Lifetime Basketball, Shed, and Table Products Stock Status

For some that have been coming to our website to shop during the months of March through June are likely already familiar with this post before I even write it. Items from Lifetime Products are frequently out of stock, or on a production delay, during the Spring season.

Matching a Replacement Lifetime Basketball Backboard to an Existing System

We have written about this before, but figured it might be useful for a refresher course in case people get hung up on how to replace the backboard on their Lifetime basketball system. You should always verify compatibility of the backboard you are interested in before ordering the product.

Product Installation and Assembly Help

Need assembly help? We will help you get in touch with the right people.

Lifetime Raised Garden Bed Planter Boxes

Lifetime garden boxes are a innovative new product from Lifetime Products. I recently purchased 2 of these boxes for our backyard garden. Last year we started what is commonly called square-foot gardening. The idea behind this gardening technique is that traditional gardening wastes upwards of 75% of available space for both walking space and spacing between plants. Square-foot gardening turns this idea upside down by eliminating the need for spacing between plants and rows. This is done through growing the plants up instead of out and concentrating the plants into a small area, such as a 4×4 area. By so doing, you utilize upwards of 85% of your available gardening space.

Getting the best Lifetime folding chair and folding table prices:

For almost all models of Lifetime table and Lifetime chair, Lifetime offers different packaging configurations. For tables, those typically consist of single pack, a 4 pack, and a pallet load of the particular models. Pallet load quantities vary per model, but typically range in size from 10 pieces per pallet to 22 pieces per pallet. Due to the nature of online shopping and shipping costs for small packages, Lifetime Products does not offer a single pack of their chair models.

Lifetime Folding Tables vs. Correll Folding Tables

Lifetime Folding Tables vs. Correll Folding Tables I have had this question asked a lot recently: what is the difference between a Correll folding table and a Lifetime folding table? Hopefully this post will have illustrate some things to consider. Where are these folding tables manufactured? Lifetime manufactures in several locations: United States, China, and […]

What is the Difference Between Lifetime Basketball Double Shot and Spalding Basketball Single Shot and Dual Shot?

What are the main differences between these 2 systems? The game play is pretty much the same between the Lifetime Double Shot and the Spalding Pop-A-Shot. Where you really see the differences between these two systems is in the construction of the units.

Replacement Basketball Backboards | Lifetime Products Materials Explanation

Lifetime Products Basketball Backboards Materials: Of all of the basketball system manufacturers, Lifetime Products might be the trickiest. The most basic materials used on systems are: plastic, polycarbonate, acrylic, and glass. Of these 4, glass and plastic do not have substitute names. Lifetime Products uses polyethylene plastic on their plastic systems, which would be the […]

Replacement Basketball Backboards | Lifetime Systems

We often get asked questions about which replacement basketball backboards go with which basketball systems. Hopefully this will be a helpful guide for you while you search.

Lifetime Picnic Table Product Review

We hope to give you some good information in the post when you shop for a Lifetime picnic table. Key Features for Lifetime Picnic Tables: Typically the most important features of the Lifetime picnic table are its weight, seating capacity, and portability. First of all, its weight makes it ideal for camping use and home […]