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207SP Spalding Basketball Accessories Pro-Image Red Breakaway Flex Rim
207SP Spalding Basketball Accessories Pro-Image Red Breakaway Flex Rim

207SP Spalding Basketball Accessories Pro-Image Red Breakaway Flex Rim

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Huffy 207SP Red Basketball Hoop Pro-Image Rim with Net Included. Works great as a replacement rim for Huffy brand basketball goals.
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SKU:207SP by Spalding
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True Breakaway Rim
Call Spalding for Replacement
Has Heavy Duty Wrap Around Support
Rims Have Multi-Bolt Hole Patterns
Strong Solid Steel Pro-Image Flex Rim
Use as a Replacement

The 207SP can only be used as a replacement on specific Spalding brand basketball systems. If you know your Spalding system uses this Pro Image Flex rim, this is the same rim used on your system. If you are not sure, please contact Spalding's customer service at 800-558-5234 before ordering to ensure you are getting the correct rim.

Bolt Pattern Display

*Is compatible with Spalding/Huffy models: 88461G, 88454G, and 74560 (the beast). Please check your bolt pattern before ordering.

Use as a New Rim

If you are setting up a new system with your own backboard design, please refer to the features and measurements below.

  • Spalding NCAA Red Pro Image Flex Basketball Hoop is Great as a Huffy Basketball Replacement Rim.
  • 5/8" (1.6 cm) Heavy Duty Solid Steel Pro-Image Flex Rim.
  • Huffy Basketball Pro-Image Rim Has Heavy Duty Wrap Around Support
  • Model 207SP Huffy Basketball Hoop Pro Image Rim has a Totally Enclosed Spring Return Mechanism.
  • Hydra Rib Basketball Model 207 Pro Image Rim has High Gloss Powder Coated Finish.
  • Huffy Basketball Rims Have Multi-Bolt Hole Patterns.
  • Huffy Sport Hoop Replacement Rims include a white all-weather net.
  • All Hardware Enclosed with Pro Image Rims from Huffy Sports / Spalding.
  • 207SP Huffy Sport rim serves as replacement Hydra Rib Model 207 Pro Image Rim.
  • Spalding Pro Image 207 Arena Style Basketball Rims look like rims in the NBA.

Also view our Basketball Backboards and other huffy basketball replacement hoops and Huffy basketball nets. We also carry several other standard basketball rims by Lifetime, and Huffy / Spalding

207SP Huffy Basketball Rims And Nets weigh about 18 lbs. The Spalding Pro Image Rim is great as a replacement for your old Huffy Rim.

The Huffy Sports Pro Image Basketball Rim kit generally ships FedEx Home Delivery or FedEx Ground to Businesses

Also see our Lifetime model5820 basketball rim and our other Huffy Replacement Parts.

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What is the difference between the 207S and 207SR?

Nothing is different between the two items except the model number and the UPC.

UPC: 00028914289908

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