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Spalding Basketball Market News: Male-Dominated at 77% of all participants. Ordinary / average age of participants is 25 years old. "Casual / Pickup Play" represent 60% of all locations played. Basketball is one of the most competitive and popular in the United States of America and is growing in popularity throughout the world. It provides fantastic exercise and good old use of your body to prevent atrophy.

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Play Trends: Organized play in teams continues to expand led by senior high school and AAU involvement (both guys and ladies).

Item Trends: Composite natural leather continues to be the primary top selling cover material. Brown remains to be the top primary marketing product color.

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"shows the evolution of NBA game balls. most are leather, one is not (out of the official NBA ones). The other ones are not leather but basketballs of different... "

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WNBA Basketballs - official WNBA game Spalding basketball. This size 6, 28.5 inch basketball is perfect for women basketball players. These basketballs are meant for indoor play only. Try this ball out today and play like the Pros of the WNBA.

Future Outlook: Basketball will certainly continuously be the top player sporting activity played in the United States in general in the not far off future.

Basketball Market Share Dollars
Brand 200820092010201120122013
Spalding 545355545149
Nike 232315162324



Date 11/27/2013


Date 12/25/2013


Date 3/28/2014

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