Lifetime 60094 Heavy Duty Garden Caddy on Wheels

Gone are the days of having to load up my wheelbarrow or other compartment with devices from the shed, only to arrive at the place in my yard I am dealing with and not have exactly what I require. You know how it is– you wind up spending half of your time in the backyard going back and forth to the shed to get just what you neglected the very first time. That is, making the assumption that you could discover it in the shed. If you are like many, you have not arranged your devices effectively, either.

Lifetime Garden Caddy on WheelsMany make use of going back and forth, acquiring the stuff they need before they have the ability to reach their work objectives. And while working may undoubtedly set down one device someplace to utilize another, and then forget where they placed the initial tool. For example, suppose you are working with a rake. After you lay the rake down, you accidentally step on it and have it swing and hit you in the face.

With the Lifetime Garden Caddy, you experience is safe, and you can save your energy for actually achieving something in your yard instead of going back and forth to your shed. The Lifetime Garden Caddy holds your devices in a beneficial and neat manner. The cart has tires that allow you to take all the devices you really need for a task with you at the same time. As soon as you have made use of the device, you place it back into its spot on the caddy, so you don’t lose it in the grass or dirt, or leave it out inadvertently for the sprinklers to rust. The caddy and your devices go with you. When you are done, just wheel the caddy from every one of the jobs in your yard, you do not need to fret about rearranging your devices, or merely tossing them, in the shed. Merely wheel the basket in to the shed and they are ready to tackle the next task. The Lifetime Garden Caddy additionally can hold your five-gallon bucket so everything you require is kept neatly in one area. Check out the Lifetime Garden Caddy. You can locate it at Competitive Edge Products, Inc..

Your devices, and your face, will certainly be thankful for it! Gone are the days of having to load up my wheelbarrow or various other container with devices from the shed, just to arrive at the spot in your backyard you are functioning on and not have exactly what you require. The basket caddy has tires that permit you to take all the tools you are going to require for a job with you at the exact same time. When you are done, and tired from all of the performance work in your yard, you don’t have to fret regarding reorganizing your devices, or just throwing them, in the shed.

Content from Lifetime used with permission. Competitive Edge Products, Inc. is an authorized dealer of Lifetime Products, Inc.

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Lifetime 60094 Heavy Duty Garden Caddy

The Lifetime Heavy-Duty Garden Caddy features a 7-Hole tool rack for long-handled tools with a handy built-in tray for smaller objects and a place to hold a 5-Gallon bucket. This garden caddy is designed with two 7″ diameter heavy-duty wheels, a wide …

View Lifetime Versus Suncast Versus Rubbermaid Garden Caddy Product Comparison Chart

TitleSuncast GDS200 Garden ScooterRubbermaid 5E28 Deluxe Tool Tower Rack with Casters, Holds 40 ToolsSuncast LC1250D 15.5-Gallon Capacity Poly Rolling Lawn CartLifetime 60094 Heavy Duty Garden Caddy
FeaturePortable seat keeps all gardening supplies in on convenient place
Foam cushion for sitting or can be removed for use as a kneeling pad
Includes 2 drink holders
Small bin inside
Carries gardening supplies
Tool rack stores and organizes over 40 tools
Front clips for quick side access
Easy to assemble with no tools needed
4 casters (2 locking) for easy mobility
Grid pattern on base keeps tools from sliding off
15-1/2-gallon capacity
Durable construction
7-inch wheels with metal axel
Constructed of UV-protected High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Powder-Coated Weather Resistant Steel Frame
Holds Up to 100 Lbs.
Angle-Molded Tool Holders for Easy Access
Holds 7 Full-sized Primary Garden Tools
Weight15 pounds0.74 pound11 pound30.86 pound
Rating3.9 out of 5 stars4.4 out of 5 stars4.8 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars
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  1. This Garden Caddy is just perfect for your garden working days. Everyone has seen rakes smacking people in the face in movies, but I had never realized it had actually happened for real. I will have to be more careful when raking the leaves this fall… The garden Caddy is a great product.

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