What is a Good Multi-Purpose Folding Craft Table?

Shalane at Lifetime recently shared an experience she had with a 4-Foot Fold in Half Table (craft table) by Lifetime.

She tells how she recently acquired a Lifetime 4-Foot Fold-In-Half Table 80218 for her very own individual usage.
Competitive Edge Products, Inc also carries the 4428 version here. She resides in a fairly small apartment, so space is restricted for her at times. A 4-Foot Table was a perfect fit for her since it has an amazing fold-in-half layout that enables her to keep it in her small wardrobe. It is likewise very simple to set up and work with when she wishes to. An additional neat attribute is the flexible elevation layout which enables her to increase and decrease the table to whatever height is most effective for her job or task at hand. And even though it is a very light-weight style, she also loves the assist handle that allows her to carry it around her location.

View YouTube Video “Lifetime’s Fold-in-Half Table Tutorial”

“Lifetime’s Fold-in-Half Table Tutorial explains the innovative design behind these convenient tables. To open and close a Lifetime Fold-In-Half table, the table… ”

Well, she discovered that her sister-in-law is expectant and is having a child – a boy! She is very thrilled and decided that she wanted to make her a child cover quilt. So far her task is working very well – thanks to her Lifetime table! She does not have area for a pointed out craft location where she can keep her stitching unit out at all times, so thankfully, her 4-Foot Fold-In-Half Table has been the best craft option for her task! It offers the perfect amount of added room she needs to fit her stitching machine, patchwork blocks, and other products she needs while she work on her project. If you need such an useful small craft table like she does – see that the Lifetime fold-in-half table is readily available per below.

Folding Craft Table Examples

Lifetime Adjustable Leg Table 80160 4-foot White Plastic Top


Free shipping to the lower 48 States for the 80160 4-foot White Lifetime adjustable table. Low price guarantee on all Lifetime folding tables.


Lifetime Adjustable Leg Table – 4428 White 4 foot Fold-in-Half Folding Table


Lifetime table 4428 white granite 4 foot length with fold in half top. Fold in half Lifetime folding table made with light-weight plastic and a steel frame.

View Top Selling Craft Tables Product Comparison Chart
TitleLifetime 4 Foot Adjustable 4428 Height Folding Utility TableLifetime Personal Table with 30-by-20-Inch Molded Top, WhiteSullivans Home Hobby TableColeman Pack-Away Folding TableStudio Designs Folding Craft Station in Black with White 13221
BrandLifetimeLifetime ProductsSullivansColemanStudio Designs
ColorWhite GraniteWhite36"X36"X59.5" OpenWhiteBlack/White
FeaturePowder-coated steel and high-density polyethylene (hdpe) plastic
48-inch x 24-inch molded tabletop
Folds in half for storage and transport
Three Adjustable Height Settings; (22-Inch, 29-Inch and 36-Inch)
Convenient carry handle
Great for parties, work space, and more
Made of heavy-duty polyethylene plastic and steel
Adjustable height settings for lots of options
Fold flat for storage
Stronger and more durable than wood, they will not split, chip or peel.
This table offers a comfortable laminated work surface
Includes one 36-inch by 36-inch by 59-1/2-inch table
Sturdy lightweight metal frame with locking casters
Stable and convenient folding table folds into convenient carrying case
Ideal for camping, backyard BBQs, tailgate parties, and more
Surface measures 48 by 32 inches (W x D) and carrying case measures 32 by three by 24 inches (W x H x D); height adjustable from 14 to 27 inches
12.9-pound weight and 300-pound capacity; not recommended for use with stoves or extremely hot items
Includes limited one-year manufacturer's warranty
Table Overall Dimensions:40.75"W x 23.75"D x 30.75" - 44.25"H, Main Work Surface: 35.25"W x 23.75"D
6 Angle Adjustment from Flat to 35 Degrees, Four Removable Side Trays for Supplies
Heavy Gage Steel Construction for Durability
(4) Floor Levelers for Stability, 24" Slide Up Pencil Ledge
No Tools Required for Assembly, Assembles in 5 Minutes or Less
Table Overall Dimensions: 40.75"W x 23.75"D x 30.75" - 44.25"H, Main Work Surface: 35.25"W x 23.75"D
Height24.4 inch3 inch40 inch24.41 inch44.25 inch
Weight24.2 pounds12 pound57 pound14 pound40 pounds
Width3.4 inch20 inch7 inch3.35 inch23.75 inch
Length29.6 inch41 inch27 inch32.09 inch40.75 inch
Rating0 out of 5 stars4.7 out of 5 stars3.7 out of 5 stars4.0 out of 5 stars4.4 out of 5 stars
ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews
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Product prices and availability are accurate as of Jun 11 18:12:26 UTC but are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the merchant site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Product Description: Lifetime 4 foot commercial adjustable height folding tables are constructed of high-density polyethylene and have three adjustable height settings; 22-inch, 29-inch and 36-inch. They will not crack, chip or peel, and are built for indoor and outdoor use. The patented steel frame design provides a sturdy foundation and is protected with a powder-coated, weather-resistant finish. Backed by a ten-year warranty, lifetime adjustable height tables are perfect for your home, office outdoor activities and more.

