What is the Difference Between Lifetime Basketball Double Shot and Spalding Basketball Single Shot and Dual Shot?

What are the Lifetime Basketball Double Shot and Spalding Basketball Pop-A-Shot Arcade Games?

Lifetime Double-Shot Arcade Basketball System on AmazonSpalding Dual Shot Electronic Basketball Game on AmazonSpalding 4160 Single Shot Electronic Basketball Game on AmazonThese games are meant to bring the carnival-style arcade games into your own home. Both of these games allow 2 players to go head-to-head in a timed basketball shoot-out. These systems both feature smaller-than-standard basketball rims and several mini basketballs. The game begins when a player scores a basket on either side of the game; a timer then begins a count down and the players try to score as many points as possible before the timer runs out. While a single player can play the game, it is much more enjoyable trying to beat out an opponent. If players score a sufficiently high amount of points by the end of the initial timer runs out, a bonus round commences where a shorter time clock begins and the victorious player or players continue shooting. These bonus rounds will continue if players continually score a sufficient amount of points during the bonus rounds. Another fun facet of the game is that during the final seconds of the game made baskets change from 2-pointers to 3-pointers, making point tallies increase at a far quicker rate.

What are the main differences between these 3 systems?
As mentioned above, the game play is pretty much the same. Where you really see the differences between these three systems is in the construction of the units.

Arcade Basketball Rim Comparison:
In these games, a score is made when the ball goes through the hoop; the difference comes in how the score is tracked. On the Spalding Pop-A-Shot game, the score is tracked by a plastic unit that moves down when the ball lands on it, making a “clicking noise”. This type of tracking mechanism would be considered a traditional design. Where problems come with this type of mechanism is the likelihood of breakage of the plastic clicker due to repeated use. Lifetime Products tried to improve on this design by removing the clicker all together and using a sensor to detect the motion of the ball through the hoop. This design to not only remove the worries of breaking the plastic tracking piece, but also track scores more accurately. As the Spalding Pop-A-Shot grows older the system tends to have more shakiness; thus, when a ball hits the rim without going in, the movement of the system will sometimes track a score inadvertently. The sensor on the Lifetime unit effectively eliminates this problem.

Construction Comparison:
Both of these systems can be pretty hard to fit into most homes. This problem is typically caused by lower ceilings. At standard height, the tops of these units reach as tall as 90″. If your ceiling is the typical 8 ft. (96″), that does not leave you with a lot of room to shoot the ball. Lifetime Products tried to improve on this design by creating a height adjustment mechanism that can lower the overall height of the system down to 82″. This ads a lot more space to shoot the ball.

Why purchase one over the other?
Both of the units are excellent units, despite the differences mentioned above. Both units are warrantied through the first 90 days of use. Lifetime Products Double Shot games are typically priced $80 to $100 more than the Spalding Pop-A-Shot games. If the differences are worth the extra price, then you are certainly going to be happy with the Double Shot game. If the differences above are not worth the extra cash, then the Pop-A-Shot is the way to go. Another added benefit of the Spalding Pop-A-Shot is that they also come in a Single-Shot arcade game. This unit is no only priced cheaper than both the Double Shot and the Pop-A-Shot games, but also decreases the overall width of the system considerably since the unit only has one basket instead of two.

View YouTube Video “Lifetime Doubleshot Arcade Basketball System”

“The Lifetime Doubleshot is designed with double hoops, buzzers, and optical sensors to keep track of the score. Constructed with a 48 x 20 backboard of mediu… ”

Have fun shopping!

View Lifetime 90056 Double Shot Versus Spalding 4160 Single Shot Versus Spalding 4020 Dual Shot Comparison Chart Table

TitleLifetime Double-Shot Arcade Basketball SystemSpalding Dual Shot Electronic Basketball GameSpalding 4160 Single Shot Electronic Basketball Game
FeatureAdjustable height from 82 and 90 inches
Folds up for convenient storage
2 heavy-duty pro-style rims
Electronic infrared scoring eyes with multiple games, buzzers, and sound effects
7 balls; pump and needle included
Arcade-style electronic basketball hoop for 1 or 2 players
Tests your shooting prowess against 60-second timer
Electronic scoring system with dual display
Powder-coated steel frame; easy to assemble
Measures 81 x 90 x 44 inches (W x H x D); 1-year warranty
Arcade-style basketball game for your entertainment room
Electronic scoring for one or two players
Includes three basketballs and pump
Fully netted to keep the balls in play
Measures 8 by 2.3 by 7.6 feet
Weight85 pound5 pound
Rating4.1 out of 5 stars3.7 out of 5 stars3.7 out of 5 stars
ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews

Product prices and availability are accurate as of Jul 24 17:55:38 UTC but are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the merchant site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

View Amazon reviews of the three products in the comments below:

Let us know which system you have and your thoughts on it?

