2013 Lifetime Glider Bench Review 4 1/2 Stars


We have had the glider bench for about 5 years now. I was looking for something four our back deck that would hold a few people and allow us to sit, relax and enjoy the view. I looked into some wood benches, but I had poor experiences with wood furniture (not to mention fences) because of the maintenance required and the slivers that can come along with no extra charge:)

Also, I looked at some with a metal frame and the cushions on top.  I actually bought one of these for our back yard because it came with a cover. However after just a year the cushions needed to be replaced and a few things started to fall apart. In comparing the three of these benches, I would choose the Lifetime glider hands down.

Lifetime Glider Bench

Lifetime Glider Bench

Some of the things I have enjoyed about it are:


  1. It doesn’t look dirty, and it is easy to wipe off without getting slivers (I have 6 kids and this is important for me.)
  2. It is very sturdy. Our family has enjoyed our times together sitting and rocking on it (We have fit all 8 of us on it at one time).
  3. It comfortably seats 3 to 4 adults.
  4. There is no maintenance required (I guess you could spray some WD40 on some of the metal parts (but I haven’t done it once).
  5. It is very comfortable to sit on.


A couple draw backs from were:

  1. I did not like that one of the screws came out after a few years, but I was able to put it back in and it continues to function well now.
  2. Also, in the winter it is colder to sit on than the fabric glider.


I hope this review helps as you look for a bench or a glider.

Check out this video of The Lifetime glider bench.

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  1. admin says:

    This is a very comfortable bench. We have one on our back deck. I like the swinging motion it provides. It is nice to sit and swing on the bench with my wife and talk while looking out over the deck into the backyard and great views.

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