Choosing a Replacement Basketball Rim

Replacement basketball rims are not created equal

That headline sounds cliche I know, but it is true. Every basketball system manufacturer on the planet wants to 1, have you buy their product; and 2, buy their replacement parts for their product. Thus, Lifetime Products, Spalding, Huffy, Goalrilla, Goalsetter, Mammoth, and every other maker you can think of has their very own design and specification for their rims. Not only that, these manufacturers also have various forms of rims inside their product line as well that are, you guessed it, not always compatible. Now, this is not necessarily a diabolical scheme to drive sales in increments of $50 for a rim; rather, these differences are often related to the level of basketball hoop you purchased. For instance, the rim found on a $200 system is not, and frankly should not, be the same rim on a $2000 system. So, here are a few rules of thumb to help you select the correct rim.

Match manufacturer with manufacturer

Always pay attention to what you are ordering. If you have a Lifetime basketball hoop, you should not be looking and Spalding or Goalrilla basketball rims. In some rare instances, the bolt patterns mentioned in a product listing give the hint that maybe they are the same as the bolt pattern you have. Don’t get tripped up on this. Even if your Lifetime basketball rim has the same bolt pattern as the Spalding rim you want to replace it with, do not buy it. It will not work.

Match bolt pattern with bolt pattern

After you have determined the manufacturer of your system and found replacement rims by that same manufacturer, now is the time to investigate bolt patterns. Bolt patterns refer to the distance up and down and side to side of the mounting bolts for the basketball rim. In most cases, manufacturers have a large variety of basketball system products and will likely have different bolt patterns for different qualities of rims.

Match model with model

Potentially, this rule could have been your first step. If you find a rim that is the exact same rim model as the one you have, you are good to go. However, that is not always possible. Sometimes, for instance, manufacturers have a range of rims that a basketball hoop owner might be able to use to upgrade their current system. This type of design describes Spalding’s line of basketball hoops. On most of their systems priced $400 and cheaper, the rims are entirely interchangeable allowing you to upgrade as you see fit. Back to the point of this step though, if you match model with model, you are sure to succeed. For instance, if you have a Lifetime Slam It Pro basketball rim, then purchasing a Lifetime Slam It Pro basketball rim will always be compatible.

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