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  1. CouponValid says:

    Just discovered your blog n really like it. Hopefully 2010 will be a better year for all of us as well..

  2. Lonny Sitze says:

    Wonderfully written! I couldnt of written it better myself. I have experienced this as well.

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    Hi, perhaps this post is a bit off topic but in any case, i’ve been browsing around your blog and it looks really great. You obviously I’m creating a new blog and hard-pressed to make it appear good, and supply good quality content. I have learned a much here and I look forward to additional updates and will be coming back.

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    Very nice blog, will come back for an update. Thank You

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    Nice blog here! Also your website loads up fast! What host are you using? I wish my website loaded up as fast as yours lol

  6. Andrew says:

    I have not used the Spalding or Escalade Sports arcade games, but I have used the Lifetime double shot. It is a great product, and definitely worth the money. The sensors are AMAZING! I can’t believe how well they pick up your shots. Of the thousands of shots I’ve taken on that Double-Shot, the sensors have hardly missed any baskets. Double-Shots are so much fun to use, whether by yourself or with your friends. When I’m alone, I play double-shot and try to beat my own personal best. When I’m with my friends I battle them to see who the victor will be, and who the best basketball player is. Either way, it’s great fun, and things get intense as you try to beat the buzzer. I know that the Lifetime double-shot does not take up too much space, which is nice, because you can compact the hoop down, giving yourself more space if it is getting in the way. I love the Double-Shot because it lasts a long time. We’ve had it for about 3 years now, (purchased it used), and the hoop still looks almost brand new. The Lifetime Double-Shot was and is great, and if the other Arcade Basketball Options are even half as good as the Lifetime Double-Shot, then they’ll be AMAZING!

  7. M. Clerici - Spalding Dual Shot says:

    This basketball game is fantastic. It came together quickly, and comes with 6 basketballs for fast-paced competitions. The electronic scorer/count-down timer starts the players off with a tune, then counts down 5 to 0, and then a horn goes off for the shooting to begin–just like at an arcade. The horn goes off again for 30 seconds of 3-point scoring shots. The unit is sturdy enough to stand up to the boys, and the side netting does a good job of keeping the balls in play. Our entire family played on Christmas–especially the grandparents. The true test came when 4 7yr. olds came over for a play date and were immediately drawn to the basketball game over the Wii.
    You’ll need some space to set this game up; it fits in our (typical 2 car) garage, however the height of the backstop prevents the automatic sectional garage door from raising, so we unplugged the garage door opener to prevent any accidents.

  8. Philip Kurinsky - Spalding Dual Shot says:

    This basketball game is just great, exceeded my expectations!. We set it up and everyone used, 13 year olds, 17 year olds and parents (both dads and moms). Very Sturdy design (I read lots of reviews about flimsy ones) – high quality product. I recommend a double hoop game like this, much more fun than single hoop.

  9. Family of 5 "Mom" - Spalding Dual Shot says:

    I bought this for my 11 year old son (and my husband!) for Christmas. I spent a long time researching them online and found so many negative comments on the ones that Target, Sears would sell in stores. I found this one – and it had great reviews. This, along with the FREE SHIPPING offered from Amazon.com, and the brand (I’ve known Spalding to be a good brand since I was little) made me go for it. Certainly NOT disappointed! We got it together (this is time consuming) but boy, is it ever fun. Very well-put together, excellent quality. The balls are great, too. The only thing is that it came with a hand pump for the balls…we were only able to pump up one of the six balls and seam on around this pump broke. Luckily, we have an air compressor so it was no big deal. I don’t even like sports or balls, but have had a blast doing this with my son. Great toy for young and old!

  10. Renae26 - Spalding Dual Shot says:

    I bought this for my kids for Christmas & it was a lot of fun for two whole weeks before the electronic scoring malfunctioned. It now just blinks 88, and doesn’t record any scores.

    I called Spalding, and was told it was still covered under the 90 day warranty. When I pointed out that Amazon’s product description states that there is a one year warranty, the rep told me the one year warranty applies to everything but the electronics, which is only a 90 day warranty. In addition, the part is backordered, and I won’t get the part for at least six weeks.

