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$5 Gift Certificate
$5 Gift Certificate

$5 Gift Certificate

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May be Used Like Cash in the Store
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$5 Gift Certificate
Can be Purchased With Customer Points
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Gift Certificate may be used like cash on the store. Can also be purchased with customer loyalty points. This is not a physical product, but a coupon code only. When you buy this product, an email will be sent with a coupon code which you can use when placing an order. When you proceed to checkout there will be a place where you can input a coupon code, use the code you were emailed and you will be given a $5 discount. To use your reward points, log on to your customer account, (one will have been created when you placed an order, the default should be your email) there will be an amount of your reward points, select "redeem points," and then chose the gift certificate option, (either $5 or $20) select redeem your points, use the regular checkout, (The charge will be 0.00) once you place your order you will receive an email with your coupon code shortly.

For Tips on getting reward points, then check out our Rewards Program Cheat Sheet
UPC: 5GiftCertificate

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