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What are your thoughts of the Lifetime 80160 4-Foot Commercial Adjustable Height Folding Table?


12 Responses to “What is a Good Multi-Purpose Folding Craft Table?”

  1. admin says:

    Lifetime fold in half tables are a great choice for single product shipping as the shipping is much less than that of a non fold in half table. Non-fold-in-half tables are best to be bought in bulk as the shipping will be cheaper that way. Enjoy you lifetime table!

  2. Andrew says:

    These small little Lifetime tables may seem too small to use, but in reality they’re perfect. My family has a Lifetime table very similar to this one, and I use it to build puzzles on when there’s no space anywhere else! It fits perfectly, while giving me just enough room to build a 500-1000 piece puzzle with my siblings in a location that is not getting in the way of everything else. It works perfectly thanks to our small little Lifetime table.

  3. jlp-kobs says:

    I own some tables from Lifetime and have been very pleased with the quality of their tables. As a crafter, it is sometimes nice to be able to stand and work having a table at more than 30 to 35 inches in height. This table is great, adjusting from a low height (perfect for toddlers), to a a standard height for sitting do work at, or the tallest height, perfect for standing! The table is durable, easily adjustable, and just perfect for a variety of needs…and at a very reasonable price for a table of its kind!


  4. J. Layton "No exaggeration-Honest reviews" says:

    I wanted to get a table with adjustable legs because I use tables for product photography. The taller legs make it easier to shoot the products. I also disply items on these tables. A taller table means the viewer does not have to bend over so much. The table is definitely well constructed and uses quality materials. Set-up is easy. The table is relatively light compared to solid wood/particle board tables.Recently I had to place a 200 pound object on the table, an aquarium filled with water. The table never groaned. No bowing or creaking. I am completely satisfied and recommend this table.

  5. Jotaluke says:

    We have an older Lifetime table that is no longer available. This table is the direct model replacement with the exception that our old table did not have height adjustable legs. The table is extremely sturdy stable and rugged, hence the higher price paid. We love the table height adjustments, which allow for our grandchildren to use it at their level, it adjusts to an adult sitting height and also adjusts to a counter top height. Very intuitive thinking Lifetime! The only gotcha that would make this table perfect is the leg height adjustments are a pain. To adjust the table height, you must push in a metal pin that protrudes from a hole in each leg. You either have to have two people do this at the same time on each leg, or you have to push in one at a time and sort of pull up that leg to make it cockeyed so the pin won’t fall back in to its resting place and lock that leg back to its current height level. Then you have to push in on the other pin on the other leg before that leg will adjust ONE level. Now, if you want to adjust it to the highest counter top level, you have to go through this for EACH table height adjustment. This is not a deal breaker, but it sure is a big hassle. Then when you want to pack the table away, you have to go back through all those motions to get the legs to their shortest length so they will fold up in to the latches built in to the underside of the table. This table could be pefect if it came with some type of tool to hold the pins in place while adjusting the height.

