the Seller for such quick service, and Amazon for making it available at an affordable price point.

  8. mamasmiles says:

    We also bought these at Costco, for $99.00. I don’t see them for sale on the site now, unfortunately, because I would consider purchasing more. They are unbelievably easy to put together, and they are working beautifully for my garden. I’m using the two beds separately, but the kit comes with hardware to stack them if you need or want a deeper base.

    We have theLifetime Deluxe Freestanding A-Frame Swing Set (Earthtone) that is made by the same company, and I have been impressed by its quality as well.

  9. S. A. Stearns says:

    Bought one a couple months ago and then got a second one. Finally put them out in the garden this week and am happy with them. I have built wood raised beds in the past and also have some that I hired lanscapers to build from brick. These are by far the easiest to put together; they rather reminded me of a Lego-like or puzzle-like thing in how they just slide and click together. They are holding compost and soil well and I plan to plant in them this weekend. I’m impressed by how sturdy they appear to be! Oh, I also have a neighbor or two that is now considering buying them after watching me.

  10. Crazy about Books says:

    I had bought one last year and wanted to expand so was looking for the same exact one. I love that the lifetime is the molded plastic that won’t rot like wood and stays looking nice. We put it out in our pool area where we get the most sun and it looks nice enough to not change the look of the area. Very simple to set up – it snaps together – and it holds up – my ones from last year still look like new. This spring was the first time I used the cover to protect my plants as the weather kept changing so drastically. Again, very simple to set up and cover the top and pull off the next morning. Loved it! I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to put in a garden.

  11. Shirley Wallace says:

    Shipment was over fast, as we got 18″ of snow in May. When it was finally time to assemble, that was the easiest thing to do.
    My main problem is that I was unable to use the plastic dome kit. I spent much time attempting to get it arched and attached, but it just kept slipping apart. Called customer service and was unable to get through, so better luck next year. The convenient sleeves for storage make it easy to put away for now. Checking prices for another single bed, it doesn’t appear that the greenhouse cost much extra. I love how things are beginning to show life and these beds are so attractive even without full grown plants. I look forward to the next few months.

  12. Sallie Brown says:

    This not only saves my back from chiropractic visits but keeps animals from eating my garden vegetables. Gophers don’t dig up and rabbits don’t jump in.

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