    I’m extremely unhappy that I spent a lot of money on something that lasted only two weeks.

  11. ridgeline - Spalding Dual Shot says:

    I am here purchasing our second one of these in a year.
    We run a youth center in bush Alaska. I bought this unit because it was the cheapest, and one of the only ones that would “free ship” to our location. I loved this thing. I expected it to only last a month or two, but it lasted over a year and well exceeded my expectations.
    We had all of the problems mentioned, the first week the scoring mechanism stopped working on one side, we took it apart and wedged a piece of paper towel behind the circuit board and it is still working to this day. The balls split, discolored, and let off a coating of orange dust, one of the rims cracked in half from kids taking “free throws”, and eventually one of the kids decided to jump into the ball net, which cracked both front rails at the floor.
    As I said, these are not desinged to take this kind of abuse or traffic. Our kids (30+) get locked inside by 40 below temps and take all of that energy out on our equipment. I would not hesitate to get one of these for home use. I would expect one of these to last for years under normal traffic and proper care. So yes, we killed it, beat it silly and for a mere $150 bucks and super saver shipping, we’re back for more. Get one, your kids will love it!

  12. Suzanne M. Edelbach - Spalding Dual Shot says:

    We purchased this game for our 10 year old son’s birthday…alot of family fun with it!
    Fairly easy to assemble and works very well. Sturdy quality for the reasonable pricing.
    Definitely worth buying…

  13. Margaret M. Zebrowski - Spalding Dual Shot says:

    The game is taller than I thought, 8 ft., which forced me to set it up in the garage. More disconcerting is the non-functioning scoreboard for which I have been told by Spalding customer service there is a two to three months wait for a replacement. Perhaps if I receive a scoreboard which works I will comment about the game itself.

  14. jnuman - Spalding Dual Shot says:

    I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality of this Basketball Game. The price was a factor in my ordering it, I was using it as a promotion for our business and was thinking it would just be a write off. Instead we now have it played daily and my customers love it.
    The scoring is great and the basketballs that come with it are of good quality.

    All in all I would recoment this game to any one wanting a fun item for the whole family.

  15. sparky - Spalding Dual Shot says:

    Talk about an instant hit—-after putting it together (about an hour) we had no idea this game could create so much excitement —we played for hours and hours—competitive teams and age groups—what of the best items that money could by—the electric scoreboard and features of the scoreboad where great—a sturdy piece of equipment—not a one time game–we purchased it for the holidays and we and it are still going strong—a perfect item for house use—-we would reccomend the 4020 dual shot basketball game to everyone—great exercise and fun—-thanks

  16. Castle Doe "Mike" - Spalding Dual Shot says:

    Bought this for the kids for Xmas. Shipped in reasonable amount of time. Construction is great, and seems to be able to hold up to a 9yo and 7 yo so far, unlike the reviews I read for the other basketball games. Took me about 2.5 hours to assemble. The only pet peeve I have is the on/off switch is on the back of the backboard, so if you snug this into a corner and have other things on the sides of the game, its an issue turning on and off (we have a wall on one side, and shelves on the other side, so its a pain. Would love if the on/off switch was on the front upright leg. Instructions are adequate. I was concerned about clearance, as my basement joists are 7’9″ off of floor. As it turned out, had a 2 to 3″ of clearance after set up, so I would guess it stands about 7’6″ tall. All-in-all, a great game.

  17. Hexydes - Spalding Single Shot says:

    I bought this particular game because it had the best rating at the place I bought it from, and also because it was a fairly reasonable price. I set it up last night, and I will say, I think it’s going to work out pretty well. The rim is nice and solid, the mini basketballs seem decent, and the ball return is nice as well. The frame is slightly flimsy, but I think it should hold up. They should have reinforced the legs a bit more securely. Other than that, no major complaints about it.

    The instructions were pretty bad. The parts are all numbered and referred to as such (which is good), but there were a few times where a part needed to be turned a specific direction, and no reference was made (and since the only way to identify which direction it needs to go is indirectly by one or two tiny holes, it’s impossible to know which way is correct until you try).

    Also, I’m not sure why nobody lists the dimensions for the assembled unit; I looked all around online and couldn’t find it. I eventually went to Huffy’s website for promotional products, and found this unit, but with a pop company’s logo on it. The dimensions were:

    Assembled dimensions 91″ L x 26″ W x 87″ H.

    I think that is right. At any rate, it was the perfect height for my ceiling, with just enough room left to tip it up into place.