  6. JayDee says:

    This produce it great. The adjustable height makes it great for various crafts. I can stand to cut material or sit to work on my scrapbooks. It is also very stable and does not shake while working on projects. I purchased from Dazadi and their service was excellent. The table was damaged in shipping and I had a new table within a week and they picked up the old one at no extra charge.

  7. k1p1k2p2 says:

    Great table for the money, and it is the right height for me to stand and cut fabric. I do quilting and there is a lot of cutting involved. It is also just the right size.

  8. Jerry H. Bond says:

    My wife has been using one of these tables for over a year and loves it. She wouldn’t let me have hers so I bought one for myself. We have no complaints.

    However, based on some negative comments regarding this table being hard for one person to set the height of the legs, I had to see for myself what the problem might be.

    Yes, if you lay the table upside down, I can see how one person might have problems.


    Unfold the legs.

    I propped the table on its side and rested it against a sofa.

    Sit, kneel or squat with your back to the underside of the table. Get in a position where you can mash a button with each thumb. While holding the buttons, extend the legs using your knee or foot. If you’re physically unable to do this, there’s another simple way. Tie a cord around one of the cross pieces of the table legs and tie the other end of the cord to something else. A doorknob or chair or sofa leg will work. Now, just mash in two buttons with your thumbs and pull the table top gently back and the legs will extend and lock. Do this with both ends of the table. It’s not hard.

    While laying in the floor all contorted with my legs around the table legs and cords tied to furniture legs, my wife walked in the room.

    “What in the world are you doing?” she bemoaned.

    “Writing a review for Amazon.”

    She shook her head, walked out of the room and closed the door behind her.

  9. Nadine P. Schmidt says:

    I use this table for sewing and crafts. I use it at the top height, and love that I can stand or sit on a bar stool and work comfortably at it (I am 5′ 4″). It is well made, and I had no trouble adjusting the legs by myself. I also like that it is a compact size, since my sewing room is tiny. If I am cutting through layers of fabric and have to bear down hard, it does wobble just a tiny bit, but it’s not been a problem. (I have it set up on carpet, so that may help.) Buyers should be aware that, because the edge of the table top is beveled, the flat working surface is a little smaller than 24 x 48. I have a 24 x 48 cutting mat, and the mat edges do hang over a bit. Again, I’ve been able to work with that just fine.

  10. Heather Davis says:

    I already own one of these tables. i have used it as a sewing table, a dinner table with four chairs (my kitchen is sooo tIny) as a prep table at counter height, a dessert table (with a full tablecloth, no one is the wiser!), a display table, a presentation table, a kids art table, a picnic food center, a grilling stand, and an outdoor table. This table is absolutely perfect! I need a second one as I just bought a desktop computer and am just financially challenged enough that I cannot afford to buy a desk right now – but this is a fabulous interim desk that will one day become a kids craft area table or a child’s make- shift desk. I know that sounds cheesy, but it really works so well that it is just one of those pieces I can certainly use two of!

  11. Nicholas Smith "Pros & Cons Review" says:

    This is one of the best tables i’ve ever bought. Works great for me because i’m a DJ and I usually have to bend down to go on my computer. This is at the right height though, so it doesn’t kill my back. I recommend this table

  12. JOYfull "JOYFull" says:

    Have used these tables for a number of years. Sturdy, adjustable height, folding and storing legs, easy wipe top. Due to need just purchased seven more, in addition to our present five. Shame they do not have a quantity discount.

    Do not purchase the fold in half type table of the same size, unless necessary as they are no where near as sturdy, stable or long lasting. We have some of those and other than portability due to folding in half, they are not near as good.

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