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Lifetime Tables are packaged and several different formats to save you money for pallet load purchases.

In almost all cases, our Lifetime tables packages have several packaging configurations. In nearly all cases, there will be a single pack, i.e. one table; there will also typically be a 4-pack of Lifetime folding Tables; and finally, we will have a pallet load of the tables. With each successive increase in quantity of tables, you will see not only a decrease in price per table, but also a decrease in shipping costs per table. When you reach a pallet load, we almost always offer free shipping to the continental 48 states. We are able to offer this price break and free shipping both due to our costs from the factory, as well as shipping discounts offered by freight carriers. Our goal here is to offer you maximum savings based on the costs we are incurring.

It is important to note with pallet load deliveries that this is done via curbside delivery. This means the semi-truck will pull up to the delivery address to drop off the product. However, the product will not be delivered into the accepting address, but will require the consignee to help unload the product and bring it into the address. We can offer lift gate services and inside delivery, but this will never be included in any free shipping offer. If you are interested in getting quote for either or both of these services, please call us and we will be happy to assist.

Pallet Load Examples

Order your Lifetime round folding tables model 2673 72-inch top products here. Get volume discounts and free shipping on 72 round tables. [...]
Source: Lifetime Tables
Lifetime Brown Stacking Chair 80192. Stack 10 high for convenient storage. 10-year Commercial Warranty. [...]
Source: Lifetime Tables
32 Pack of 80187 Lifetime Folding Chairs with Black Molded Seat Back. Also Features Gray Hammer Tone Folding Frame. Lifetime Chairs are warrantied for 10 years. [...]
Source: Lifetime Tables
22 PACK (free ship) 2920 Lifetime Tables 6 ft Adjustable Almond Utility Folding Tables. Adjust in height at 3 different settings, 36 in being highest setting. [...]
Source: Lifetime Tables
60 Inch Round (5 ft.) National Public Seating Gray Granite Resin Plastic Folding Tables. Bt-60r package comes with 12 folding tables. [...]
Source: Lifetime Tables

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