    So in summary, are you going to be getting an arcade-quality electronic basketball hoop? Of course not; have you looked into the prices of those things though? They start at two-grand and go up from there. For the family, assuming this holds up, this is not bad at all.

  18. C. Walston - Spalding Single Shot says:

    The game set up easily between five grown men. They played happily for four hours. The power flicked, the game turned off and never turned back on again. I called customer service, where they were extremely apologetic, then they informed me the electronic score keeper, the part that died, was back orderd for up to five months. Other than that disappointment the game seemed to operate great while the score keeper was working. I do not think they find it nearly as much fun without the score keeper intact.

  19. Holly Rogers - Spalding Single Shot says:

    This is a very fun toy for the whole family. All my kids liked it (ages 13,10,7), but after the second day the scoring mechanism started recording a basket whenever the ball hit the rim or backboard. Without a working scoreboard, no one wants to play anymore. A big disappointment.

  20. K Maurice - Spalding Single Shot says:

    Our son loves this toy but we had planned to put it in our basement and its too tall. So now it’s in our living room. :(
    Just make sure to measure the area where you plan to put it bc it’s rather tall and takes up a lot of space.
    As far as the toy itself, I give it 5 stars.

  21. nthdesign - Spalding Single Shot says:

    I bought this “arcade” style basketball hoop as a Christmas gift for my 8yr old son. It was easy to assemble, and it is very sturdy. My son has been shooting hoops in the basement every day since Christmas, and so have his neighborhood friends. The scoring mechanism works really well, too. It’s a plastic paddle just under the rim. It hasn’t missed a single shot in the times I’ve used it.

  22. Michael Miller - Spalding Single Shot says:

    This had good reviews so i purchased it. I’ve had no complaints. Played on it for a couple of hours so far and a minor scoring issue but no big issues. I realize nothing is perfect so I don’t rate the highest. This was worth the money and very happy with it!

  23. meii - Spalding Single Shot says:

    Purchased one of these for an event at work and everyone had a lot of fun with it.
    Super fun
    Scorekeeper that also plays music
    Some materials seem of good quality (balls, rim)
    Found several major defects when installing metal frame. Specifically the holes used to bolt everything together were misaligned, and I mean it was so bad we had our mechanics drill new holes in some cases.
    We didn’t call customer service as our event was the same day we were assembling but thankfully we were able to fix it ourselves.

    Overall a nice purchase but they could have done a better job with ensuring product leaves facility without such major defects.

  24. Sandra Jones - Spalding Single Shot says:

    I purchased this as a gift for my nephew for Christmas. The rim was broken when removed from the box. I contacted Amazon and the immediately replaced it. However instead of replacing the rim they have to send the entire game and likewise you have to return a whole unit. Not a problem right?…..until less than a week later the new rim seperates due to poor welding!

  25. Mom and 9 year old boy says:

    Review by a mom and her eight year old boy that this was bought for: we bought this because my son likes to shoot basketball hoops. I was able to put this together alone ( even though the instructions recommend two adults). The instructions are fairly clear and the pictures are easy to follow. My son has played with this about 45-50 times for at least half an hour each time. It holds up well. The minute long timed game is fun to play. It is just like the arcade but you don’t have to feed a dollar or two each time. The footprint is compact and does not take up a lot of space on our patio where this sits. We would definitely recommend this for the price we paid – just over $100.

  26. Kevin the Bargain - Hunter - Double Shot says:

    I’m kind of surprise I’m the first to review this unit here at Amazon. There are some many systems in the $150 range, but I spent the extra $100 for hopefully a solid build. And I was not disappointment by the build quality. It is definitely sturdy. Just watch the Lifetime video, it doesn’t lie. The frames are solid, the rims are nice and thick. By looking at the pictures of the other systems, you can just imagine the flimsy frames shaking when you shoot because their frames are thin and the rims don’t look thick either. So this Lifetime product is definitely worth the extra money if you’re looking for a rock solid structure.

    Now here is my complaint. These types of arcade games are useless without accurate score-keeping. You need to earn a certain amount of points to get bonus time, and it’s very frustrating to not get any bonus time because the thing can’t count properly. And when you’re competing with friends, it’s no fun having to keep track of the baskets the machine didn’t count. You have to trust what your friend tells you, and they have to trust what you tell them. You get into conversations like, “Well, I really won cause I’m missing 10 pts here!!” You might as well shut off the electronics! I’ve never owned an arcade type basketball game, so I don’t know when infrared score keeping took over the older system, which I read was some sort of clicker in the middle of the rim. When the ball falls through the basket, it falls on the clicker and that’s how it keeps count. I read that the negatives about the old system is that the clicker can break and you’ll have to replace them. Make sense and newer technology is always better, right? Well, I’m not so sure. I think I want to find an old system just so I can compare. If the clicker is more accurate, then I’d rather have a clicker that I have to replace once in awhile, than an infrared system that never works.

