Which models include the special cinch and strap bag?

The deluxe models only carry the cinch and strap carrying bag. All other models carry a simple nylon bag that zips up. In the past the cinch and strap bags were included in all
models. To help bring costs down on some models the simple nylon bag was substituted as some customers would prefer a lower price and regular bag. All deluxe models such as 6010 and 6014 include the nicer strap bag at no extra cost.

Source: Kodiak Flex Bow Tents Blog

Kodiak Canvas Tent With Tarp 10×10 ft. Deluxe (6010 & 0510)

Kodiak Canvas Tent model 6010. This is the deluxe version of the 6051 6 person tent, measuring 10×10 ft. The difference between the two is the 6010 has 4 windows instead of the 2 in the 6055. Great for most all outdoor use.

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Kodiak Canvas 10×14 ft. 8 person Canvas Tent with Tarp (6014 & 0514)

This is the largest tent offered by Kodiak Canvas tents. This spacious 10×14 ft. tent provides ample space for 8 persons and some camping gear. If you are looking for a roomy and sturdy tent for family or hunting purposes, this tent is the one for you.

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