    In conclusion, the Double Shot Basketball ended up being a $250 indoor hoop. If I didn’t want score-keeping, I could have bought an over the door hoop for $25 bucks and custom make my own ball return net. So this has been a disappointment. If Amazon or Life-Time offers me a $100 credit, then I’d keep it just for the awesome hoop, but for $250, I want the score-keeping accuracy!!

    BTW, it took me over 3hrs to build. I did it alone, but definitely a helping hand that you can call on anytime would help. I’ve contacted Life-Time to ask them if this infrared system is inherently error prone, or if I have a faulty system. I hope it’s faulty, which would mean a new electronic component will make this the perfect arcade system. But if this is just inherently error prone, then I will no longer trust any infrared basketball system. Believe me, it is frustrating when you’re 2 pts away from bonus time and the machine doesn’t count your last 4 made baskets. I was going John McEnroe on the machine as if it was a person.

    Lets see how Lifetime can help me. I will keep you guys updated. I will either have a perfect system, or this whole thing is going back to Amazon.

    12/23/2010 UPDATE!!
    Life-Time is very good with replacing parts. Along with the defective score-board, 2 of the 7 basketballs deflated overnight no matter how much you pump. So they sent me 2 new basketballs too! I got the new scoreboard and unfortunately, this one was defective as well. However it was an improvement. This time the score-keeping on the right is perfect, except for during it’s transition in giving you bonus time. It usually gives a bonus sounding alarm, if you make a basket simultaneously at this moment, it doesn’t count your hoop, but still a vast improvement, and something you can accept knowing that it’s probably by design. However, the score-keeping on the left is as bad as my first unit. It will miss at least 5 to 8 buckets in a span of a game. So we just take turns shooting the hoop on the right, and it’s very fun and I see the potential. I asked Life-Time if they want to try a third time. Not sure if they’ll do it, if not, no sweat.. this thing is going back to Amazon.

    12/30/2010 UPDATE!!
    The 3rd Scoreboard functions properly! I imagine many units are sold with scoreboards not counting properly but some people don’t care probably cause it’s for their kids, who also probably don’t care. But for the competitive adult buyers, get ready to go through a few rounds of exchanges. I finally got a scoreboard that counts every basket, so don’t give up. This is still the best system out there in this price range. When you miss on the cheaper systems, you hear a “CLANG” on the flimsy frames. When you miss on this system, it’s more like a “THUD” cause it’s just constructed better.

    1/1/2011 UPDATE!!
    After playing around with it some more, the infrared still misses shots, but they are few and far between, and does not effect game play. The faulty ones will miss 4 to 7 baskets within the first 30 seconds. The one I have now will sometimes not miss at all, but then other games it may miss one or two when you go deep into the game. I suspect this will be the case with all infrared systems, it’s not going to be 100% perfect especially at this price range. I recently also tested out old school ones with the clicker. Though the clicker is more accurate, I prefer the infrared with it’s minor inaccuracies over the clicker because I realize the ball gets stuck more often than the infrared misses shots. It’s no fun when the game is interrupted, or you have to start over because of a stuck ball. The clicker system would work perfectly if you don’t play with a net, but that’s no fun. I know some of you may say, “Man, this guy is picky!” Yes I am. This wasn’t bought for kids, we bought it for grown-ups. So for all the big boys shopping around for a hoop, I hope you appreciate this info.

  27. Allen Hurst - Double Shot says:

    The biggest question you have to answer is if the cost is worth it. You can find indoor basketball games at Sams Club, Costco or WalMart for $100.
    You can also pay five times this amount for a Rhino Sports which uses metal side grates instead of nylon netting.

    I actually bought a $100 kit before buying this item.

    There is no question the quality here is top notch.

    One main advantage to the Lifetime unit is the electronic scoreboard is AC power.
    Most others on the market, including more expensive ones, use batteries.
    Do be aware that you will need to assemble and use this near a wall outlet.

    Once assembled, the goals are rigid and sturdy and the unit doesn’t wobble.
    I am pleased with this purchase.
    I was meticulous with assembly and had no issues with the scoreboard. Many reviewers said the electronic scoring was hit and miss.
    If you are careful with insuring the sensors are flush, and place the main unit correctly with black and brown wires, you should have no issue.
    Also, some mentioned balls did not stay inflated, but I’ve had no issues with the basketballs.

    I assembled this alone and it took about 4 hours, but I worked at a deliberate and causal pace.
    With two people, it should be quick and easy.
    The pieces are all marked with identifiers.
    The nuts and bolts as well.
    The assembly instructions are clear – not the best I have seen, but adequate.
    Do not bother with the included cheap wrench- use your own socket wrench and assembly will go much faster.

    There are only a few confusing moments during install, such as how the nylon return sleeve should be laid out.

    My kids and I have already played on this many times and sometimes roughly and the unit has been solid.

    I would recommend this to anyone with the room and a high ceiling.

    I will update as needed if I encounter any issues.

    Update 11-19-12 —
    One month later and absolutely no issues with the BB goal. Our teenage daughters had a Halloween party for 30+ 7th and 8th graders. 4 hours of abuse from teenage boys and the BB goal is still performing exceptionally. In my opinion, if you assemble carefully and torque the nuts and screws for the scoring unit, you will have no issues.

    Update 12-01-12
    I have had one basketball lose some air. The other 6 are fine.

  28. C. LeBrun - Double Shot says:

    I recently purchased the Lifetime Double-Shot Arcade Basketball System from another website because it was cheaper but this system is far superior in quality (thicker frame & rims) and scoring accuracy compared to a Sportcraft model which is what I replaced and I am very happy that I did. The infrared scoring is a night and day difference compared to the clicker scoring found in the Sportcraft models. It very rarly misses any baskets. Also, with the clicker scoring you would run into many problems of the net getting tangled with the clicker and then the balls would get stuck in the hoop and if you shot too fast many of the baskets wouldn’t register. That is why I decided to upgrade to this game after less than a year with the Sportcraft. I would recommend this product to anyone. I have had absolutely no problems with the infrared scroing so hopefully in the previous review it was just a faulty product.

  29. Boz - Double Shot says:

    Very high quality, durable product. You’ll love it once you have it up and going.

    It does take a lot of time to assemble, about three hours for me, and I’m very experienced in assembling and constructing a wide variety of furniture, sporting goods, and other items.

    But once you’re finished, you’ll love it.

  30. Higgins - Double Shot says:

    I love the Lifetime double shot! We actually had the old Lifetime double shot and were excited when they came out with the new version. This is much better than the other cheap units on the market. It comes with a thicker backboard, thicker rims, a wider ramp, and the new infared scoring system! This is a very quality unit and has kept score for us perfectly. I love to have competitions with my brothers to see who can get the highest score. It has two bonus rounds if you score 30 points and then 60 points. When we first played it we were getting in the 80′s. Now the high score is 159. It is fun to try and keep raising the bar. It is also good times when two of us play at the same time. I would highly recommend this item!!!!

  31. J. Jones - Double Shot says:

    Initial feedback: 7/5/2011
    I just assembled my Double-Shot, and had similar experiences to others that have left feedback.

    - The system is very rugged – thick steel frame, solid construction.
    - Assembly took me about 3 hours (working alone). Directions were clear.
    - The sensors on one of the baskets is not working correctly and only senses about half of the baskets.
    - One of the rims was built incorrectly and is angled downward (1″) when mounted.
    - The game electronics are very simplistic, offering one game format. Additional play options would make it more interesting.
    - Two of the basketballs lost air quickly.

    I’ve written to Lifetime’s customer service and I’m hoping for resolution. I may raise my rating (from 2 stars) once these issues are resolved.

    Update: 8/3/11

    Lifetime customer service was very responsive, and send a new rim, electronics and 3 basketballs within 1 week. After using the system for several weeks, everything is still running great. Sensors detect 99% of all baskets. If they could deliver a fully functioning system on day 1, this would be a 5 star product.

  32. Stef - Double Shot says:

    We LOVE our lifetime double shot arcade! Took a while to assemble but worth every minute. Excellent quality. Really holds up even with my 3 sons use…ok and mom’s too :). It occasionally misses a made basket but overall the counting system is accurate. Fun to play against someone or even by yourself to break your personal best record. The air pump that it comes with isn’t very sturdy so I recommend having another one on hand. Folds up nicely as well when not in use. I’d 100% buy this product again.

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